Loyalty Points

Fans can earn Loyalty Points across the Best Flex Network for supporting their favourite bodybuilders.

Loyalty Points are used to demonstrate a fan’s commitment to supporting the hunks who flex for us.

You can earn Loyalty Points in the following ways:

Pay for a Custom Request 50 points
Send a Donation 40 points
Buy a video 30 points
Review a video 20 points
Review a model 5 points
Comment on a photo 1 point
Direct from models Unlimited

How do I get Loyalty Points direct from models?

Each month, models are given 100 Loyalty Points to issue directly to fans. You can ask your favourite models to allocate some of these directly to you. Just give them the email address you log in with and the points will be added to your total.

What are Loyalty Points used for?

Loyalty Points are used to demonstrate your commitment to supporting the hunks who flex for us. This can be particularly useful when contacting new models for the first time, as your Loyalty Points can help to show that you’re serious about supporting them. It speeds up the process of building trust between fans and hunks.

Do my old purchases and reviews count towards my Loyalty Points total?

Yes, although how far back depends on the type of transaction.

Loyalty Points were introduced to the Best Flex Network on 4 February 2018. If you already had an account on that date, points for historic activity were calculated to create your starting score.

Points for Custom Requests and video purchases were backdated to 1 August 2017. We’re unable to go further back because before then, purchases were not linked to an account – every purchase was made as a guest.

Points for all other activity (comments, reviews and ratings) were backdated to when you opened your account.

When are Loyalty Points added to my account?

Points for payments, purchases, ratings or sent direct from models are added immediately.

Points for reviews are added within 48 hours.

How come the number of Points a fan has doesn't seem to match the number of reviews or comments they've written?

This could be for several reasons.

There’s a small delay in allocating some points to stop fraud. So, if there are more reviews than points, this is likely the cause.

If there are more points than reviews, it could be that the fan has written a review about a model that’s since deleted their profile, or commented on a photo that a model has deleted. We don’t take points away if a model you’ve reviewed stops using the site or removes a photo.

Also remember that your Points total includes activity from all sites on the Best Flex Network, but your fan profile will only show reviews and comments on the website you’re browsing.

What does Top Fan mean?

For the 200 fans with the most Loyalty Points, we’ll show a Top Fan badge on their profile, and an indication of where they are on the list. We don't show an individual's ranking, but instead we show Top 10, Top 50, Top 100 and Top 200 group badges.


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