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Summer Flex

Riley Jackson

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Flexing Stripper

Riley Jackson

Duration: 10:21 | $24.99 Buy now

Lost The Bet

Riley Jackson

Duration: 12:14 | $24.99 Buy now

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About Riley Jackson

Under this world class body is a dirty mind

Just recently traveled the country and now living in Southern California at the beach. I'm your cute/hot neighbor that is hiding the perfect body and the strength of 3 men.



180cm (5'11")


82kg (180 lbs)

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Fan rating: 43

Riley Jackson has 44 positive reviews, 0 neutral reviews and 1 negative reviews.

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I had such a bad experience with this guy i was there to have a show with him and he just say that i cant have a show because with my pictures he was thinking i was 16 and not 26 and he always come to do nowadays i explain him the situation. He is not kind and polite he just answer me after i write the words show and to say me no. I was so dissapointed and i write this and im perturbated about how he treated me. So please do you a favor

Williamfan (?)
Posted on 22 July 2017

Riley Jackson replied...

Hi William! I simply don't believe you're old enough to do shows. You also asked me to send you content for free, and because you are unhappy with me not doing a show, you held a bad review over my head. Prove to me you're actually of age and maybe we can do something if you're going to be civil about it.

Communication was a breeze. I had Riley make a custom video. He delivered fast and even re-did a section of the video after I clarified something. Riley makes sure you are satisfied and is a great performer.

Jomax (?)
Posted on 24 June 2017

Riley Jackson replied...

Thank you Max I appreciate it man! It was no problem at all to do that part over! I'm glad you enjoyed the video

Following on from my last review, I just had my first ever custom vid off Riley and it blew my mind!!! Riley's really friendly, very intuitive and fast to get what you pay for sent over. The video itself was incredible. It was everything I asked for, plus some more. Somehow Riley knew exactly what buttons to push without me saying, and he wasn't afraid to push them!!! Fantastic stuff, highly recommended.

jakeyboi (?)
Posted on 20 June 2017

Riley Jackson replied...

Hell yeah I'm glad you liked it!! You're a great guy too

Riley is a real stud. Purchased one of his videos off the site some time ago and can't stop watching it! He oozes sex appeal, and best of all is he knows he does. It's enough to drive you wild. I don't use Skype, but may just drop an email for a custom vid for the first time; he's that good!

jakeyboi (?)
Posted on 18 June 2017

Riley Jackson replied...

Thank you Jake!! This new video I'm sending you is gonna be amazing... You're gonna love it

Just had a session with him - amazing guy; obliging, genuinely pleases, hot body. Highly recommended.

tomaus.74 (?)
Posted on 1 May 2017

Riley Jackson replied...

Hi Tom! Thank you man, you're a good guy! I'm always open for more haha

Combination of body and confidence make him well worth your time. Highly Recommend!

musclefan.77 (?)
Posted on 12 April 2017

Riley Jackson replied...

Thank you man! I will see you soon

I ordered a video a few weeks ago and got it the next day after we work things out. It's one of my first custom videos ever and I wasn't disappoint. Such a nice guy to talk with and his personality shines through in the video. He delivers more than I have expected. Very cool!

iheatrad.97 (?)
Posted on 30 March 2017

Riley Jackson replied...

Thank you for the kind words and the review man!! I'm not sure what your Skype name is, but I'm glad you enjoyed the video and you're always welcome to come say hi to me!

Hot body! Cute face! Great roleplayer! Open to ideas and requests. Paid and received show in the same day I asked and was great with communication and following up. Again, his body and face are just perfect for whatever you're looking for and the fact that he is a really nice, customer-oriented guy is just icing on the cake! 10/10!

nc73921 (?)
Posted on 6 January 2017

Riley Jackson replied...

Thanks man!! I'm glad you enjoyed it all, you're honest and very friendly!

I just can not say enough amazing things about Riley! I have been buying custom videos from Riley on a very regular basis for almost a year now and I can honestly say that I am an even bigger fan of his today than I ever have been. I have bought dozens and dozens of videos from Riley and I have no plans on stopping any time soon. That is how phenomenal Riley is! Riley's body is absolutely amazing and he just keeps getting bigger, better and hotter! Riley is also one of the nicest guys I have ever had the pleasure of knowing (though he doesn't have to be nice in your videos if you don't want him to). There is no one out there who is faster at making videos than Riley is and no one is as eager to please as he is! There's a reason why Riley has no negative reviews on here and that is because it is impossible to say anything negative about him! Riley has all of the qualities you could ever want in a "cam guy". Whenever I request a custom video from Riley, I always know that I'll be getting exactly what I asked for. Riley is one of the best around, hands down! To say that I highly recommend him is an understatement!

JoeNYC (?)
Posted on 2 January 2017

Riley Jackson replied...

Thank you Joe! You're an awesome guy yourself!! I'll always make videos for you!

Riley just made me my own personal video i am into the dominant type verbal and flexing intimidating he is so professional and quick on sending videos trustworthy and all around a great guy give him a try you wont be disappointed. Thanks Riley Paul C Skype

musclelvr (?)
Posted on 18 December 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thank you Paul! Your show was fun to do and you're professional and a good guy yourself!

Got myself 3 videos from Riley and boy oh boy, I love the way he speaks, hus voice! Riley kniws how to make the fantasy scenes real :) Great looks, great work manner, I wish I have such a hunky friend in reality too!

oriapplepie (?)
Posted on 14 December 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thanks again!! They're fun to do, I'm always up for them!

Got myself a few videos from Riley. Mainly the flex shows w role play. Riley pay attention to the plot details that make the videos extra good :) And boy, he is the full package, if u know what I mean ;)

oriapplepie (?)
Posted on 13 December 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thanks man! I appreciate it a lot, I always have fun with role-playing vids haha

I received a custom video from Riley, and it definitely exceeded my expectations in every possible way. The video was amazing! But he was also very professional to communicate with, not to mention prompt. He recorded the custom video extremely quickly. I can't recommend Riley Jackson enough!

labtec830 (?)
Posted on 12 December 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked the video! You're a good guy yourself, and you have a great name haha

I did a cam show with Riley today. It was excellent. Riley has a great body. He makes sure to cater his show to what you like, and he is super nice. I highly recommend him.

DrGregB (?)
Posted on 11 December 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thanks Greg I appreciate it man!! It was great to meet you!!

I have long been a Riley fan and have done dozens of live shows with him and ordered countless videos as well. Whether I ask for a specific theme or just ask him to flex and pose his amazing body he delivers every time! He is always friendly, super easy to deal with and returns the requested videos very quickly. I recently ordered an extended-length video and as always he delivered promptly. The size of the video created problems with downloading and viewing but Riley went above and beyond to make sure I received the video I ordered. He sent the video 5 different times, each time trying a different format and each time taking him over an hour to upload. When none of those worked he finally split the video in half and sent it in two separate files which worked perfectly. Riley's photos and videos on the site speak for themselves but that kind of commitment to his fans and willingness to do whatever he can to give you what you ordered is what sets him apart from most. And the two part video that he spent the better part of a day making sure that I received? - yeah it was amazing!!! Thanks Riley! You are the hottest of the hot and the best of the best!

Sinmar277 (?)
Posted on 13 November 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thanks Sinmar!!! I'll always make sure our videos work!!!

I received a custom video from Riley. He was easy to work with, response time to emails was great. The video was decent quality and he did everything I had requested.(And he did it well!) His prices are really good, too. I highly recommend him.

Jomax (?)
Posted on 4 November 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thanks man!! I'm glad you liked the video

Riley is the first person I have received a custom video from, after I had two bad experiences with two guys here who took my money and didn't deliver. I was therefore a bit apprehensive when I contacted Riley. Fortunately, my experience with him was 100% positive - he really is totally trustworthy, understanding and accepting. He made and sent my video within an hour of me sending payment. He treats people very well.

The video He delivered to me was just amazing. He really does look fantastic, and he knows how to show off his sensational body. The way he moved his body to make each muscle group pop was awe-inspiring!

He was happy to take all my requests for the scenario on board, but he also knew what I wanted even better than I did myself. - He pushed every button I had!!! In fact, after watching this first video, I was hooked and had to immediately order a second!

He really is physical perfection, with masses of sex appeal and a level of confidence which will keep me returning to him again and again. The only question is whether I will order my third video right now, or whether I can hold out until tomorrow!

100% recommended!!!

Fatty (?)
Posted on 31 October 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thank you Fatty! I'm glad you liked them. You know I'm always down! I'm a hard guy to resist, I know haha

Realized I never reviewed Riley and have had several cams. Although we didn't really mesh, the guy tried and is honest and a real nice and handsome dude. I cannot say anything negative.

BDson (?)
Posted on 22 October 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Hey man! I appreciate the review. I'm not sure who you are but I'm sorry you feel that we didn't mesh!

There is no one out there who's nicer or more reliable than Riley! Every quality that you could possibly want in a "Cam Guy", Riley's got them in spades! I just can not say enough great things about Riley though I will certainly try. I have already posted a few positive reviews about Riley here in the past, but he is just so incredible that I just had to post another one. I've been buying videos from Riley for over eight months now and in that time, he has made me countless amazing custom videos. One of the many things that I really love about Riley is how committed he is to making sure that his fans/customers are happy and satisfied with their shows or videos. You are always guaranteed to get exactly what you requested from Riley in your custom videos or camshows. If it's a custom video that you are requesting from him, you'll be shocked at how fast Riley gets that video to you! No one else comes close to Riley when it comes to speed. Riley is also quite versatile when it comes to attitude and roleplaying. Though Riley is an incredibly nice and friendly guy, he can definitely turn into something very different on cam and on video if you want him to. Riley is very openminded and nonjudgemental, so he never makes you feel uncomfortable about your requests, no matter how unusual they might be. Most importantly, Riley loves posing and showing off his amazing body and he always puts on one heck of a hot and sexy show for his fans! What more could you ask for! :)

JoeNYC (?)
Posted on 8 October 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thank you Joe for the great review!!! I'm always glad you enjoy all of my videos and it's easy for me to comply when I have such awesome people to do shows with! You're messaging me now about the one I just sent lol

Riley is the nicest guy on this site not to mention he is very sexy with an amazing body, he is growing and will be a muscle beast
Highly recommended

Ozsport63 (?)
Posted on 24 September 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Hahaha thanks man I appreciate it!!! You're always good to talk to. Have a good day!

I've bought several videos from this guy since my last review. He is for sure the nicest guy around! Always super-fast delivery, trustworthy, friendly... I only have good things to say! Great performer who can pull off everything from friendly to cocky to outright dominant and superior. And he always looks awesome doing it!

NoR (?)
Posted on 16 September 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thanks NoR! Yes, I can do it all

Riley is one of the nicest models on this site. He is pleasant to work with and he delivered on every expectation I had of him. Trustworthy and enjoys role play scenarios. Thanks Riley!

hypnopowerman (?)
Posted on 2 September 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Of course man! Your shows were fun to do! The role-playing really is a lot of fun

This guy has to be one of the nicest around, bod and personality! So kind, easy going and awesome at showing off!

NoR (?)
Posted on 21 August 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thanks man!!! I really appreciate the review. I'm glad you enjoyed your show!

I recently received a custom video from Riley, and I have to echo the sentiments of previous reviewers. Not only did Riley produce exactly what I asked for, but he was genuinely nice, easy to deal with, and had my video ready in about the time it took me to complete payment! I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thanks Riley! Ken

Kamaswami (?)
Posted on 7 August 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Hey Ken, I'm glad you liked the video! You're an awesome guy!

I had to write about the amazing Riley
I ordered a video a few weeks ago and I had trouble downloading it
Riley went out of his way above and beyond to get me to see the video
He's Kind Patient and hot as hell
He is so professional that he's a joy to work with!!

aboytoo85 (?)
Posted on 21 July 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

You are welcome man! You're an awesome guy yourself and I always love making and doing videos for you!

Like so many others on here I am a huge fan of Riley and can't say enough good things about him. He is always respectful, easy to talk to and really enjoys making his fans happy. I've ordered dozens of videos from him and I've also done live shows and he delivers every time. He is the best!! And on top of that, not only is he a nice guy who appreciates his fans, he's so damned hot!!!

Sinmar277 (?)
Posted on 8 July 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

It's because I have the best fans like you!

I don't really have much to add here that I haven't posted in my previous reviews, but I keep seeing reviews from people who have been getting scammed by various "cam guys", so I just have to stress how amazing Riley is. He is the total opposite of all of these flakes and scammers out there and he is pretty much everything one could possibly want in a cam guy. Not only is he one of the most accessible and reliable cam guys around, but he is also one of the nicest. He is also very open-minded and nonjudgmental when it comes to requests and he's always eager to please. You can not go wrong with Riley! He is simply one of the best!

JoeNYC (?)
Posted on 6 July 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thanks Joe! I always want to treat people fairly. I have fun doing this, and I want people to have fun too!

Just did a cam show with this stud, and he was nothing short of amazing. Amazing personality, great body, such a nice guy. Definitely will be going back for me!

greyeyes84 (?)
Posted on 27 June 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Hey Grey! I had a lot of fun doing our show! I'm glad you liked it man

Riley Jackson is the greatest "Cam Guy" around by far! I've already left several reviews here stating all of the many reasons why Riley is so amazing, so I won't repeat myself and bore you with the details again, but I will say that I am just as huge of a fan of Riley's today as I was when I first posted those glowing reviews. In fact, I've now bought 32 custom videos from Riley since I first discovered him three and a half months ago! That is a testament to just how phenomenal he is!

Let me share a quick story with you that totally exemplifies Riley's commitment to pleasing his fans. A few weeks ago, I requested a custom video from Riley that would have him holding a certain pose for long periods of time throughout the vid. Because of a miscommunication on my part when describing the video request to him, Riley thought that I actually wanted him to hold the same pose for ten minutes straight and so that is exactly what he did! Riley must have been so uncomfortable and even in pain, but he was so determined to fulfill my request and make sure that I was happy with the video that he held that same pose without any breaks for ten whole minutes! I couldn't believe it! That is the type of guy Riley is, ladies and gentlemen! Riley always gives 100%, he always aims to please and he does everything possible to make sure that his fans are happy! That is what sets him apart from so many other "cam guys" out there. I just can not recommend Riley highly enough! He is truly the best!

JoeNYC (?)
Posted on 23 May 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Hahaha thanks Joe! I just got stuck really... I couldn't stop doing the sexy pose it was so sexy

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Riley last week for a camshow, what a gentleman, so easy to talk with like an old friend.
He is the real deal and 1o/1o unlike some other a-holes on this site.

Ozsport63 (?)
Posted on 14 May 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

You're an awesome guy too! I'm glad you enjoyed the show. Talking to you now over Skype hahaha

Recieved a great custom video from Riley! He paid close attention to my requests, and delivered a top quality video! As you can see from his photos here he looks great- very handsome face alongside a well proportioned muscular body. Riley is just one of thoes guys who doesn't need to be sexy, he just is. He was at ease in front of the camera and engaged, which made for a very sexy show! His camera quality and lighting for the video were perfect and he delivered the video within 2 hours!
He was easy to talk to and share details for the video prior to payment, open minded and very pofessional, all of which helped the experience to be respectful, upfront and easy.
If you are considering approaching Riley for a custom video take some time to read all the reviews here, and I'd like to add my voice as encouragment. Trustworthy, reliable and honest- I can highly recommend Riley !

bluewolf76 (?)
Posted on 11 May 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thank you man!! I'm glad you liked the video and you were very professional about everything as well

So I need to brag about Riley some more after being scammed by another guy on this site...I reached out to Riley for a custom video...I have lost count on how many I have now!! Riley is 100% first class he expressed anger and consideration for me being scammed by that jerk and I sent my custom video request to him and in less than 2 hours I have the video!!!!
So easy to work with so reliable and trusting he's a 10 star man in a land of 5's unbelievable physique handsome as hell and just so perfect that he's a prime example of class consideration and perfection all wrapped in one!!!!
Thank you Riley for being so damn amazing

aboytoo85 (?)
Posted on 8 May 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Hell yeah Alex! I'm sorry you had to deal with a bullshitter man. And you're welcome! I enjoy our shows

I am going to add to the Riley Jackson fan club!!
Riley is a pleasure to work with so very responsive and his videos are amazing! Riley is super friendly and responds quickly and his videos are top quality! I have ordered one pre-made video and one custom both were amazing and got them the same day I paid!!!!! 5 stars across the board! I am planning to order 2 more today!

aboytoo85 (?)
Posted on 7 April 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

You're the man Alex!

This man is one wonderful model. Cannot get better than Riley! Has a great body and cool demeanor.

rubeng2016 (?)
Posted on 3 April 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

F Dallas! hahaha

I know that I've stated this several times before, but I just have to say it again! Riley is truly one of the nicest, most honest, most reliable, most open-minded cam guys that I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with. He's also incredibly hot too, as you can see. Whenever you chat with him, you feel like you are chatting with a friend that you've known for years. He always gives 100% in his videos and makes sure that he gives you exactly what you requested. Every video I requested from him has been amazing. Also, I don't think there is anyone faster at making custom videos than him. If you request a video from him, you are almost guaranteed to be downloading it within a few hours, at most. I just can not say enough great things about Riley and I can not recommend him highly enough! If you do request a video or a show from Riley, make sure you ask him to do "the sexy pose" for you! :)

JoeNYC (?)
Posted on 29 March 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

lol the sexy pose is everyone's favorite! Thanks so much Joe for the kind words

best of the best

longbyname (?)
Posted on 22 March 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thank you!

Wow! What a great guy. He will give you everything you ask of him. True gentleman.

rubeng2016 (?)
Posted on 19 March 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thanks man!

I've got Riley fever!! Since my first show a month ago I've been averaging 2 or more shows a week. I just can't get enough of this hot, sexy, friendly muscle God! He's got it all and he loves to show it off!

Sinmar277 (?)
Posted on 12 March 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Damn right!

Riley is an amazing guy! Super friendly, and an incredible body too. Definitely looking forward to more shows with him :)

sams (?)
Posted on 16 February 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thanks Sam! I can't wait to do more!

To say that I highly recommend Riley would be a huge understatement! This should give you all an idea of how phenomenal Riley is. I bought my first custom video from Riley on Tuesday night. It is now Sunday night, just five days later, and I now have eight amazing videos of him in my possession!

Riley is simply phenomenal He really listens to what you are requesting regarding the video, whether it be certain poses, clothing, attitude, things to say, etc, and then he fulfills your requests better than you could have ever hoped for! There are not too many guys out there that I can say that about. After only a few days, Riley has already become one of my all time favorites! Riley has got it all! Not only is he ridiculously hot, handsome, cute, and sexy, but he is also incredibly nice, friendly and a pleasure to interact with. His physique is phenomenal and he is incredible at flexing and posing and showing off. I have to stress that Riley is also one of the fastest and most reliable guys around when it comes to getting the custom video to you, plus his prices are very reasonable. He is also very open-minded and nonjudgemental about requests, so don't feel shy about asking him about something you might want to see or hear in a custom video.

It is quite obvious that Riley has a lot of respect for his fans and that he is very grateful for the support and appreciative of us based on how he conducts himself and how he "does business" with us. I really can not say enough great things about him! With so many flakes and scammers out there, it feels great to have found the complete opposite of them! Riley is truly one of the best around, hands down and I know that I will be purchasing videos from him for a very long time!

JoeNYC (?)
Posted on 8 February 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

That's the best response I've ever received. Thank you so much for that.

I truly can not say enough great things about Riley! I contacted Riley for the first time last night and less than 24 hours later, I already have two amazing custom videos that he made me and he has already become one of my absolute favorites. When Riley and I first began chatting, I immediately found him to be an incredibly nice guy, which is always a plus in my book. He said that he would be able to make my video that night and about an hour or so later, I was drooling over the mind-blowing video he had made me. Not only is Riley insanely hot, with a phenomenal physique and handsome face, but he is also excellent at flexing and posing. He seems to really enjoy showing off, which makes his vids all the more better. He's also fantastic at fulfilling any requests pertaining to custom videos. There were a couple of requests I made prior to him making the video and he knocked them out of the park. I was so impressed with Riley and the video that I immediately sent him a payment for a second vid, which I just received today and is even more amazing than the first! I'm ready to get a third video from him now! I truly can not recommend Riley highly enough! With so many flakes and scammers out there, it is amazing to find someone who is so reliable and honest and treats his fans his so well and is also so fantastic at what he does. Riley is one of the best around, hands down!

JoeNYC (?)
Posted on 3 February 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

I really appreciate the response Joe! I'm glad you love them. Can't wait to do more videos with you!

I did a show with Riley and he was super friendly and HE IS HOT! Glad I checked him out. I'll definitely be back for more shows!

Sinmar277 (?)
Posted on 31 January 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

You're the man

Just finished a show with Riley. Great guy with an amazing body and a cool personality to match. He delivered on all my requests and put on a fantastic show!

Kevinpa2000 (?)
Posted on 21 January 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

I got those shirts ready

Great guy - easy to deal with and really into making his shows fit exactly what you're looking for. Looks just like he does in the pictures, if not even better! Highly recommend!

youp555 (?)
Posted on 21 January 2016

Riley Jackson replied...

Thanks youp, I'll see you again soon

Amazing shows and incredible body! Did one show with him and will be back for lots more!

FunTimes (?)
Posted on 19 December 2015

Riley Jackson replied...

Thanks FunTimes, you're always welcome back

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