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to TheDoughboy97 on 4 May 2020

This God is amazing! The kind of cocky that comes from actually being a true Alpha! Totally shredded, masculine and able to dominate a bitch (but clearly with a heart).

to Sergei on 29 May 2019

Dismissive and insulting if your payment methods don't match what he wants.

Sergei replied...
Another scammer.

to Alex on 20 October 2018

I get the feeling Alex is a nice guy, but DAMN can he be a dominant, cocky God! His body is out of this world (and he knows it), His eyes, His attitude, everything! All this to say, He is always a mind-blowing experience!

to Alex on 18 August 2018

This Man is a total God! Confident, perfect body, amazing attitude. This Man could make me do anything!

Alex replied...
I always have fun with you! Your support is appreciated. SO SUPPORT ME MORE! jk lol!

to MuscleGod7 on 3 August 2018

I'm sure he's super hot. His vids here certainly are, but he seems to be perfectly happy to take money and disappear. He told me the cost for a 10 minute show. I paid. He then told me I'd have to wait until the next day at the same time. Fastforward a day and he's too busy. Fast forward another day to now and he is simply ignoring me.

to Tom H on 7 July 2018

This Man is a total GOD!

to Flex Master on 2 April 2018

Total God! Knows how to take control and turn you into the obedient bitch you are deep down.

to Flex Master on 28 March 2018

So cocky, so dominant, so hot!! He delivered exactly what He said He would.

to Jake Daniel on 17 March 2018

Paid for a show. Then told to wait 2 hours, which turned into 5 hours, which has now turned into 2 days with no show.

Jake Daniel replied...
hey man I am sorry you paid with a amazon gift card. I told you I was available last night and this night, i even tried to give you the show 20 min ago. to everyone out there i do my shows just fine. if you want your show you need to contact me to set up a exact time instead of writing a bad review. i told you prior that i was at the gym, you agreed. i am sorry we have not been able to connect since. but i do my shows man


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