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to FITStudent on 13 March 2020

I recently purchase a custom video and some pictures. He was very quick with sending the items, he is super friendly and the quality of his work was amazing. I highly recommend him.

FITStudent replied...
Thank you So So much!

to Tommy Flex on 17 November 2019

I purchased a custom video a while ago and forgot to write a review. I need to say that Tommy did an excellent job with the video, he did what I asked and more. I highly recommend him and I would give him 10 starts for his excellent performance.

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much for your feedback! I look forward towards bringing your fantasies to digital reality many more times!

to The Beast King of Aesthetics on 23 September 2019

I recently ordered a custom video from him, he was fast and easy to talk to.

to AestheticsBoy on 18 May 2019

I purchased some pictures from him, they were perfect and delivered them fast. He is very friendly and easy to talk to, I highly recommend him.

to craving4power on 16 December 2018

I just ordered some custom pictures from Craving4power, they were excellent, he is very lovely to talk to and he delivered the quickly. I highly recommend him

craving4power replied...
Thanks buddy

to ClassicPhysique on 27 October 2018

I ordered a custom video from him, the video was great and he is muscular, on skype he is very lovely and friendly and also delivers videos fast.
I highly recommend him

to CockyBoy on 7 October 2018

I ordered a custom video and pictures, and it was amazing, he is very kind with the email and he delivers well

CockyBoy replied...
Tnks alot,kiss and i hope we can chat more and have great time together

to Tommy Flex on 1 September 2018

I ordered a custom video and some pictures, Tom did a perfect job with the video and he did the was perfect with what I stated but he added something that I wanted. He is an amazing friendly person and again he will make it perfect.

Tommy Flex replied...
Glad you loved it my man! I am here to provide excellent content!

to Tommy Flex on 2 August 2018

I ordered a video from Tommy. He is a great guy as he wants to make the videos perfect which he does, he is also a very nice person and sends it very quickly.

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man! Perfection is what I’m after in regards to videos!

to Tommy Flex on 30 June 2018

I ordered a custom video from Tommy, he did an amazing job with creating the video, he followed my request perfect with no mistakes. I highly recommend Tommy and again I would give him more then 5 stars.

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man! I look forward towards your future requests! See you soon!

to Tommy Flex on 25 June 2018

I ordered a pre made video last night and I got it the same night. Tommy is a very polite man, if you have any issues he would help and if I could I would give him more then 5 stars. Amazing work Tommy

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man! You are greatly appreciated!!

to CockyBoy on 1 May 2018



CockyBoy replied...
Thanks buddy!


Tommy Flex

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