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About HotFighterRaul

Aesthetic Muscle God with HUGE ARMS (50 cm)

I start building my body since i was 14 and now i combine bodybuilding with kickboxing trainings to get a symmetrical body with well balanced muscles.

Men's Physique CHAMPION -





Even if u don't see my face in my pictures or promo videos i can promise,its one of the best part of my body:)

so if u want a :

Tall guy(6'4 inch /191cm)

with Big Arms (20 inch / 50 cm arms)

Natural Muscles(best skin ever) & Fighting skills

I offer various services to fit everyone's tastes, Huge Dominant Stud, Cocky Jock, Massive Muscle Monster, Powerful Lift and Carry but also Sexy shows ,all my fans are 100% satisfy of my services!


Aesthetic Natural Muscle Look!



there is a guy who use a similar name on skype

wanted13 boy and wanter13_boy also wanted13_boy.(pls notice the dot,the different lette rin the end or the missing underline) and many other similar and he is trying to scam people

Please take care!

The save way to contact me is to add both of my skype id:



also u can email me



190cm (6'3")


100kg (220 lbs)

Eye colour


Hair colour


Body hair






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Review summary

Fan rating: 41

HotFighterRaul has 41 positive reviews, 1 neutral reviews and 0 negative reviews.

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Did another show with Raul today and he is a must see. Only 2 months away from his nest competition and he already looks ready to walk on the stage. I f you like and admire a real Muscle God, this guy will blow your mind away. He is so big, so ripped and so perfectly aesthetically built you won't believe it till you see it, he is truly amazing. I believe he is one of the best posers and knows how to deliver his perfect muscular body...Highly recommended!

ray4710 (?)
Posted on 10 July 2017

The best muscle cam guy. I have a lot of videos, and I am always amazed with Raul's well-developed, rounded muscles, pre and post contest.

The best guy to do business with: smart, kind, friendly, muscular. The total package.

sfo13m (?)
Posted on 10 July 2017

Such a great experience communicating with Raul. He was pleasant and respectful in our back and forth messaging. He was very engaged in what I was looking for and he asked questions to clarify my expectations. Raul looks great and you can tell that he really wants to make sure that you are happy with his service. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for role play custom videos. He not only looks incredible, he's also a honest and knows what he's doing. Looking forward to more custom videos from Raul.

hypnopowerman (?)
Posted on 11 April 2017

HotFighterRaul replied...

was a pleasure to play for u in the custom video,just wait for a new colaboration,kisses

I have had several shows and have purchased most of his videos and I got to tell you that Raul always delivers and always beats expectations. He truly is a MuscleGod, I would even describe him as the "MuscleGod" of all musclegods. He is truly amazing and I highly recommend him to any muscle fan

ray4710 (?)
Posted on 27 March 2017

HotFighterRaul replied...

Thank u very much ,it makes me happy to see my fans are so happy with my work.kisses

After being a fan of Raul for years, I ordered my very first custom video where he played as a SHEILD agent with a Bond vibe XD
Raul delivered it, slayed it. My comic geek fantasy came true! The acting, playful cocky attitude, and that body! Raul is really the spy who _ _ _ _ ed me!

oriapplepie (?)
Posted on 14 December 2016

HotFighterRaul replied...

Hehehe,i remember i enjoyed makeing your fantasy come true.U are a nice guy,thank u and wait u for more Agent actions;)


Walter Pazzi (?)
Posted on 17 October 2016

HotFighterRaul replied...

Thank u my friend.

HotFighterRaul has got to be the hottest muscle around. His videos are scorching, his cock is amazing soft and truly unbelievable when hard. Buying his vids was easy and quick--and setting up a cam session smooth. He delivers in EVERY WAY. He also has got a huge chest and amazing legs. He's great!

Walter Pazzi (?)
Posted on 25 September 2016

HotFighterRaul replied...


awesome guy and very friendly and pro

a90 (?)
Posted on 13 September 2016

HotFighterRaul replied...

Happy u feel this way.

i had with another cam show and i can confirm that is very very nice boy.....

luker81 (?)
Posted on 10 September 2016

HotFighterRaul replied...

U are nice ,thank u;)

Saw his shower vid on here. This is unreal. Hotfighterraul - always suave, and with a sexy smile - is at his absolute best, rock solid, soaped up and ready for you. Teasing, knowing exactly the right moves, and the camera getting *so* intimate you can see every pore, every hair every ripple, every twist of muscle in glorious high definition. This man knows how to put on a show.

Never ever make the mistake of thinking "Face hidden in preview? No thanks." Raul is a handsome guy with a body to die for. The whole package. Buy without hesitation. You'll be hooked for life.

peckhamhorn (?)
Posted on 24 July 2016

HotFighterRaul replied...

A true Fan ,thank u so much and enjoy the new vids.

I had many cam shows with Hot Fighter Raul. He made many custom videos for me. I bought a lot of videos of him. And I can say Hot Fighter Raul is the best. I've never been disappointed, he does the best for me, really really good work. He know what custumers like. Amazing muscles, incredible shape and a good heart, really friendly and nice person. Thats Hot Fighter Raul. Highly recommend. Make sure and see it yourself. Hot Fighter Raul is simply the best.

Malte (?)
Posted on 9 July 2016

HotFighterRaul replied...

wow,i am simply amazed by this nice words.i am just Happy to be able to make You my friend and other fans Happy with my "life time work" wich is my body

Never disappoints. Raul is one of a kind. He's truly amazing!

bluco (?)
Posted on 5 June 2016

HotFighterRaul replied...

I always do my Best to make my fans happy ,and i am happy to see they appreciate me.Kisses

serious man, very sexy and very able to do muscle master... great ass

luker81 (?)
Posted on 12 April 2016

HotFighterRaul replied...

Thank you,,that's me Hot Fighter Raul;)
be careful with fakes out there.Kisses

Hot fighter Raul is an excellent muscle man, as he always delivers when he says he will. He looks great on camera and works to do everything you want. If you are looking for a good cam show or custom, you should contact him.

a90 (?)
Posted on 21 February 2016

HotFighterRaul replied...

thank u all for good coments

This guy is an excellent performer for videos and he is a true professional. Anyone looking for videos should come to him. There are too many bad ones out there. He is excellent in all ways ad you can trust he will deliver a good product.

a90 (?)
Posted on 19 February 2016

HotFighterRaul replied...

So happy to see so many happy fans,thank u and take care:)

Awesome guy. Very friendly, wonderful vids.

peckhamhorn (?)
Posted on 14 February 2016

HotFighterRaul replied...

thank u my dear fan

I had a wonderful cam show with Hot Fighter Raul and he made the best custom videos for me.

He is a really nice guy and very friendly. I had a great time with Hot Fighter Raul.

Malte (?)
Posted on 12 December 2015

HotFighterRaul replied...

Thank you for sharing with other your opinion about me,but the truth is u are the nice guy:)

Great show and amazing flex.

dx4 (?)
Posted on 3 December 2015

HotFighterRaul replied...

Thank you,i love to flex

What a man. Wonderful, no matter where and what you look at his muscles are extremely defined, proportioned hard and strong, aesthetic and beautiful. So he is a trained and sporty man, with a very flexible and athletic body. This should not be missed. Check it out try it yourself! Besides, he is very personable and nice. I look forward to coming back with him.

Om74 (?)
Posted on 4 November 2015

HotFighterRaul replied...

Thank u so much for your nice words,u are welcome back anytime.

This is my second time purchase, a body straight out a dream, massive and powerful tool. Raul is a muscle god, i can't get enough of him! Total muscle stud that loves to flex and show off! He is very friendly and accommodating. I would HIGHLY recommended getting videos from him!

Francis (?)
Posted on 24 October 2015

HotFighterRaul replied...

Thank u so much for sharing your nice experince with me.

I have several cam shows with Raul and I dare anyone to find a better built man anywhere! He is a true Muscle God and yet remains very humble, very easy to talk to. He will accamodate any requests and he is by far the best poser I have found anywhere, he know how to hold a pose just long enough for the viewer to truly admire and worhsip. i cannot recommend him enough, he is the BEST!

ray4710 (?)
Posted on 23 October 2015

HotFighterRaul replied...

Wow,this is one of the best comments i ever read .Thank u my friend,u are amazing.

He always gives good shows.

MR08 (?)
Posted on 28 September 2015

HotFighterRaul replied...

Glad u feel this way,thank u

This is the absolute hottest model on the web, anywhere. There is no comparison to his beautiful body and his absolute gorgeous face to any other male model. His personality is pure gold. I absolutely love Raul.

buckdowdy (?)
Posted on 3 September 2015

HotFighterRaul replied...

U are so sweet,thank u for sharing ur opinion,experince with the rest of the fans:)

mmmm...the hottest romanian :)

jah_rainer (?)
Posted on 18 August 2015

HotFighterRaul replied...

heheheeh,thank u man

Bought a custom video from Raul, great guy to deal with, really friendly and was really quick in making the video. The video was really good, did everything I had ask for, he's in really great shape and looking good. Definitely worth getting a video from this guy.

leighton209 (?)
Posted on 5 August 2015

HotFighterRaul replied...

i am glad u like it,always do my best,and the shape it's almost best ever,so i wait u all for shows:)

Just had my third show with Raul and it was AMAZING! He takes me to a higher level each time! You must do a show with this hunk to understand what a muscle show can really be! He made my dream come true today!

stevep (?)
Posted on 28 January 2015

HotFighterRaul replied...

A pleasure to spend time with u:)

I cammed with this one once a couple of years back. Great body, and an eager-to-please attitude that was very refreshing.

MR08 (?)
Posted on 21 January 2015

HotFighterRaul replied...

happy to meet people again after so long time.

Raul has such a hot muscle body and he LOVES showing it off for his fans! I bought his practice posing vid and then requested a private video from him where he posed in a cute skimpy bathing suit and talked to the camera the entire time instead of looking at himself on his computer off to the side. He flexed and pumped his chest, abs, and arms to bring out all kinds of striations and veins everywhere! All of this muscle popping combined with his cute accent just made me explode! ;-) I love watching him over and over!

in2muslmen (?)
Posted on 22 September 2014

HotFighterRaul replied...

This is from a man who knows how things work in this domain;) thank u !

I have had a great experience buying private videos from Raul. A friendly (handsome and muscular) person makes buying his videos very easy :). Highly recommend him.

sfo13m (?)
Posted on 8 September 2014

HotFighterRaul replied...

so nice,thank u 1

Amazing pvt, he's body is so prfect and absolutely hot!!!! I want to see every second.

Walter Pazzi (?)
Posted on 15 June 2014

HotFighterRaul replied...

Thank you ,my body its not perfect yet,but i work on it:)

Raul is awesome, gives a great show, is totally cut and ripped. He is also a really nice guy and is fun to cam with. Highly recommended.

xxxmanxxx (?)
Posted on 10 June 2014

HotFighterRaul replied...

I can only be happy when my fans are happy:)Thank u guys

I just received a custom video from Raul. I had high hopes for it, and it was even better than I hoped. It blew me away. Raul has just competed and is in AMAZING shape. He is beautiful, sexy, has the most perfect muscles I have ever seen, and the way he flexes is extremely erotic. Contact Raul - you will not be disappointed. He is extremely nice, intelligent, and so damn beautiful.

ugbikille85 (?)
Posted on 7 June 2014

HotFighterRaul replied...

Thank u,waiting u for more:) kisses

This guy has an amazing body. Probably the best symmetry I have seen. Perfect pecs, amazing arms, great abs. Everything about him is perfect. And his face is gorgeous. He's intelligent, funny and nice, a true muscle god

ugbikille85 (?)
Posted on 1 June 2014

HotFighterRaul replied...

Thank u so much,i love to have happy fans:)

just had a show with him : the body is more than perfect, really nice guy and the face... gorgeous :) highly recommanded

tomafr (?)
Posted on 30 May 2014

HotFighterRaul replied...

What a nice guy,thank u ,i love to satisfy my nice fans.

He is phenomenal! Really nice and professional. So damn gorgeous and sexy! Would definitely recommend him!

dsams87 (?)
Posted on 11 May 2014

HotFighterRaul replied...

Thank u very much ,u make it so easy ,u are a great person !


mykola azarov (?)
Posted on 17 March 2014

HotFighterRaul replied...

thank u

Raul is simply awesome. An amazing body, handsome face and a great attitude make for an unforgettable experience. Raul's bod is truly beautiful; packed with muscle which you can tell he really loves to show off - this boy really knows how to flex!!! Head to toe (and that's some distance since he's 6'4 tall!!), he's 100% rock hard muscle with a brilliant, friendly personality. Do yourself a favour and get in touch - you won't be disappointed!

Alimacx (?)
Posted on 10 February 2014

HotFighterRaul replied...

Thank U ,i wait u back soon:)

I had spend cam time with Raul twice so far. I will definitely go for another one. He has these: great personality (checked), amazing body (checked), fun show off (checked), etc.

garsbuffoon (?)
Posted on 12 November 2013

HotFighterRaul replied...

Great fan(checked)

Wanna go out on a date, you sexy boy

MannyLovesTwilight66 (?)
Posted on 19 October 2013

This guy is incredible. He's handsome, he's got an awesome body, and he actually likes to flex and show off. 100% recommended.

FlexLover (?)
Posted on 5 August 2013

HotFighterRaul replied...

Yeah i love to flex,and its easier when the person who watch it's nice ,like u are:)

Dude ur ripped just amazing

hotshot2o (?)
Posted on 19 July 2013

HotFighterRaul replied...


Amazing body, great fun shows!

supermuscleworship (?)
Posted on 12 March 2013

HotFighterRaul replied...

i miss u supermuscleworship

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