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to Tyler King on 28 December 2018

Just had my first show with KingAaron and OMG I have found my new Master. He is much hotter on cam than his pictures. His cocky attitude and powerful voice will immediately put you to your knees. Not to mention his perfect abs and rock solid biceps. Didn’t expect such a Greek God hiding under that shirt. He had to cut our show a bit short but I was already under his command so apparently I didn’t mind it at all. lol I will be back for more.

to themind on 13 December 2018

Just had my first cam show with this guy and he def delivered. Currently he is bulking and not as shredded as some of his pics. However, don’t let that stop you from getting a show. His huge powerful muscles still impress. His arms were massive and still quite defined even though he’s packing on the size. Very easy and friendly to work with. He had no problems showing off for me on cam in a public bathroom stall. Was kinda hot actually cause it was like we suck in their together for a quick worship session. Highly recommend Tim! I will be back for more.

themind replied...
Thanks man! Appreciate the honestly and kind words!

to Body and Soul on 8 January 2018

A 5 star review for this cam guy! I just had my first show with him and he did not disappoint. His physique is perfect and will leave u amazed. His abs and biceps were my favorites but his legs were killer as well. Probably one of the nicest cam guys I’ve dealt with in a while. Very easy going and easy to work with. Took my requests with no issues. Will def be returning back for more.

Body and Soul replied...
Man, that's awesome. Thank you. I really appreciate the kind words!

to Willy on 3 September 2017

Just had my first show with Willy. His young physique is exploding with rock solid muscle! His massive biceps and pecs were my favorite. His abs were thick too though. Loved every minute of the show. Will def be back for more.

Willy replied...
Thank you!

to Tommy flex on 27 August 2017

Just had my first cam show with Tommy and he is everything I had expected and more! Everything he has to offer is just perfection. His body is built like a Greek god and he knows just how to show it off. His cocky attitude is a plus too. I will def return back for more.

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!

to MuscleGod11 on 6 August 2017

Just recently had another cam show with this stud and his name is truly fitting. He is the real muscle god. Although I have to say his abs are by far one of the best. They are so perfectly defined and rock solid. It's def worth getting a show from this hunk just to see his washboard abs. I will for sure be returning for another show.

to Chad on 26 June 2017

Just had my first cam show with Chad the other day and damn did he deliver. He's one of the hottest guys I've had a show with in a while. Killer physique and great personality. Easy to work with and takes your requests. I will def be back for more.

to MuscleGod11 on 29 May 2017

His name says it all. He truly is THE MuscleGod. I was under his spell and in awe at his perfect physique. Like a Greek God. His great attitude and willingness to do a show quickly for me was much appreciated. I will for sure be returning for more.

to Jason Genesis on 18 October 2016

Just had another cam show with this stud. I woke up craving some cocky muscle flexing and he delivered just that. He is a true ALPHA. From his voice to his perfect physique, it was hard to say no when he asked if I wanted another show. He has it all and knows it. Starts by flexing his massive biceps then his massive pecs, then his perfect abs. And just when I couldn't think I could handle any more perfection he showed off his massive legs. That just put me over the top. ;) Great guy to chat with and work with as well. I will be back for more. Thanks man!

to Bobby on 20 November 2015

Just had my first show with Bobby and damn! I can't believe I waited this long to see him. His physique is perfection and he knows how to show it off on cam. His pecs, abs, biceps, everything...just perfect! Great personality too. I'll be back for more.

to daniel carter on 7 August 2015

Just had a show with Daniel and I'm still in awe of his physique. He is the real deal. Not only does he have one of the best bodies on the site but has a great personality to go along with it. I recommend getting a show from him if u haven't already. You won't regret it. I know I'll be back for more. :)

to Aesthetics on 2 October 2014

Just had a show with this guy and he is just as amazing as his pics. Great attitude to go along with the package as well. Just enough cockiness to keep you wanting more. His abs and biceps are probably my favorite but he really has the complete package. :)

to Mr Latz on 5 September 2014

Mr. Latz is the man! Not only does he have killer lats, the rest of his body is just as perfect. Huge rock hard biceps and shredded six pack abs, this dude has it goin on. I had two shows with him already and he knows how to deliver. Gotta love his cocky attitude too. ;) if you haven't got a show from him yet, get one. You won't regret it.


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