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Aesthetics boy. Muscle god.

22, 185cm (6'1"), 93kg (205 lbs)

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from coolio00 [520] on 1 November 2019

Still no video, still no reply, completely silent and I really don't understand at all why :/ Great in the past but now not at all.

from coolio00 [520] on 16 October 2019

A shame I have to write this. ordered a video about a month ago when Andrew was in trouble and needed help. I paid a good amount of money for a video request that was accepted, but now since then I have not received it and he has not made any contact with me at all. Don't know what has changed but I'm really disappointed to have to write it.

from lesliehwl [2165] on 19 April 2019

Prob one of the most handsome guys here. Nice, friendly, willing to please the customers, delivered all the requests. A total package.
Had done several shows with him and all of them are great. I kept coming back too

from sfo13m [6061] on 2 February 2019

I recently ordered a custom video from Andrewfitness. He is in muscle-gain mode and is nearly 100 kg | 220 lbs. He has done a great job building up his already great physique.

In addition, Andrew is a friendly guy and trustworthy, both nice traits to see in cam models.

I have been a fan of Andrew, and I am always extremely pleased with the custom videos he makes for me. I definitely continue to recommend him.

from Drippy_ [245] on 28 January 2019


Andrew is absolutely STUNNING! I had a great experience with him, he is very polite, kind, and super responsive. I purchased a custom video from him, and he followed EVERY single instruction I gave him and more! Also, his prices are very reasonable and affordable. He looks just as good as he does in his pictures, if not better. I definitely recommend Andrew, he is the full package, and you won't be disappointed. Thanks again Andrew you are amazing! :)

from plh [355] on 21 November 2018

Working with Andrew is easy as he is great to talk to and delivers what he promises. I Just received my first video and it was better than I expected. Every detail I requested was listened to and added to the video. Pictures do not do justice to how handsome and fit Andrew is.

from sfo13m [6061] on 13 October 2018

I have bought several custom videos from Andrew. I have been very happy with all of them. Andrew has a beautiful physique; my favorites are abs, chest, and legs.

Also, he is a nice, friendly, professional guy, making it easy to do business with him.

from sfo13m [6061] on 1 September 2018

I ordered another custom flexing video from Andrew. I am very happy with the result.

I enjoy seeing his biceps, legs, and abs. Overall, though, he has built a beautiful, aesthetic physique that inspires me in my own workouts.

from coolio00 [520] on 27 August 2018

Very very easy to deal with, responsive, and treats his best customers well ;)

from maxwellmuscl [45] on 26 August 2018

i just finished a cam session with andrew--and he's great. no problems with getting in contact with him, and he's a sweetheart. the body is totally on point, flawless skin. very rarely does someone so fit and handsome have a winning smile, but andrew's got it all.

Andrewfitness replied...
Thank you so much. We will do another soon????

from gstadt [60] on 26 August 2018

This was my show with Andrew.. He is amazing!!! Great smile plus awesome muscles. He did all I asked of him. He looks great... I'm going to have many more shows I am sure... Can't wait for the next time we meet.

Andrewfitness replied...
Thank you so much!! Im glad if you enjoyed my show.

from Fzpanda [950] on 21 August 2018

Requested a custom video from Andrew. He screwed it up, but offered to rectify the situation by giving me a discount on my 2nd video. When I did approach him for 2nd video, he was no longer willing to honor his promise and price. Not a trustworthy guy.

Andrewfitness replied...
I dont undertand you

from Om74 [1000] on 14 August 2018

Wow der Mann ist echt super. Seine Muskelshow war genial. Seine durchtrainierten Füsse. Die azsgeprägte starke Brust. Sein 8pack woow. Die starken Arme die definierte Schulter. Sein Lachen und seine heisse Zone. Einfach genial perfekt. Ich bin ganz hin und weg und freu mich auf einen nächsten starken aber sympatischen Auftritt. Krasser schöner Mann und Körper. Woow

Andrewfitness replied...
Danke Schone

from bigone14 [7210] on 12 August 2018

I just got a custom video from Andrew. It was amazing. You can really tell that he wants you to enjoy the show so he puts a lot of effort into it. Also let's be honest he's really good looking and when he smiles its even better. I definitely plan on ordering more videos from him in the future.

Andrewfitness replied...
The party was food!!!thanks and let me know if you would again.

from inmovie89 [2635] on 9 August 2018

amazing show with this man :)
very responsive and professional !

from Neal [730] on 9 August 2018

Just had another wonderful show with Andrew. He is hot and ripped and friendly. Knows how to make you happy.

from VentusHeart [686] on 5 July 2018

I've just had my first customed video with AndrewFitness and i absolutely love it!!! The guy is maybe the nicest i've ever dealt with, he was very enthousiastic and he made a really great performance.

Physically, Andrew looks like a mix of the most iconic Calvin Klein models: he's tall, he has the perfect male facial features, his quads are super thick and his biceps are huge.

Through the video, he always shares a large and honest smile with you: he seems really love stripping down for you... I never saw someone that excited about a show!!!
He serves sensual moves from the beginning to the end, he's always seductive and gives you everything you want.

Like i said above, this God on Earth has an incredible personnality: he's upbeat, open minded and extremely friendly.

I recommended some guys but Andrew is something else... He's a full package <3

from surfahripz16 [982] on 26 June 2018

Andrew iz a busy dude so it was a while before we were both on skype at the same time. Asked him if he would do a "intro" flexing vid, sent him our agreed upon payment, and he instantly skyped me. Hez very solid, totally in love with his body, n serious about entering his 1st BB contest. Check him out n watch his progress.

from sfo13m [6061] on 6 June 2018

I ordered another custom video from Andrew. He is handsome and a nice person with whom to do business.

He loves to flex his aesthetic and muscular body. I enjoyed the results of his work.

I will definitely buy more videos from him.

Andrewfitness replied...
Next one?hehe Thanks man . Im happy ! Kiss

from sfo13m [6061] on 4 April 2018

After buying Andrew's videos on TBF, I decided to contact him for a custom flexing video.

Andrew is a nice and a good person to do business with. We discussed the details, and he delivered the video as he had promised.

Andrew, as seen in his videos, has an amazing physique. I was impressed with his leg development and overall aesthetics.

I will definitely contact him for more custom videos in the future.

from coolio00 [520] on 6 March 2018

Another video, another 5 star review. If you haven't checked him out yet shame on you because he is perfect!

from coolio00 [520] on 2 March 2018

Perfection. Absolute perfection. Easy to communicate with and does incredible videos. He's a keeper.

from Samson71 [710] on 26 February 2018

Superstrong360!! Where to start with this Muscle God! First off his new bicep video is amazing. It's one thing to have big muscles, but it's another thing to have the alpha personality and swagger to take the experience to a whole new level. Mission accomplished here. Plus he's a really chill guy to talk to on this guy and look forward to more amazing videos. One of the top guys on this site. :)

from jakeandrews [150] on 25 February 2018

Stunning body, amazing personality, and gorgeous smile. I loved the show he gave and was very willing to do what I asked. He went beyond what I ask and I would do another show with him soon. His pecs, abs, legs, biceps, all his body was perfect! He knows how to please the client and it was a pleasure watching him show off his massive young body. Everyone should try and have him for a show or video. Thank you Andrew!

from SteveShay10185 [395] on 13 February 2018

Great cam show with him, he looks even better than his photos -- so tall, so sculpted, so deserving of worship. He is very hot and knows how to show off his perfect body.

from ray4710 [2829] on 21 January 2018

Just got my first video of Andrew and he is one well built man, well proportioned and amazing aesthetics, great smile and knows how to flex and shgow off his muscles...Highly recommend!

from GSmith [145] on 30 December 2017

Amazing show, very accommodating. Great guy, impeccably polite and willing. He is massive too which is really hot.

from solarwingae [65] on 19 December 2017

Where to start. When he first appeared, I was very skeptical and curious at the same time. I finally took the chance to have a show done. The video quality is excellent! Details pop out and show how well this guy is built. He was awesome and accommodated what I asked for. He displayed a 10 out of 5 stars showing. I cannot wait to have another show done by him. :-)

from garsbuffoon [150] on 11 December 2017

Usually when a profile is new, I wait until it has some reviews. For some reason, I went ahead and add this guy. We had a nice interaction that lead to a cam show off.

He has a smile that bring good aroma like the smell of a perfume (if I can put it this way). I was glad that he like the cam show off experience. I definitely would come back for him.

from xxxmanxxx [1790] on 10 December 2017

Just had a great show with Andrew, he is a nice and honest guy, highly recommended.

Andrewfitness replied...
Thank you so much. ????????????

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Age 22
Height 185cm (6'1")
Weight 93kg (205 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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