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30, 179cm (5'10"), 102kg (224 lbs)

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from Knuckledot [10] on 13 May 2019

Gaston Muscle, what could I say...
This man is incredibe in what he is doing. I have been following him for months now and I did order various videos. Each one is really amazing:)
Gaston makes time for his videos and that is works well on making high quality videos.
You should definitely ask him to make a video, he will be happy to make something suitable.
Not to forget Gastons posts about how he has grown into life itself. Incredible.

from elglobero2001 [75] on 19 March 2019

Nice guy, but you gotta be patient. It took him more than a month to deliver one video, but once he did it I can assure you that it wiil be worth the wait!

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 8 December 2018

Received my latest video from Alex. !!! He has gotten trimmer and more ripped. He has such a personality on my videos and his ability to perform for my videos is awesome. He keeps getting better and better !!! He is more relaxed on my videos and he has fun with them and that shows on all of my videos.

from aixois1978 [240] on 26 November 2018

Disapointed. I have asked for a custom video 2 month ago, he was very friendly at the begining, but no news from him anymore. I have sent e-mails to remind him, each time he said the video will be done few days later, but at this time I have no answer from this guy. Very disapointing.

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 25 November 2018

Received my latest from Alex. He is one of the best men on this site. He listens to what you want in your custom video and he more than performs. He outshines. I have gotten more than several videos from Alex and from the beginning of this year to current, you can see that his body is transforming. He is getting leaner and more ripped. He takes my suggestions and transforms them into his own. Love Alex. If you have not ever given Alex a try, then you really don't know what you are missing.

from popetristn [2256] on 23 October 2018

WOW! I read other people's reviews and I can only say that they are all understated. Maybe there is no perfect way to describe the interaction with Alex. What an incredibly nice guy and what an amazing body.
I can't wait to ask for another video... not because I need another video so much as the process was such a pleasure. I've never smiled so much. He had me at ease and laughing - and nervous with anticipation. And it was a very happy nervous at that. I can't recommend enough getting in touch with Alex. The video was perfect and he delivered it so quickly. I'm just overwhelmed! Thank you, Alex. You're just awesome.

from sboy261 [260] on 20 October 2018

I get the feeling Alex is a nice guy, but DAMN can he be a dominant, cocky God! His body is out of this world (and he knows it), His eyes, His attitude, everything! All this to say, He is always a mind-blowing experience!

from jstevens [1545] on 10 October 2018

Received another video from Alex, and it was so Great as always! He's always a pleasure to interact with, and goes out of his way to capture just what you want in a custom video.

Alex replied...
Thanks for taking the time to leave me a review and really glad you enjoy yourself when it comes to me!

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 10 October 2018

WOW. Received another mind blowing custom from Alex. He can go from mild mannered to cocky on a dime and he does my scene's perfectly. You can actually imagine you being there in the same room, while he acts out the scene. His body is sculptured like a greek god. Very very easy to communicate with and extremely nice man. Alex is a keeper !!!!!

Alex replied...
You're a good, supportive, patient man. You have been of great fun and support to me this past year as i worked towards getting my life together and i REALLY appreciate you.

from drtywhtboi [21] on 7 October 2018

I fucking love this hot ass mother fucker is pretty pretty blue eyes double his beard this fucking muscles everything about him love the fucking Arrogant Bastard ass attitude everything about you mother fucker is beautiful and I love a cocky ass mother fucker especially when he knows he's a alpha God for us pagsta worship

Alex replied...
i appreciate EVERYONES review, but CLEARLY this one stood out to me. I love the genuine casual babbling about how awesome i am! And i love how mother fucking enthusiastic you are when it comes to me! I love all of this review because it comes from the heart! You werent just "leaving me a review" here, you are genuinely expressing your feelings for me! So glad to have this effect on you and im looking forward to getting together again real soon!

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 13 September 2018

Received another custom from Alex. He is an amazing performer. He takes my scenes and makes them his own. I have never been disappointed by any video that he has done. His body is just unreal and his personality is even bigger than his muscles. He is one of the kindest individuals to interact with. He listens to your requests and mostly he improves on them as well. Love working with Alex

Alex replied...
Not only are a genuine fan, you are a good person. And those are SO hard to find. so thank you!

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 1 September 2018

Alex is one of the hottest muscle guys here on the bestflex. He can take a role play and just run with it. Alex is a huge bodybuilder but very proportioned. From my last purchase to this one, he is a little more leaner but he appears more ripped. He knows how to bring you into a scene and then POW !!! He owns you. Alex is an AWESOME individual to work with. Very professional and lets you know the status of your video. If you have never got a video from Alex, then you don't know what you are missing !!!

Alex replied...
Your dedication towards helping my online reputation with positive reviews is heart warming. Again, thank you.

from jstevens [1545] on 28 August 2018

Just received another great custom video from Alex! He looks amazing as always, but more importantly he's a great guy who really pays attention to the specifics of a video request, and goes out of his way to deliver.

Alex replied...
Again, going out of your way to help my online reputation even tho i havent been the most punctual person. Its much appreciated

from sboy261 [260] on 18 August 2018

This Man is a total God! Confident, perfect body, amazing attitude. This Man could make me do anything!

Alex replied...
I always have fun with you! Your support is appreciated. SO SUPPORT ME MORE! jk lol!

from Chemslave [5] on 14 April 2018

He is perfect, the hottest man out there

Alex replied...
This made me grin! really appreciate u taking your time to help build my reputation on here

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 11 April 2018

He never fails me. Got my custom video last night and it was truly amazing. He is so easy to work with, yet is all business when he delivers. He is a HUGE man but very very personable to work with.

Alex replied...
Thanks for all your continuous support, it really means a lot to me and ill look forward to getting together again soon!

from musclelover5 [15] on 10 April 2018

Simply the best here. 5 stars are few. it would take 10.

Alex replied...
Thanks for the nice review and the smile u just gave me!

from Saver [8] on 7 March 2018

You're my favorite, awesome body and greats shows. Thank you a lot! :)

Alex replied...
Hey thank u so much! really appreciate the good words and support! Looking forward to getting together again! talk soon!

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 18 February 2018

I had my 5th custom video with him. I put him in various scenes to see how they would play out and he took the scenes into directions that I would never have thought of. He is once of the nicest people that I have had to deal when it comes to doing these custom videos, because you just never know what is going to happen. Extremely easy to work with. His personality comes out in the videos and even though his body is HUGE, his personality and heart are way bigger. He personalized every video that I have ever had from him (5) so far and he just keeps me in AWE every single time. Again, I will say, look at his reviews and tell me that you wouldn't want to have a private cam or Custom Video from Gaston. His Body is ROCKIN, his personality is ROCKIN. You will not be disappointed with him at all !!!!!!

Alex replied...
Hey D****! man thanks so much for this awesome review. your ideas are super original and ive had a lot of fun with them. i know u do some regular business with the guys on the site, and to each one u so kindly call spectacular and great and leave glowing reviews where u see fit, which is great, im so glad u have so many positive experiences! but i can tell u went above and beyond here in this review. you've very eloquently told us your experience and u left us feeling like your experience with me was genuinely different and positive. and im so glad to see your point of view be so positive when it comes to me. Ill look forward with interacting with u more in the future when given the opportunity. was a real genuine pleasure!

from nsmith987 [1300] on 15 February 2018

Absolutely a delight to work with. Really kind, helpful and was quick to make my requested video. He did everything I wanted for the video to perfection. The whole process was smooth and easy. If you're looking for a flexing vid with an incredibly good looking guy with an amazing body, I highly recommended him. I'll definitely be requesting more from him in the future.

Alex replied...
Thank you so much for the nice review and all you support! means more than i can say! Look forward to getting together again!

from Wondering00 [5] on 8 February 2018

I had my first came show EVER with Gaston tonight, and he was amazing. He made me feel comfortable, even though I was very nervous. His muscles are HUGE and his kindness and small are even bigger. It was A++ and I can’t wait until next time.

Alex replied...
Hey i want to say thanks again for choosing me for your first time! Looking forward to getting together again!

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 7 February 2018

I have ordered 3 custom videos, so far, and I am here to tell you that I have never been blown away like I have been with Gaston. The way he pulls off the scene is remarkable. I have given him scene's with some criteria and then let his creativity flow with them. Little details that he pulls to the scene is just extraordinary. He is extremely easy to work with and keeps you informed if there is going to be a delay. Extremely professional when dealing with him. He has muscle that won't quit Personality + Muscles + Adaptability = GASTON. You will not go wrong if you do a custom video with Gaston. You will be in AWE, just like I am with every video that he does !!!!

Alex replied...
I really really appreciate this detailed review and all your continued support! means so much to me!

from seattlelilrunt [195] on 7 February 2018

Had another show with this muscle god. Totally awesome and open minded. Always willing to try new things and roll with it. Showed awesome control of his bicep muscle flexing. And he definitely made sure that he didn’t leave any idea I had go to waste. Ready for round 3!

Alex replied...
Really appreciate all the support and the positive review!

from Branko Buck [235] on 3 February 2018

1st Custom Vid with Gaston - super nice guy and hot as hell! He was having some house problems but kept me well informed and created an amazing fetish video for me. Loved how verbal he was in the video - not too many guys can pull that off successfully - covered everything I had asked him to do. Looking forward to ordering another vid from Gaston in the future!

from wack0333 [120] on 24 January 2018

Another perfect show from this stud. He adapts and will listen to what you want, definitely always trying to please his clients.

from seattlelilrunt [195] on 24 January 2018

Had a show with this beast. He’s got a great personality to go with his muscles, and is very open to ideas. Very easy to chat with so watch out. Definitely recommend. Going to do another soon.

from debonaire [1797] on 6 January 2018

If you haven't read his profile you should. This guy is the real deal. He's trustworthy, polite, and treats his fans with the utmost respect. I ordered a custom with a fairly detailed script and he nailed every moment and delivered a video that was everything I could've hoped for. If you need someone with great role playing skills he's your man. So stop wasting time. Contact him now!

from jamessterves [20] on 3 January 2018

This guy is awesome! super friendly, professional, and a lot of fun. He fulfilled my fantasy and it was probably the best cam show I've experienced! If you want a great time with the coolest guy...I strongly recommend Gaston :) thanks man! I will definitely be back!

from ideanuk [406] on 31 December 2017

Support this man! Requested a video from this very cool and polite guy and he delivered the following day! Cannot say enough good things about Gaston. My custom video was exactly what I requested. Do yourself a favour and throw your $$$ his way.

from wack0333 [120] on 29 December 2017

This guy always provides me with a great show, delivers exactly what I'm looking for, and is extremely easy to chat with

Alex replied...
Thanks sooo much for the positive review! means more to me than i can say! all of you on here dont realize what an important role u play in my life, so thank you!

from Wiggy [350] on 14 September 2017

Honestly one of the best guys on this site. If you have had issues reaching him in the past, please try again. I have had nothing but great conversations with the guy and he absolutely loves to please his fans. He can change character in a switch and go from hardcore verbal dominating to super friendly guy. Love this guy, highly recommended.

Alex replied...
Matt! dude thanks so much man! You're absolutely great and i wanna thank u for going out of your way and helping me with the review. Its always good to hear from you and so glad we came together online! Much love to you and talk soon!

from bazzagood [191] on 4 September 2017

great guy and I will be seeing more of this guy! very nice and accommodating, I only have a selected group of guys I cam with and he will be one of them!

Alex replied...
And im totally honored to be a part of that select few! I really appreciate you reaching out to me and im so glad you enjoyed yourself during our show. Ill very much look forward to getting together again when things settle down for you!

from musclefuel [241] on 4 September 2017

Gaston took my unusual request and made it into a reality with ease. Without too much description, he played into the role I desired perfectly. I couldn't ask for more from him. I thank him for delivering even with his own life going on. I look forward to seeing him achieve any goals and getting bigger. Thanks again, Gaston!

Alex replied...
Hey youre welcome! it was absolutely my pleasure! im super glad we were in such sync for your video and it worked out so well. I really appreciate u reaching out to me and allowing me to do this video for u. Ill very much look forward to getting together again!

from wack0333 [120] on 29 August 2017

This dude is the real deal

Alex replied...
Short, sweet, and to the point! And couldnt be more appreciated! thanks for reaching out to me and thanks so much for the nice review. Ill look forward to getting together again soon.

from Shawn_1978 [601] on 24 August 2017

I just received my 4th custom video from Gaston today. He has had some scheduling issues lately, so I had to wait awhile to get this video from him. But, let me tell you, it was well worth the wait! Once again, Gaston delivered a very unique, and very well done video!

Gaston continues to amaze me with his incredible physique and how he keeps it looking so good, all year round. His muscle mass and definition is always beautiful and just seems to look even better and sexier with each new video I receive from him. Gaston Is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. He's smart, sexy, funny, charming, and very charismatic as well. He goes out of his way to make sure you get the best possible live show and/or custom video that he can give you.

Thanks again, Gaston, for another exceptionally well done, custom video! And I swear if they ever come out with a bodybuilding magazine that has "The 25 Most Beautiful Bodybuilders" section, you would get my vote man. You are a beautiful person, both inside and out. You are very inspiring and I hope that I can learn from you on how to get in even better shape for myself. As always, I wish you and your family much love, and you even greater success with your bodybuilding career! God Bless!

Alex replied...
I wanted u to know reading this review really made me feel good. I had a bit of a tough day and this helped a lot. Thanks so much shawn, ur a great guy! Much love to you!

from Shawn_1978 [601] on 25 July 2017

Just recieved my 3rd custom video from Gaston, which is yet another awesome addition to my Gaston Muscle video collection. Once again, Gaston outdid himself with this one. He posed for me in some tight red briefs, which were very sexy on him, and I swear Gaston not only gets more handsome, but his muscled body seems to look better and better with each new video. He is not kidding when he says he stays in great shape ALL year round. And since this time, Gaston had free reign of the video, meaning he had full control of how he wanted to flex and pose in it, while keeping in mind the muscular features I like to see him flex the most. The video was both enjoyable and surprising, since he added a few different bodybuilder poses that I'd never seen him do, before! Once you get to know, Gaston, and he gets to know you better, he knows what you want, and what you like to see. I know I will not ever get a disappointing video from him, ever! I enjoy him, in everything he does and he is a joy to watch! I highly recommend him! Thank you, Gaston, once again, for a video well done! You rock, buddy! God Bless!

Alex replied...
Shawn! thanks a mil my man! your ongoing and continued support means more to me than i can say! You're certainly an appreciated asset to my online reputation!

from hypnopowerman [695] on 21 July 2017

Awesome experience trusting Gaston to deliver on a custom video. Great communication from start to end. Kept me in the loop when delays occurred but he put me at ease by updating me on his progress. Gaston looks great and I really lucked out. Thanks Gaston! Looking forward to working with you again.

Alex replied...
Hypnopowerman! Such creativity when it comes to video ideas!! Im so glad u gave me the opportunity to do this video for you, I had a blast with it. I appreciate the positive review and your aid in helping boost my online reputation. Ill very much look forward to hearing from you and working with you again on future videos!

from chicago_27 [20] on 16 July 2017

Great bod

Alex replied...
Making note of the three star review here, i wanted to say, if someone is unsatisfied with any shows or videos, its typically because details were not adequately elaborated in order for me to provide satisfactory services. While i appreciate the compliment on my body, i wish u would have been more specific in what u wanted in your video when u had initially ordered it, so i could have gotten a 5 star rating vs a 3 star rating and costing me $30 in refund fees for your cancelled money transaction after the video was delivered. i wish u luck going forward with other cam guys!

from Ragabrel [570] on 4 July 2017

I've lost count how many videos I've gotten from Gaston, but this time he completely outdid himself. He took a really difficult concept I had in mind and delivered an amazing video and looked incredible

Alex replied...
I always appreciate a fun challenge! Im so glad you came to me and allowed me to do videos for you. Thanks for the nice review and Ill very much look forward to hearing from u and getting together again soon!

from Shawn_1978 [601] on 1 July 2017

Just when I think Gaston couldn't amaze me any more than he already has before, Today, he blew me away once again! I ordered my second custom video from him, and since it has been awhile, since he did one for me, he is not only even more handsome than I remember, but his physique is even more massive and even sexier looking than it has ever been! Once again, Gaston flexed and posed, like the true bodybuilding professional that he is! Every pose was done to perfection and every detail could be noticed and seen! Gaston's sexy blue eyes were even more beautiful than I remember and I loved watching his facial expressions as he flexed and posed, just as much as I loved watching his muscles! Once again, Gaston showed throughout the entire video, how much he enjoyed making it for me, and how much he appreciates my support.

As all of you know, Gaston truly does appeciate and loves his bodybuilding fans. That has always been clear, but he made it even more clear, today!

Gaston, I've admired and respected many bodybuilders, over the years, but you truly top them all, in my opinion. You truly are one of a kind!

Thank you so much for everything man! You have grown and matured in many ways, not just as a bodybuilder, but also as a man, and as a loving father!

I wish you much love and continued success in your bodybuilding career and any other endeavors you choose to do, always! I am a fan of you, for life buddy! God Bless!

Alex replied...
Shawn what can i say man, ur always so kind and such a supportive guy. You go out of your way to leave such nice and detailed reviews for every video we get together for and i cant thank u enough. i appreciate you man and all that u do for me. thank you

from Wiggy [350] on 3 April 2017

Just finished my first show with this man, and I can say with certainty that I'll be back for more! Super friendly guy with an awesome body that is all about pleasing the other person and loves to talk! If you want a show with the hottest guy on here, look no further, he is the man for you.

Alex replied...
I do my best to make everyone happy and im glad you contacted me. Youre a great buy and i appreciate all of your support. The review and good words mean more than i can say. Thanks Matt, talk soon my man!

from tew20856 [135] on 9 February 2017

He is the total package. Nicest man to talk to, great looking, and perfect build. You won't be sorry buying a video from this handsome man. I wasn't. He's awesome

Alex replied...
Everyone that cams with me or buys a video plays an integral part of my success, not only in the gym, but overall as a person. So not only do i appreciate you buying a video, but i VERY MUCH appreciate you helping to build my reputation by leaving such a nice review for me.

from Ragabrel [570] on 3 February 2017

I just got another couple videos from Gaston. He's super friendly and easy to work with and made sure I got everything I asked for in the videos

Alex replied...
I want to say thank u for having multiple opportunities to work with you and do multiple videos for you. The support means more than i can say. i very much hope to hear from u soon.

from plh [425] on 2 February 2017

Just received a custom video and it was as good as it gets! Great guy to work with, great looking and actually listened to what I asked for! You won't be disappointed!!!

Alex replied...
i cant make everyone happy, but i sure am glad i succeeded with you! i appreciate u supporting me the way you have. without you i wouldnt be able to do what i do, so thank you! Hope to hear from u soon.

from Alimacx [1330] on 1 February 2017

Just got a vid off Gaston and he absolutely killed it - handsome, confident, friendly and with a body that would put most superheroes to shame (and one that he is peerless at showing off). A pleasure to deal with and a genuine nice guy, plus one of the best physiques in the game. A++++

Alex replied...
I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write me this nice review. Your support means more than i can say and Ill look forward to reconnecting again soon.

from qwigybo [170] on 28 January 2017

Yes, Gaston is back and better than ever!

Alex replied...
Thanks so much!! Im super happy to be back and stoked we were able to reconnect! see u soon!

from jngrand93 [305] on 28 January 2017

One word: Awesome!!! This guy is not only ripped, but he is down-to-earth and very easy to work with. Just ordered and received a custom video from him and it was everything I asked for and more. For anyone interested in muscle control, he can control just about every muscle he has. Definitely recommend this guy! Trust me, you won't be sorry!

Alex replied...
Jarohn Thanks a ton my man! i was super happy to film it for u! thanks for the support and taking your time to share your positive experience. Ill look forward to getting together again!

from smartone34 [70] on 8 November 2016

It took a while but I got a video from him it was amazing. He is very nice and accommodating and his physique is fantastic especially his arms chest and abs. Will definitely be buying more videos from him.

Alex replied...
I really appreciate the positive review. your support means a lot to me and ill look forward to getting together again! Hit me up anytime!

from videoguyri [5] on 19 July 2016

Always one 0f the best shows, he listens to requests and always aims to please. An amazing body, a nice guy and a true showman.

Alex replied...
Thank u soo much for taking your time to leave me positive feedback. Ill look forward to getting together again soon!

from Muscle Beach [148] on 14 May 2016

You look great! Add me on Skype pls. I sent u a request

Alex replied...
Thanks so much!! i approved all my requests so please message me and lets get together!

from xorne [333] on 25 January 2016

Great Guy! Performed exactly what I requested!! I'll be back for more!

Alex replied...
Thanks for the good words! Let me know when ur game for more since im recently back fulltime!

from XaviSato [5] on 10 January 2016

Sweet, Honest and Amazing Guy!

Alex replied...
This made me blush! Ill look forward to hearing from you soon! thanks so much!

from TightSpandex [50] on 16 December 2015

What a man! He's all man! Extremely friendly and very very open-minded. He's been away for awhile but is back now so a little patience may be needed because of back-log. 100% Positive feedback. I highly recommend. Rates are very reasonable. Thanks Gaston!

Alex replied...
Dude Mike it was great to connect with you! Thanks SO much for this review it means a lot to me that u went out of ur way for me! Lookking forward to our next show man! :)

from Coolmanrico [826] on 13 December 2015

Gaston has been away for quite awhile.Now he is back, bigger and better than ever. I wasted no time get a custom video from this big guy. My mouth dropped once the video started and this muscle god was in a puny white shirt with his muscles close to bursting out of it. So happy he is back, he's one of my favorite. He was actually the first muscle god I started buying from.

Alex replied...
Rico! i didnt even realize the below comment was yours! Much love to you man it feels great to be back and i appreciate your support and good words! thanks for this awesome review! Looking forward to doing many more for you! :)

from Jakester [1750] on 30 December 2014

Just received a video from Gaston. He looks AMAZING. He was gone for a while but now he is back and HE IS BETTER THAN EVER !!!!!!!! He looks GREAT !!!! He is the nicest guy, like talking to your best friend. He cares and takes pride in what he produces. Just first class all the way !!!! I am so glad he is back and feeling good. He says he is going to get even better. WOW !!! If it is possible, can't wait to see that. I will be getting many more videos from this great person. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you give him a try. You will NOT be disappointed.

Alex replied...
You went out of your way for me and i appreciate it very much!

from Jakester [1750] on 24 December 2014

Gaston is BACK !!!! He is great. The nicest guy, like a friend. Love just chatting with him. Always kind and caring and reliable. You can trust he will give you everything he's got and he always looks unbelievable. There is NO WAY this guy could get a negative review. He is the ultimate individual and muscle guy. I am thrilled he is back and re-energized . Give him a shot, you will love him. I just ordered 2 more videos and will get many more. I know him from way back, he has NEVER disappointed. I highly recommend him.

Alex replied...
All your support means more than i can say!

from honesternest [5] on 7 December 2014

sucks....still waiting for a answer.....

Alex replied...
Unfortunately life gets in the way at times and i haven'e made myself available to everyone on here. But honestly im flattered that out of ALLLL the guys on the site that u are so anxious to cam with me that u felt the need to hurt my reputation on here with a negative comment! Hopefully when we catch up in the near future that i deliver upon your expectations! To anyone else reading this review, please look to the multiple positive reviews with everyone that has actually conducted transactions with me! I do my best to keep everyone happy and deliver an awesome experience! Happy Holidays! :)

from xmen123 [156] on 17 October 2014

Just had my first show the big guy.


Asked me what I wanted to see and proceeded to knock my socks off by showing me exactly what I had asked for.

Great body, great attitude, great person.

we chatted for a few minutes and he is very personable.

Alex replied...
Thanks so much!! Im glad u enjoyed it! :)

from qwigybo [170] on 14 October 2014

I can't say enough good things about Gaston. Always in peak shape, handsome and with a terrific personality and willing to please. See for yourself!

Alex replied...
Thanks soo much for the nice review! The good words mean a lot to me! :)

from alaterra [2940] on 6 August 2014

First contacted him on 25.12.2013, payed for a custom video 13.01.2014 and still have not received my custom video. Very disappointing cause he looks so hot. Not sure if I am going to get a video after all

Alex replied...

from gotanycheesecake [5] on 6 July 2014

Asked for a video with no specific guidelines and he basically read my mind. Great guy and incredibly built. (And he really does have piercing blue eyes!)

Alex replied...
Awe thank u so much! Im glad u had a good experience with me! :)

from Coolmanrico [826] on 17 June 2014

Gaston is the Man! I've ordered three custom videos from him already and each has left me in awe. He's handsome, very friendly and has an amazing body which he knows all too well how to show off. I'm contacting him soon for video number four because he'll keep you coming back for more and more.


Alex replied...
Rico!!! ur awesome as always brother! Thanks a million for all ur support!

from Shawn_1978 [601] on 17 June 2014

I ordered a custom video from Gaston Muscle, in which I had him flex for me, in jeans and a tank top. All I can say is "Wow!"

Gaston totally exceeded my expectations as to what I was looking for in the video. When someone as good as him, can make the video even better than you imagined it, then you know the man is talented and good at what he does!

Gaston flexed every muscular pose to perfection, being very attentive to my favorite poses I wanted to see the most. As I watched, his muscles would flex and contract to the beat of the music he had playing in the background. That was very creative on his part and I loved that. And the dancing! Oh my god, I was not expecting to see a few sexy dance moves thrown in there too as he stripped out of the jeans, down to his briefs. Gaston is pure alpha male muscle at his finest! The man has very handsome looks, and sexy blue eyes, that light up the room! When I wasn't looking at his muscles, I was looking into his sexy blue eyes!

His body is massive and ripped with beautiful striations and vascularity, from head to toe. I could not take my eyes off of him! I felt like I was right there in the room with him, as he flexed and showed off his muscles!

It was clear, throughout the entire video, that Gaston truly enjoyed making it, and bringing my muscle worship fantasies to life. I will never forget his kindness and generosity. He has made me a fan for life! I hope to do more videos with Gaston with more creative ideas and sexy attire he can show off on his massive body for me!

Gaston, you are the absolute best, man! The world needs more sexy muscle men like you out there. You are both rich, in not just massive muscle, but amazing personality, as well!

Thank you so much for everything! I wish you much love and success as you go on with your bodybuilder career! You are the man! God Bless!

Very Respectfully,


Alex replied...
Thank you soo much for the nice review Shawn! Ur always great! :)

from marsman [135] on 13 June 2014

This guy is great and he really tries hard to please you and give you what you want for your custom video! You won't be disappointed.

Alex replied...
Thanks so much for the nice review!I do my best and im glad i made u happy! :)

from Jakester [1750] on 13 June 2014

Received another great video from Gaston. He is so honest and such a perfectionist . His videos are the best and he always aims to please. He makes sure you are totally satisfied with the product. Great person, like a friend. so easy to "talk" to. Just a down to earth all around outstanding individual in every way. He looks great and he acts great. So glad I contacted him way back when he first appeared on best flex. You will be to. Give this guy a try !!!
You will be back for more.

Alex replied...
Thanks so much for the nice words! means a lot to me u have such a good opinion of me! :)

from qwigybo [170] on 12 June 2014

This guy is incredible. Totally recommended!

Alex replied...
Thanks soo much for the good words and taking the time to post them! :)

from pekepab [10] on 11 June 2014

To sum this up with one word I'd say perfection! Every single muscle is where it has to be, such a flawless body but also a great personality. He does what u want and he does it in a super sexy and hot way. I bet he's the best one on this page!!!!

Alex replied...
AWWW this was so sweet! Im smiling really hard here :)

from qwigybo [170] on 8 June 2014

This guy has so many good reviews for a reason. Gaston is totally the man! Fantastic physique, a great showman, terrific personality, he ensures you get a satisfying show and is a heck of a nice guy and easy to do business with. Highly recommended!

Alex replied...
This review makes me really happy to read, as all of them do! love u guys! :)

from Sammael [1575] on 8 June 2014

Best shows ever, great personality, trustworthy and one hell of a body.

Alex replied...
YAY!! it feels so great to be back!!

from countryguy [5] on 8 June 2014

Nice guy, friendly, accomodating. Likes to please his audience as best he can.

Alex replied...
My goal is to make everyone happy! im so glad i was successful here! :)

from Jakester [1750] on 3 June 2014

I have known Gaston since he first appeared on best flex in October, 2013. He always delivers the goods. Just received my sixth custom video. He looks bigger and better than ever. And he is the most accommodating and nicest guys you will ever deal with. He works hard to please. He looks like superman. Polite, friendly and loyal to his customers. Can't say enough great things about him. I highly recommend him. Just chat with him and you will want to become a customer. Try him, you won't be sorry !!!!

Alex replied...
Your support has always meant a lot to me, and i appreciate u standing beind me since the beginning. means so much!

from Scots_hippie [5] on 2 June 2014

Gaston is the best guy on He is a great guy, down to earth and knows what his fans want. I have had cam shows and a few custom videos. They have been absolutely awesome. Great to see him back in action and I received my latest dose of Gaston Muscle with a custom video this morning. Keep up the excellent work Gaston, from your No.1 Fan :)

Alex replied...
YAY! Im happy ur happy! Your support means so much! :)

from Orophin320 [40] on 22 March 2014

I have just finished a cam show with Gaston, and I have to say that it was an amazing experience! Gaston is handsome, ripped, and full of high-quality muscle mass! He was extremely polite and accommodating to my desires. He checked in regularly to ensure I was enjoying myself, and he was more than willing to switch up his routine to fit my personal needs. The combination of a handsome face, insane muscular body, and first class personality will keep me coming back for more shows. I would recommend anyone with a love of rock hard muscles check Gaston out!

Alex replied...
Thanks SOOO much for rhe nice review! Ill look forward to our next show! :)

from Can I Feel Your Bicep [90] on 21 March 2014

Imagine.... for a second... that your best friend is the hottest muscle man on the planet. And what's more, if you ask nicely, he's more than happy to show off and flex. That would be pretty cool, right?

Well - that's what Gaston delivers. He's such a great guy, someone who you can imagine having a beer with, chatting to about anything and everything - a very close friend. But not only that, he's HOT! And muscular. And loves to show off. Could it get any better?!?!

Another recommendation from me.

Alex replied...
This was such an awesome review! Thanks so much for taking time to leave me this. It made me smile. :)

from Can I Feel Your Bicep [90] on 13 January 2014

Oh boy - does this hunk love to flex!

I was lucky enough to have my first show with Gaston yesterday, and I'll definitely be back for more. Good looking. Great to chat to. And amazing physique.

100% recommended.

Alex replied...
Thanks So much for taking your time to leave me such a nice review, ill look forward to camming with you again! :)

from DarioSupremeAngels [5] on 10 January 2014

You are very nice :)
You like me too !!!
Your muscle are very strong and your face is sweet.

Alex replied...
Thanks for the sweet compliments! Hope to cam with you again soon! :)

from Jakester [1750] on 24 December 2013

GREAT videos, GREAT guy , GREAT personality. Like chatting with a friend. Just keeps getting better and better. He is AMAZING ! I will be getting more videos from him in the future.
Just wanted to wish him HAPPY HOLIDAYS and the best of everything. THANKS for all the effort you put into your work.

Alex replied...
This was such a nice review! Made me smile really big! Thanks soo much! it really means a lot!

from msclelover [196] on 8 December 2013

Just had my first show with Gaston - absolutely amazing. He's just so huge and does not disappoint!

Alex replied...
Thanks sooo much! the good words all mean sooo much to me! I hope to hear from you soon!

from SteveShay10185 [625] on 8 December 2013

Holy shit, this guy is a GOD COME TO LIFE. What a great cam show he gave me. My head is still spinning. He's so aware of the effect he has on people, how to use it to turn our fantasies into reality. He is powerful and unstoppable. Super high quality video too. Do yourself a favor and setup a session with Gaston!

Alex replied...
Awww ur too sweet! Thanks for the awesome review! Im happy knowing i made u happy!

from jstevens [1545] on 8 December 2013

I just received a custom video from Gaston using his new high-def cam, and he looked awesome! The Big Man went out of his way to find out just what I wanted and provided a great custom video.

Alex replied...
Yay! i had fun making it! Hope to hear from you again soon!

from PAMuscleLover [271] on 8 December 2013

Just had a flex session on Skype with him. SUPER nice guy, really loved flexing for me. We also talked and he made me feel really comfortable. If you ever get the chance, get a session with him. You WON'T be disappointed!!

Alex replied...
Thanks soo much for the nice words! I really enjoyed camming and meeting you! :)

from supermuscleworship [80] on 24 November 2013

I ordered a custom video from Gaston.
He's a very nice, cooperative guy. Very easy to work with. He likes to make sure that you actually get what you're paying for and man did I get it! The man's very handsome, huge and built like tank! He has an amazing, cocky personality in the video, exactly as I asked to.
I'm very pleased, thanks Gaston, you're amazing!

Alex replied...
Thanks so much for the nice review!! Means a lot u went out of your way for me.

from DoonB [4167] on 21 November 2013

Gaston is the real deal. So easy to work with, a genuinely great guy. Pure gold and worth every penny.

Alex replied...
Doon! Hey man we always have fun in our convos and videos!! I always like hearing from u and filming your vids! :)

from magnetbo [5] on 17 November 2013

Gaston made a custom video for me and delivered on all fronts. It is great! Easy to work with, great stud! I'll be ordering another video soon!

Alex replied...
Thanks Magnetbo! Im looking forward to your next ideas for the next video!

from Jakester [1750] on 16 November 2013

Just got another video of Gasto. LOVE THIS GUY !! Couldn't be more friendly. He puts so much effort and intensity into everything you can actuality see it , hear it and feel it. He is so nice, like talking to your brother. Trustworthy, honest and looks AWESOME. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. You will love him !!

Alex replied...
Thanks for the well thought out and awesome review! My reputation is important to me and im soo glad you've enjoyed the experience!

from DoonB [4167] on 15 November 2013

If you haven't had a show from Gaston yet, you need to contact him now now now! Amazing flexer and great personality, he's the cameras best friend too.

Alex replied...
Thanks a mil Doon! ive even had people come to me for vids as a direct referral from you! means a lot to me! :)

from Alimacx [1330] on 11 November 2013

Gaston is a really great guy to deal with - friendly and accommodating and eager to show off the results of all his hard work. And what results - his pictures don't do him justice! Awesome arms, amazing pecs and a stupendous set of wheels are just a few of the highlights of this awesome physique! Definitely be getting more off him in future!

Alex replied...
Thanks for the awesome review!! Ill look forward to camming with you more!

from rolling [65] on 10 November 2013

Show was top notch. Incredible physique, incredible face. Very attentive to what I wanted to see and obviously enjoys this work. Couldn't believe it when I saw his profile and you can't beat a name like Gaston!

Alex replied...
Awe thanks!! I love camming and im glad its appreciated and u noticed! :)

from jstevens [1545] on 9 November 2013

Just received a custom vid from Gaston, and it was even better than the cam show! He's a genuinely nice guy who really goes out of his way to figure out what you want and then delivers an incredible muscle worship experience.

Alex replied...
Thanks for the nice review! I had fun with our video! :) see u soon

from smalltownwyo [125] on 7 November 2013

I've only had one show, but it the best show I've ever had. He's amazing, very muscular and super nice too. So all those make it a good show, a very sexy show.

Alex replied...
Awe that was super nice of you to say! :) thanks for the good words and review. Means a lot to me! I have fun and im glad u did too! :)

from Jakester [1750] on 5 November 2013

Got a second video. This guy is awesome, great physique, great personality and very friendly. He is really concerned with having everything perfect. Great experience, great guy.

Alex replied...
Im glad everything came together so well for our videos! I had a great time working your wants into the video!

from DoonB [4167] on 5 November 2013

Agree with everything said. Totally awe inspiring and huge, great guy to deal with.

Alex replied...
Thanks DoonB!

from 4dommuscle [15] on 4 November 2013

Hot Guy and very friendly. Don't miss him......

Alex replied...
Thanks so much! Im glad we connected here!

from jstevens [1545] on 4 November 2013

Great Cam show - Big, quality muscle and he has fun flexing!

Alex replied...
Thanks for the good review! means a lot!

from Jakester [1750] on 4 November 2013

I got a custom video from him. He is honest and he really tries to do the best he can for you down to the last detail. He is a good person, high character, very easy to work with. I has been an enjoyable experience. Not to mention, he looks GREAT !!!!
I already ordered a second video and plan to follow his progress to his next contest. Great Guy !!!!

Alex replied...
Sooo glad you liked the videos! I enjoyed making it and glad we connected here!

from Matt89Collins [5] on 1 November 2013

He is amazing and so nice person!! do try get him on cam, it would so worth it!! Everything about his muscle, good looks, and aesthetics is perfect and spot on! i will be back for more!

Alex replied...
Thanks soo much! Im glad i didnt disappoint you! Looking forward to giving another show!

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