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Kane is just a few weeks out from his next competition and the veins are popping like crazy as he cuts down the body fat and gets shredded! Lots of close up flexing action and focussing on his craze vascularity.

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Rated 5 stars
Kane's body in this video is like no one's I've ever seen before! He's all vascularity and striations for more than ten amazing minutes of flexing to the max! Even relaxed his veins are popping all over his beautiful body as he poses and flexes his incredibly muscular chest, arms, back, and legs! Kane is also masterful with the camera, getting wide shots and spectacular closeups of his pecs and biceps! He barely speaks but his incredibly pumped up muscles do all the talking!

Posted on 25 September 2014

Rated 4 stars
This guy is in awesome shape no doubt, and in truly rare condition. The vascularity and low bf that I seek out in guys,

But someone has to help your guys better light their scenes to show the best muscle definition possible.This guys beautiful body is only partially appreciated and I'd pay more to see him in this kind of shape in sharper definition taking full advantage of the HD. I want to feel like he's standing there right in front of me. And Its possible with the right camera settings and lighting, Personally I like slow flexing and pumping..thats just me.
Definitely do more Kane!!! And lets go XXX flexing and jacking would be great of course!

Posted on 26 October 2014

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