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to Aaron Jay on 16 July 2019

Besides being hung, tall, handsome, dark, and super muscular with a nice accent, Aaron is also reasonably priced, accommodating and kind. A good, good guy.

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you so much it was a fun show!

to HUGEALPHABEAST on 27 November 2018

I have had a few shows with him and am amazed by his enormous dick size, so I had him measure it. When flaccid, a little bit over 5 inches. After maybe 2 minutes of jerking off, it is about 8 real inches, but he is not done. When he REALLY is horny and full, his dick is over 9 real inches long and thick. Must be seen to be believed.

Hugealphabeast also has a great body, as evidenced by the photos, with an AMAZING back spread. He is very very nice and accommodating to requests as well.

to Lee on 8 December 2017

Really muscular man. Huge shoulders and back, tiny waist, big muscular arms, very little body fat, nice lower body as well. Also very handsome, and to top it off, he is really nice guy. Highly recommended.

Lee replied...
Thanks man, much appreciated ;)

to MuscleGod11 on 5 August 2017

Long dick, big muscles, barely any body fat, and a nice guy. Can't ask for more. Thanks, musclegod!

to Tom H on 8 April 2017

I return to Tom H over and over again. He has gained A LOT of muscle since the photos on his page were taken. He is one of the few guys who claims to have a huge dick and actually has a huge dick, which stays hard. All of his muscles are well developed, from top to bottom. He is a nice guy as well.

to Tom H on 31 July 2016

I just bought Johnny's 2 for 1 video. Oh my God! He is so hung, one of the longest dicks I have ever seen! His muscles are so impressive: thighs, shoulders, chest, huge biceps, 8 pack abs, no body fat, you name it! So handsome, bright blue eyes, thick hair!

Please come back to Skype, Johnny! Have not seen you in so long!!

to Revalyx on 26 July 2016

As stated above, John is a great guy for cam. His dick is huge, seriously huge, and he also has a huge great smile. Well developed body, loves to flex, and a very nice guy. You cannot go wrong with Revalys,

Revalyx replied...
thank you very much.. i am glad you like what i offer ^^

to Roland on 22 June 2016

Roland is a nice guy. His muscles are huge from bottom to top, he is very well proptioned, and he is hung very big. He gives a great show as well. Give him a shot!

Roland replied...
thank sir!see you next time ;) :)

to Dreamcaster234 on 16 June 2016

Jaden is great! Real 21 cm dick (measured), very muscular, very tall, scary handsome, no body fat, very nice guy. He will do whatever you want during a show. I HIGHLY recommend him!

to Dreamcaster234 on 21 January 2016

Whoah! Dreamcaster is amazing! He gives a great show, constantly changing the camera angles wit many closeups of various parts of his body! He is very handsome, tall, and accommodating. His muscles are truly outstanding, just like his photos, with barely any body fat on him. His dick is as oversized as the rest of him. Most of all, he is really really nice, as he waited for me to start for quite a long time when my computer was having problems. Get a show with him as soon as possible!

to Tom H on 1 November 2015

Really nice guy! Very handsome. He accomodated all of my requests. His body is very well developed, from broad shoulders to 6 pack abs, from huge biceps to massive thighs! As a bonus, he is also quite hung! I hope to be back again very soon!


Tom H

24 y/o

185cm (6'1")

102kg (224 lbs)