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26, 180cm (5'11"), 104kg (229 lbs)

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Armando has 54 reviews.

from TheEternalLegend [654] on 4 July 2019

Holy Christ, I think I died and went to heaven multiple times watching the video I requested from Armando. Everything was perfect! Your flexes are really unique and sexy, loved them! Thank you so much! I’ll definitely come back for more. 10/10.

Armando replied...
Thank you very much;)Welcome!!!

from Dennis [5] on 25 June 2019

Amando is a great guy organ and credible body very friendly and nice alpha muscle highly recommended . The Cam show was amazing

Armando replied...

from steveej004 [460] on 21 June 2019

Amazing guy. Incredible body. Very quick to respond and he makes incredible videos. What a great Alpha. Friendly easy to work with quick to deliver. Dont miss out. He is a great guy.

Armando replied...
Thanks a lot. It's always nice when the work is appreciated

from DeputyDawg [560] on 16 June 2019

WOW what a great show !!!!!

Sure he has the body and knows how to show it off for his client. But he has an amazing friendly no attitude personality. These qualities make for a good show and will get me to come back again.

Thanks for a great show !!! You look amazing !!!

Armando replied...
Thank you very much ;)

from aixois1978 [105] on 5 June 2019

Rectification on my previous review, i have received the video and it was very good ! Very muscular as on the pics, thank you ! I had no news during those 3 weeks so i supposed you had forgotten me.

Armando replied...
It's okay;)No problems )

from aixois1978 [105] on 30 May 2019

DISAPOINTING, after 2 weeks, no answer, i paid for a custom video, and after just 2 mails nothing more. He said the video is ready for today but it was 2 weeks ago.

Armando replied...
Hey, I said I'm having some personal problems right now.I'll send you a video,I really made it when I told you about it, just circumstances are preventing me.

from Manvers.16 [215] on 12 May 2019



from Manvers.16 [215] on 26 April 2019

'Small cock'???!!!
the man is a STUD

Armando replied...

from muscleboylover [35] on 25 April 2019

Big guy but with a very small cock! :(

Armando replied...
LOL!! God grant you health :)

from Azmodan [126] on 22 April 2019

Another custom video. That guy is on the right track to get massively huge and ripped. Video was breathtakingly hot!
Always nice to make business with him and will be back for more!

Armando replied...
Thanks my dear ????

from Fzpanda [775] on 12 April 2019

Bought another custom video from Armando. Amazing guy and amazing video.

Armando replied...
Always happy you :)

from Azmodan [126] on 30 March 2019

I just love this guy. The video he made for me was just breathtakingly awesome! Huge muscles flexing in a perfect light, hot face and the will to get bigger! Just imagine him in two years from now on, driving me crazy!
Will definitely come back for more.

Armando replied...

from EthanTK [699] on 16 March 2019

Absolutely awesome muscle God. Huge muscles, huge body and very professional, now looked better with his new camera you can enjoy more his muscles. Fully recommended.

Armando replied...
Thank you bro !!

from littlelunch [4574] on 3 March 2019

Armando delivered a seconded awesome custom, he is extremely easy to deal with, and really takes great effort to produce a well thought out video that will have you coming back for more.

He is an handsome muscle stud with the best butt on BestFlex lol!

Many thanks for a great video my friend x

Armando replied...
Thank you very much my friend;)

from alain6901 [1817] on 20 February 2019

To start with, he is very friendly, reliable, easy to communicate and work with.
His physique is really amazing and he delivers quite quickly.
His custom video is a real pleasure to watch.
I recommend him 100%.

Armando replied...
Thak you my friend!

from gigator39 [155] on 12 February 2019

It's pretty rare that I buy a second video back to back but I was so impressed by the first video I got from Armando that I had to get another. Second video even better than the first. Not only does Armando look great, he's truly one of the easiest guys to work with here. He understood exactly what I wanted and he was clearly very interested in making sure the video met my expectations. It turned out even better than I expected. It's clear why he has so many 5 star reviews. A++.

Armando replied...
Thank you very much my friend!Always happy to help ;)

from lesliehwl [2135] on 9 February 2019

I love this guy! Prob the most friendly guy on the site here. Ordered a custom video- He was very patiently to work our details out (I have a long list of requests and I know I am not easy lol)... and he delivers!
Such a handsome stud, amazing body. That biceps/forearms are HUGE... what a real muscle dream come true.
Already thinking to order a second one. Thanks again!!!

Armando replied...
Thank you very mouth ;)

from gigator39 [155] on 8 February 2019

Wow. I don't know what to say about Armando. I ordered a custom video from him which I received only a few hours later. We had some difficulties with payment as we didn't have any of the same payment services active. Thankfully he was very cool while we figured it out. Very professional and prompt delivery. The video is amazing. Exactly what i asked for. He understood what i wanted and really exceeded my expectations in terms of the performance. He offered to make a follow up and i definitely plan to take him up on it. 5 stars++. Highly recommended!

Armando replied...
Thank you very mouth:)I'm glad you appreciated it .

from not4you27 [186] on 14 December 2018

Purchased my first custom video from Armando this week. Wow...amazing body, this guy has the perfect physique. His communication was swift & polite. He gave me exactly the video I asked for & he was eager to ensure I was completely happy. Fast delivery of video also, no hassle. This Russian man is a God !! I highly recommend.

Armando replied...

from TillXXX [465] on 27 November 2018

I did not have a good experience with him. I paid on Sunday for my video and heard nothing back!

Armando replied...
Hi.I have no debts at the expense of the video ,I always otprovlyayut video after the payment of my client.If you have any pretensions, I always go to a meeting .Email me on my email about your order and I'm always ready to make or redo a video.Thank you.

from Fzpanda [775] on 25 November 2018

There was a delay in the delivery of the video at first, but he made it up with super good quality video. Recommended.

Armando replied...
Thank you my friend:)

from Dido13 [130] on 21 November 2018

Just had a show with armando and i can just say that this guy is amazing with a great physique and a very nice attitude! I highly recommend him!

Armando replied...
Thank you man!

from debonaire1978 [570] on 20 November 2018

Armando did a role play video for me and did everything I asked. He's a great performer. He was easy to work with and delivered on time. The video quality was great and as you can see from his pictures his body is amazing.

Armando replied...
Thank you sir;)

from DoonB [3138] on 19 November 2018

Huge strength athlete, he'll awe you with his size and power. Great guy!

Armando replied...
Thank you

from ikat123 [60] on 9 November 2018

He literally has the best customer service out of any cam show performer I have experienced. The fact that he is willing to do a long preview of you explaining what you expect of him for a custom video, shows how genuine he truly is. Armando goes beyond the call of duty to see to it that you are satisfied with what you are receiving. We're definitely doing business again. Plus, his prices are reasonable and great.

Armando replied...
Thank you very mouth my dear;)

from surfahripz16 [667] on 2 November 2018

There are BBs who love the camera, but the cam seldom do them justice. Then there are BBs who love the cam and the camera loves them back. In Armando's case, he is one of the lucky few whom the cam loves back!

He has both the massive body and the classic face that exudes raw sexuality to be the cover model of a health-fitness magazine. In fact, I am sure that one day I will be saying to my jealous friends, "I know that supermodel on the cover."

What I like most about him is that he is open-minded and non-judgmental: he likes fans of all races, ages, cultures, and sexual orientation. And he is genuinely friendly, honest, and accommodative of fan requests (within reason).

Consider yourself lucky -- I do -- if he accepts you as one of his valued clients and takes you on a physical and sexual journey that only a camera that loves its subject can provide.

Armando replied...
Thank my dear friend:)

from DoonB [3138] on 23 October 2018

Wow! This guy is a true strength athlete. Bought a couple of videos from him already and he will blow you away with his strength, power and huge size!

Armando replied...
:)amazing Thank you!

from DoonB [3138] on 17 October 2018

Damn! This guy is absolutely massive! Great video from him.

Armando replied...
Thank you man

from djmuscleflex [14615] on 16 October 2018

My first experience with Armando and it was perfect. Nailed what I wanted in my scene and in fact improved upon it. His pictures don't do him justice and that back tattoo is a work of art. When he flexes his back, that tattoo just enhances the muscles. He did something unexpected in the video that made the video even more perfect and pumped up his muscles. !!!! Nice man to work with. !!!

Armando replied...
Thank you sir ! Always a pleasure . :)

from GeoLaise [425] on 10 October 2018

I can't get enough of Armando!!! I love his custom videos that he does for me. He doesn't mind showing off his prowess! I ask for specifics and he goes above and beyond my expectations and he makes sure I am satisfied. I love his quick "turn-around" time: usually within 24 hours or the next day. He is, by far, the "Best Kept Secret" of! I would advise anyone who wants to see some real muscle, real power and real flexing for your wildest fantasies, to get in touch with Armando. Better hurry guys!: I get the impression that this rising star may not be available in the near future. Thanks Armando!!! I'm one of your satisfied customers.

Armando replied...
Thank you my dear friend !

from jakeandrews [150] on 10 October 2018

I had the most amazing show ever. I have done plenty of shows but this was my best ever. What a body! Those pecs are something to die for. His muscles and that ass! Oh wow! I'm speechless. He also have a reasonable price for the show. I love the show and would definitely be back for more!!!

Armando replied...
Thank you sir :)

from pod_rick [1090] on 5 September 2018

Should have made this review months ago as I promised him, really really REALLY good! I ordered a custom video from him and he made everything exactly as I asked and delivered so fast! Incredible body and just great to order from. Just keep in mind he might sell your custom elsewhere as he did mine, I don't really mind but it was a bit surprising!

Armando replied...
Thanks sir, always a pleasure.

from hypnopowerman [635] on 13 August 2018

Just got my custom role play video from Armando and I was absolutely floored by how great he made it. I usually try to keep expectations low when working with new models so imagine my surprise finding Armando go above and beyond for me. Armando obviously looks great but what sets him apart for me was his humility and desire to deliver a high quality service. He lets his work speak for itself and is highly professional and a clear communicator. Already collaborating with Armando on next custom video request. Hope you give him a chance to impress you as well.

Armando replied...
Thank you very much, I'm glad that you appreciated :)

from pomona [1610] on 9 August 2018

I just purchased another custom video from Armando and, as well as the others I bought before, I was not disappointed at all. On the contrary, I am more than satisfied with this new work, where he records his back training in the gym.As in other workout videos, he performs some exercises by increasing the weight gradually and at other times he performs a circuit of 3 different exercises, without stopping for a rest, many times. His back is very strong therefore his back training is hard and he try to reach the perfection.
This attractive young bodybuildler and athlete, has an exceptional body. Besides, he is an honest person who maintains a personalized and friendly attention to their customers. He is also capable of filming anything you propose to him. From a workout or poses video in the gym to the deepest fantasies you may have, Armando is always well willing to please you and put the best of him to get a good video.
And everything is shoot in full high definition, for a reasonable price.
Since the beginning of July 2018 up to now I have been buying videos on request from Armando and will continue to do so, as long as he goes on selling them. Please, do not miss this opportunity: he is the best I have seen on this website in many years, simply a real breath of fresh air.

Armando replied...
Thank you My dear

from Francis [730] on 9 August 2018

Just got another amazing custom video from Armando. He is SO INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Armando replied...
Thank you ;)

from gsplover [617] on 5 August 2018

Recently purchased some videos from Armando. This guy is so sexy, and what makes it even better, is that he doesn't seem to know (refreshing!). Got one vid with his new nipple clamps and it made me want to climb into the viewing screen!
Highly recommended!!!

Armando replied...
Thanks a lot

from Francis [730] on 2 August 2018

WOW all I can say is WOW, one of the best custom videos I have ever received from Armando. His body is absolute perfection - lean, rippes, huge and powerful. He did everything I asked to a tee, and was very communicative with me. That is honestly one of the best things about him - he is such a nice guy, honest and open and seems to genuinely care about making his clients happy. I couldn't recommend him enough, 100% stars. Definitely will come back even more of our request

Armando replied...
Thank you sir ;)

from muscledome [225] on 31 July 2018

Great!!! Great!!! Great!!! .. Everything about this guy is Great!!! He is Kind and very cool guy!!! i request a custom and camshow and he is on top of everything !! i love this guy!!! he is more hansome in custom and camshow????..

Armando replied...
Thank you my frends

from kevin maximus [20] on 30 July 2018

I ordered a custom video. This Guy is huge and muscular and he is a fighter. The boxing fight was great. Can't wait to see Armando in action again

Armando replied...
Thank you man ;)

from Francis [730] on 29 July 2018

Armando is magnificent. he is a mountain of muscle. I bought a sex videos which he did just did it yesterday, the video just one word to describe, WOW and just amazing, just so how lucky of that girl having sex with Armando. If you are the fans of Armando just go ahead to bought that video from him, you will not be disappointed. Professional and fast delivery, probably one of the best performers at TBF . Fully recommended.I will be back for many more show & custom videos. Thanks Armando.

Armando replied...
Thanks buddy !!

from alaterra [1760] on 27 July 2018

Just brought first custom video from Armando and he was simply amazing. Easy to communicate with and produce top quality video. Thank you Armando

Armando replied...
No problems ;) Thank you !

from Francis [730] on 24 July 2018

Just bought my second video from this Young Muscle Alpha! He is incredible, getting better & better each day and knows how to flex! His body is amazing, ripped & in good shape condition. Fast delivery within an hour. i will definitely come back for more for sure.

Armando replied...
Thank you :) You're the best .

from muscleboylover [35] on 22 July 2018

Simply perfect in everything! 10.. 20... 100 stars!! Don’t lose the opportunity to do a show with him! He’s not only beautiful and hot but also a very nice guy!

Armando replied...
Thanks a lot

from alex_28 [551] on 5 July 2018

I bought my first video from this hunky muscleGOD and I loved it! This guy is friendly, easy to deal with. He has a very muscular and perfect sculpted body, big biceps, quads, pecs, back you name it! And the way he moves and flex..oh man..This was my first but not my last video from this King :)

Armando replied...
Thank you !!)

from muscledome [225] on 4 July 2018

I just bought a custom video from Armando!! He gets the vids done and sent faster!! i also enjoyed chatting with him!! i was very detailed in my requests and he nailed it!!!.I ordered torture video as well.. those muscles are to die for.He's a gorgeous guy and He's got a killer body that he loves showing off .He has great personality and kind and cool and respectful unlike some of our models here!. He’s kinda new here in this website so take advantage of him while he is still not famous.. hahaha . he is Russian hunk so i used google translate to give the details of my request! will definitely order more! 5 stars is not enough...!!

Armando replied...
Thank you sir )

from Shiwa [88] on 4 July 2018

Huge guy, great character. The video I ordered was breathtakingly awesome. I fell in love with those massive pecs. Can't wait to see more! Highly recommended!

Armando replied...
Thank you boy :)

from robero1975 [290] on 29 June 2018

Just had a camshow, with Armando. Transaction was smooth. His body is amazing, posing was great and I really enjoyed. Reccomended.

Armando replied...
Thank you ;)

from freezer [320] on 28 June 2018

This man is super hot with amazing muscles and a butt to die for. Knows how to flex.

Armando replied...
Thank you sir ;)

from Francis [730] on 26 June 2018

I just purchase my first videos from this awesome muscle god. I can't get enough of him! Total muscle stud that loves to flex and show off! Armando is very friendly and accommodating. I would HIGHLY recommend getting a show & videos from him!

Armando replied...
Thank you friend

from sebmoura [180] on 21 June 2018

I strongly recommand doing a camshow with Armando !!! I loved averything about my experience with him. First of, he's really cute, has a perfect body and to top it all he has an extraordinary bubble butt. Second and not least, he was very accommodating, very friendly and enjoyed camming, he's clearly into it and gives he best trying to satisfy his customers !!!
I only have one thing to add, he got me hooked.

Armando replied...
Thank you !

from squashme [380] on 20 June 2018

I'm very grateful for a cam show with Den, he's really astonishing in the way he's built and knows how to pose also. Very easy to deal with which is also a plus.


Armando replied...
Thank you !

from longbyname [717] on 19 June 2018

Sensational show he did everything i asked of him, will definitely do more!

Armando replied...
Thank you !

from CuteStudMD [85] on 16 June 2018

I just did my first video with Armando, and it was excellent! Amazing build, easy to work with, and fast delivery of my video. I will definitely be doing more videos with him in the future.

Armando replied...
Thank you !

from pomona [1610] on 13 June 2018

I bought my first video from him (flexing and arms workout) and was more than I expected. His arms are magnificent.
Honest person and easy to deal with, highly recommended.I am planning to buy more videos from this young man.

Armando replied...
Thank you !

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Age 26
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 104kg (229 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Other
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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