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to HotFighterRaul on 11 September 2017

Hi everybody! I paid HotFighterRaul for a custom vid. That was with no doubts the best flexing experience ever! He is so muscular, so huge and in only a few days he made that video for me.
5***** for the quickness of the video making.
5***** for the best flex ever.
5***** for the best musles i have ever seen.

The photos and videos make you want to meet him live. And i really hope, one day, that this dream will become true!
Follow him, buy his pics and vids and you will see the best muscles flex ever.

HotFighterRaul replied...
wow,i am happy to read this,i usually am even faster with custom vids but now i am catched with all this competitions,but the good part its the top shape that i have ;) kisses

Muscle Worship Oil

to Muscle Worship Oil featuring Alex and Raul on 1 November 2018


This is the best muscles worship video ever! The best guys flexing very huge and perfectly shaped muscles! Huge biceps, awesome chest... Their muscles are really big and hard. I think that these 2 guys have the best muscles in the world, and I'm not joking! I can't see the time to see a new video together and to see them face to face in some places. Really amazing vid!!!


This is the best bicep shape I have ever seen! That bice is so huge!! No one has something like that! The best !!!

13 September 2017