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After spotting him in the gym, you dared to say hello to this young blonde stud. He wasn't impressed, but he laughed at how easily he could control you. So he told you to go back to his hotel and wait. You did. Now he's done with his workout, and as he enters the room, you suddenly remember just how huge and how handsome he is. He effortlessly fills the door frame, and when he manages to take his leather jacket off over his arms, his tight white shirt doesn't look like it can contain his huge muscles. You're in awe as he oils up his beautiful body. But this is just the beginning of your muscle encounter with this tall, blonde British stud.

Duration: 8:13 | Style: Production [?] | Price: $19.99

We offer a range of video styles on our website. This video is categorised as "Production".

Filmed in full HD, these videos are well-lit and get you closer to the muscle than you could ever have imagined.

Categories: Private flex shows | Oiled muscle | Giant | Cocky | Chest | Arms |

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