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to Caleb on 11 July 2018

Just booked a story show on Skype with Caleb. He is phenomenal. Brilliant swagger, the gorgeous looks, great actor - just perfect. And the accent for a Brit, of course!

to Joshua Armstrong on 22 April 2018

The King of custom vids. Great actor, the build, brilliant build up of story. Brilliant.

to Male Fitness Model on 22 April 2018

I bought a custom vid from Male Fitness Model. Very quick responses and delivery. He was perfect at the role play, vicious, aggressive, great verbal. Stacked, phenomenal ass! So recommended.

Male Fitness Model replied...
Thanks buddy glad u enjoyed your videos

to MuscleGod7 on 15 April 2018

Have bought two custom videos from him, having originally been a fan of his fire act. He is a gem to deal with, has all the goods going on you'd ever need, is imaginative and total class. Brilliant.

MuscleGod7 replied...
Mate thankyou for the review. Always a plessure

to CockyBoy on 11 April 2018

The Skype shows are amazing. He is so handsome, jacked, etc. But also witty and excellent with stories.

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you and had a good time with you and alot of fun, hope to see you soon , xoxo

to HornyAlphaBoy on 14 January 2017

In a custom vid and Skype shows I find him amazing. SO hot, professional and teasing fantasies along brilliantly. Total class, this guy.

to Alexander Steel on 2 January 2017

I bought a customised vid from Blonde Muscle Master. His performing of the role play I outlined was perfect, his body is fantastic - and he really took care to get things right and to deliver the video on time. Just great!

to CockyBoy on 3 November 2016

Have had a number of Skype shows with him. Fantastic body and performance, good natured and a total pro. Amazing.

CockyBoy replied...
Love you my friend and see you soon!

to Joshua Armstrong on 6 October 2016

Joshua made me a bespoke video. He took a lot of trouble over getting the scenario absolutely right and delivered the finished video when he said he would. The porn element is fantastic, he is brilliant ratcheting up the teasing and he works the scenario perfectly. Classic.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
Hi mate, Lovely to read this from you, thank you. I loved every moment, as i know you did too ;)

to MuscleGod7 on 15 August 2016

He is fantastic - hyper masculine, amazing physique, SO handsome and the talk is spot on. Beautiful. I'll definitely be buying more.

MuscleGod7 replied...
Thankyou mate. Glad I can be of service

to CockyBoy on 26 October 2015

He is just adorable, charming, SO handsome and the body is incredible. Obvious he is doing really well in competitions. He has leading movie actor handsomeness.

CockyBoy replied...
Awsome review from you my friend thank you so much!!!

to HornyAlphaBoy on 11 July 2015

He is fantastic to look at, his build is wonderful and he put on the best show!


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