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22, 190cm (6'3"), 100kg (220 lbs)

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from IMJ009 [1035] on 15 September 2018

Alexander delivers premium quality videos exactly how you ordered them, but better! He is very open & friendly, and most important he is trustworthy. Awesome physique, handsome face; worth every penny ;)

from petemac [525] on 29 May 2018


Posted at

After a number of great cam shows with Alexander, I requested my first custom video. Glad I did! He did a great job and fulfilled all my asks. Excellent performer and full of premium muscle!

from bobby [1975] on 7 March 2018


Alexander Steel cumshows are the greatest~

Alexander Steel replied...
thanks bob

from bobby [1975] on 7 March 2018


Awesome private camshow!

from Trueheart75 [219] on 7 February 2018

I did a video with Alexander awhile ago and he was awesome!!! Super professional and the custom video was made in a day, would love to see him in a gstring. His best feature is his face and that ass

from Dotchie [286] on 13 January 2018

Over some months, I had several videos from this great man. He really knows how to turn you on. The videos were not delivered very fast, but it was easy to see he enjoyed himself in making them, as did I watching them. Highly recommended.

from musclelvr [145] on 7 January 2018

Made me some custom videos and did a wonderful job he knows how to dominate and take control . Paul

from grant1 [75] on 3 December 2017

Guy is beautiful but screwed me over on a recent vid, never delivered. Pretty, but unprofessional. Disappointing it took so long to get other vids delivered from him. Would have loved to be a regular but I don't have the patience to wait for weeks on end.

Alexander Steel replied...
Sorry, problem has been fixed now.

from BDson [246] on 30 September 2017

Not only does he have a great body and face, he's genuinely a nice guy. Has limits and makes those clear up front. One of the top 3 on this site.

Alexander Steel replied...
Thank you very much buddy - appreciate the honesty! :) x

from petemac [525] on 11 August 2017

Great cam show with this muscle stud. Fulfilled my requests happily. His biceps are awesome! I can see myself becoming addicted to worshiping this total Alpha Male!

Alexander Steel replied...
You are the man!!!! x

from drew32 [382] on 31 May 2017

just had my first show with this stud and he is very hot! He knew how to guide the show to find out what turned me on and once he did, he took control. Very sexy, knows how to turn you on and delivers a great show. Definitely glad to have connected with him.

from ywtbo [75] on 2 May 2017

Ordered a custom vid and delivered in record time. Thanks once again mate ;)

Alexander Steel replied...
You are welcome :)

from aaff34 [70] on 29 March 2017

Hey BM its kai8466 from skype - stay away from this model, Sent funds through his website for a cam show but he was not available so we agreed on custom vids instead. Haven’t received anything waited for him for 6 hours going back and forth. At this point he may chose to or not send me what we agreed on. Until then here’s a screenshot of how the ordeal went…

Alexander Steel replied...
Sorry about this, it has all been sorted now :) Thanks for your honesty mate

from bennyshazz [170] on 12 February 2017

Had a wonderful experience! Got a high quality video delivered fast and was amazing to watch! I can't thank this muscle god enough. I will be back for sure!

from ozmstud [50] on 28 January 2017

Caught up with this amazing muscle man mountain while he was passing through Singapore. Had to awesome muscle worship sessions on consecutive days. He has a great British sense of humour and as we wrestled (I actually defeated him in one match --- yes the Aussie can defeat the Pommie) we both laughed and enjoyed ourselves. Get to know him and you'll have the most accommodating muscle worship session! 12 out of 10. Spectacular 💪 🏆

from ywtbo [75] on 16 January 2017

Please ignore my previous review - I was apprehensive at first as I ended up with a corrupt file and thought I'd been had.

This guy immediately got in contact with me and corrected the whole thing. He resent the vid and it was perfect!!

The custom vid was exactly as instructed. Not to mention his cocky self came across perfect.
Defo recommend and follow his instructions above about ordering!
Thanks again !!

from lovemuscle.14 [20] on 7 January 2017

This young English guy is perfect , commanding voice outstanding looks and body soon I will be booking a real live meeting with him awesome lad

from Davelondonlad [70] on 2 January 2017

BMM is a real dominant and incredibly sexy man. Pure perfection always giving great shows.

from iestyn [94] on 2 January 2017

I bought a customised vid from Blonde Muscle Master. His performing of the role play I outlined was perfect, his body is fantastic - and he really took care to get things right and to deliver the video on time. Just great!

from DoonB [2818] on 7 December 2016

I spoke too soon. After buying a few videos I'm still waiting on my last for a couple of months. No responses from Luke to emails etc.

Alexander Steel replied...
All sorted now, sorry about that buddy!

from DoonB [2818] on 9 October 2016

Had a few videos from Luke over the years, he's a huge guy, great to deal with and delivers some excellent videos.

from slave4muscle1 [695] on 7 October 2016

Finally had a cam show with Luke and it was well worth the wait! Tall, strong, sexy ... and so damn handsome. Amazing alpha muscle that loves to show off and be worshipped.

from alaterra [1610] on 1 October 2016

I have finally made contact with the genuine guy as he is absolutley kind and great and we have made an arrangement to sort it all out.

from Huntsmuscle [45] on 28 September 2016

Luke has produced some really stunning videos for me in the last month he's well worth contacting. I have been dealing with him for three years now. Make sure you use the right skype address without the dot at the end. Luke will always provide a preview if asked..

from hypnopowerman [615] on 20 September 2016

Enjoyed working with Luke. He completed two custom role play videos for me and did not disappoint me with his acting. He loves what he does and he wants to please his fans. Very open minded and easy to communicate with. Highly recommended!

from Rackfan [690] on 26 July 2016

Have only recently discovered Luke and have had several cam shows now...the fact I have had several means yes, I go back for more. He is a stunningly handsome young guy, an incredible body and is very engaging with clients. He strikes lovely poses, both close up and from further away so you can see his stunning physique all over. I think he is just wonderful and highly recommend him.

from xxxmanxxx [1535] on 25 July 2016

Good guy, very nice and accommodating, very good show, highly recommended.

from Sammael [1215] on 13 July 2016

Great guy, amazing looks and jaw-dropping physique. Really easy to work with.

from tew20856 [130] on 11 September 2015

one good looking young man! great build and looks. Hope to see more videos of him.

from Huntsmuscle [45] on 5 July 2015

Been having custom vids from Luke for some time now and just got another. Excellent quality and just what I wanted he delivers every time. Muscled tanned and stunning really hits every pose just right. No hesitation recommending him.

from DBs [9566] on 25 July 2014

Unfortunately, i
I have to agree with "M.". Luke has changed and not for the best. I have done many cams with him in the past, but for some reason he became untrustworthy. Beware!

from DBs [9566] on 8 January 2014

Had another great show with Luke! Awesome man, bigger and ripped with huge chest and amazing washboard abs! Highly recomended!

from mario1 [10] on 8 January 2014

You'll not find a nicer muscle boy than Luke! His body is awesome, he knows how to show it off and watching it glisten as he drips baby oil down it really is the tease of all teases lol.
I totally recommend. You won't be disappointed.

from Thad [5] on 3 December 2013

I have had several cam shows from guys, over several years, but Muscleboy1000 has them beat - hands down. Not only is he tall, solid, well-proportioned, cocky, clever and confident, but that accent....delightful! I have had the pleasure of live shows, vids and general chatting, and I will tell you this for certain - you will not walk away disappointed! Let him know what you like, how you like it, and what you want (within reason, of course) and you'll be thrilled with the adventure. I know I have - every time!

from DBs [9566] on 1 November 2013

Good shows. Always willing to please.

Alexander Steel replied...
Thank you for the comment :)

from nak9 [239] on 14 July 2013

He's truly amazing. Perfect muscles!

Alexander Steel replied...
Thank you :)

from DBs [9566] on 3 March 2013

Good show and nice guy.

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Age 22
Height 190cm (6'3")
Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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