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Can you handle this much bicep action? It's almost 30 minutes of non-stop flexing. And it's not just any ordinary flexing. This man has some of the most peaked, sculpted and rock solid biceps that you've ever seen. An absolute must-own for bicep fans. Pumping up, flexing in different shirts, measuring biceps, and oh boy... the way his biceps peaks makes you weak at the knees.

Duration: 28:07 | Style: Webcam [?] | Price: $34.99

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Rated 5 stars
What an amazing physique, and what fantastic posing! It's a long vid, really high quality. His body is astonishing - he's perfect. His muscles explode with power, yet he's also lean and long. Oh, he's gorgeous!! The vid has so much variety: Tight shirts; down to undies; fruit smashing with biceps; biceps measuring; and just so much long, close in, fantastic posing! His arms; his back (!!!), his chest (!!!), his hard legs - all presented in great detail. There are moments when your eyes will bug out and your jaw will drop, he's that incredible. He can make his whole upper body erupt in veiny muscle; he knows the perfect angles; he will leave you stunned. Powerful, sweaty, pumped, glorious - I don't think I can say enough great things about MuscleGod Michael and this vid!!!!!!! At almost a half hour: so worth it!!!!!

Posted on 28 June 2016

Rated 5 stars
Real-life Superman! This man's muscles are chisled to perfection. The way he easily controls the biceps to show off every striation is overwhelming. He can flex effortlessly and his sexy grunts just make you fall head over heels for him! This is by far his best video, and I hope he releases more soon.

Posted on 14 May 2017

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