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Worship, Cockyness, Nude flexing, role play, domination, ready for something new.

24, 175cm (5'9"), 75kg (165 lbs)

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Arthur Herid has 58 reviews.

from longbyname [1202] on 2 July 2021

Awesome physique he is in superb shape at the moment and knows how to please

from gigator39 [340] on 1 July 2021

I had some shows with Arthur before on one of the cam sites and he always gave a great performance. It was great to see him again here and he was very easy to deal with and delivered my custom video on time, as promised. Once again very good at role plays and a great actor. Also made sure to capture multiple angles to show off his physique. Very good experience and I would definitely recommend. :)

from yoonv5 [510] on 8 June 2021

Got another custom from Arthur and again it was an on point and quick delivery. He really knows how to tease!! I look forward to getting more custom vids from him in the future...

from xorne [414] on 1 June 2021

What can be said about Arthur that hasn't been said before?? he is mentally and physically strong, his physique and ego will overpower you and you will realize that you can never be at his level. If you seek to be impressed I fully recommend him!

from RBJ89 [3462] on 27 April 2021

Had another amazing custom from this guy! Wonderful experience and will definitely be back for more!

from JCgomez1234 [365] on 24 March 2021

Had a live session with Arthur, super last minute. It was great. He really knows how to show off his body and his glutes are fucking perfect. Thanks for the show bro and look forward to getting a custom vid next. Highly recommend!

from visage25 [870] on 24 March 2021


I've had two cam shows with Arthur and the guy is just so damn hot! He's smart and picks up on what you like and has a great personality to match the looks. Next one is gonna have to be a custom video :) Highly recommend!

from RBJ89 [3462] on 24 March 2021

Got another custom from Artur last night. A role play video and he was amazing in it. Really committed to the scenario
He has such an amazing body/figure or a Greek god topped with such a sweet boyish face!
Very impressed I'll definitely be back for more!

from Elivthade4 [840] on 23 March 2021


Really impressed with his body and delivered the custom video fast.

from linkt [105] on 14 March 2021

He did an amazing custom video for me. Easy communication and super quick turnaround time. Thanks a lot!

from Jaynuke1 [8365] on 3 March 2021

Did a custom video with Arthur and he did it perfectly. Great physique and ability to show it off. He nailed the scenario and exceeded my expectations!! Hope to do more soon.

from hornyboy1234 [345] on 16 February 2021

I did a video call with Arthur and it was PERFECT. He did everything I wanted and more. He is incredibly sexy but more than that he is really sweet and truly wants to please :) Thank you so much!

from longbyname [1202] on 14 February 2021

Great guy so willing to please

from musclelvr [706] on 30 January 2021

Arthur made me a Video first one did not come out good quality wise but he made it over for me and did a great job so he is honest and I would recommend him for Videos .

from KnowTruth#0312 [4745] on 28 January 2021

Artur is very sexy and very kind and did a really fantastic custom video for me. I will order more! Thank you, Artur!

from yoonv5 [510] on 26 January 2021

Communicating with Arthur for a custom video was straightforward and easy. He was very accommodating and friendly which was great. The resulting video was fantastic and he had great attention to detail not to mention really brought my scene to life. Will definitely want to get another custom or two from him in the future!!

from RBJ89 [3462] on 20 January 2021

Got another custom for a video from him; a duo with another guy on here. They were so much fun together, I'd highly recommend this guy!

from cccarlosss [570] on 17 January 2021

10 star for this guy, he has an amazing body, he is very nice , great cam show. highly recommend him

from RBJ89 [3462] on 12 January 2021

Such a cutie and and a pleasure to watch. I'll definitely be back!

from bcorrboi.61 [295] on 8 January 2021

Wow. i was back and forth with this guy. and man was that my bad! He made a HOT domination/worship video. He has great english that he uses to make great verbal commands. he may look like a muscle boy, but he will show you why he is the man if you give him the chance.

from muscledome [325] on 26 December 2020

ONE OF MY FAVORITE GUY HERE. He is incredible! one of the coolest guys on this website! he is very approachable and open to any requests you like. I ordered my custom video (fetish custom video), and it was so great. Easy to deal with and a Very handsome guy!! I usually order twice a week, and I will keep on coming back!! His physique is so so hot.

from VentusHeart [1423] on 20 December 2020

Every end of the year i make a great discovery on the best flex....

King Arthur is the one of 2020.

His smile instantly got my attention, i've never seen such a beautiful one. I really got moved by his teen-like personnality. He feels so enthusiastic and dynamic...

BUT behind this sugary front there are very powerful grown up legs, an horny guy who gives incredible poses and knows how to turn you on.

Arthur is an impressive experience: adorable, unpredictable, addictive...

from coolio00 [735] on 19 December 2020

Absolutely dirty and naughty with some of his videos, it's a shame Santa can't deliver me Arthur for Christmas, it'd be the best present ever ;) 5 stars is never enough ;)

from longbyname [1202] on 15 December 2020

a fantastic guy soooooo sexy and wants to satisfy

from LoveMuscleandFeet07203 [601] on 29 November 2020


One of the best cam shows I've ever had. This guy is perfect.

from beefy4muscle [5205] on 15 November 2020

Amazing first custom from this mighty god! Super fast delivery!!

from coolio00 [735] on 25 October 2020

Really hot guy, mostly has a pretty dirty mind underneath such a hot cute face but always aims to please and is always a pleasure to deal with ;)

from Paul in USA [207] on 19 October 2020

Continues to be a #1 in my book!

from leanmeen217 [685] on 11 October 2020

Arthur is a great person with an incredibly smooth and perfectly toned body. He aims to please 100% to your satisfaction and succeeds in that goal. When ordering a custom video, he is also very prompt to complete it. I highly recommend him to anyone who likes what they see (because you will like him even more when you REALLY see him).

from Ray831 [1552] on 8 September 2020

One of the best guys you can meet here on best flex. Super hot but also sweet at the same time. Really top notch and makes you want to come back for more. Work with him and you won’t be disappointed.

from P. Alex [480] on 25 August 2020

I had two great shows so far with Arthur. He is great. He is great at role-playing, his body is ripped and he loves showing it off. I’m going to do more shows with him. He’s a very nice guy and open to all sorts of suggestions. I recommend him highly

from Neal [800] on 17 August 2020

I love Arthur, he is such a nice guy to deal with, super hot, super cool and does great live shows. One of the best guys on Best Flex. If you haven't spoken with him yet then you are missing out! Thanks Arthur

from TheTop [165] on 14 August 2020

Have done two private shows, both hot and great fun
Arthur is charming, great fun and very open minded, not to mention cute, handsome and with a perfect body

from Rimiko58 [640] on 9 August 2020

I have found my new TBF favorite! I received my first video from Arthur and it was amazing. I wanted "cocky" and he was incredible . Beautiful body and crazy-sexy. I'll be back for more...and more!

from BDFLEXGA [1465] on 8 August 2020

Awesome guy with a perfect physique

from xaan [335] on 25 July 2020

This nipple it’s just incredible i love it

from steveaaa [236] on 24 July 2020

Such a goodlooking guy with a perfect physic. Furthermore is both very nice and smart to talk to. Youll get impressed. Cant recommend him enough!

from coolio00 [735] on 21 July 2020

A really great polite guy that's also very very hot ;)

from sub4biceps [1381] on 20 July 2020


Incredible athlete to deal with. Arthur has not only an incredible physique but the confidence and energy to back it up. 100% pure alpha and an all round great guy. Looking forward to many more videos from this true physique god!

from meonly74 [450] on 20 July 2020

This guy is awesome. Very nice and looks great. Im coming back for more.

from Rtr110 [235] on 15 July 2020

Confident with the body of a god! This guy knows how to show off and does so very well. I have now done two live shows with Arthur and would recommend him to anyone who asked. You’ll be begging for more!

from Mattjames [1140] on 7 July 2020

Perfect guy. Fast, great body, friendly, dependable. Already had several videos delivered. Takes feedback and then goes beyond. Can't recommend highly enough.

from vulcan [430] on 6 July 2020

An absolute diamond of a guy....friendly , fast and went above and beyond what I asked for in a custom....awesome chest and abs and has better English then I do.......a solid guy who is 100% trustworthy....miss this guy at your peril...he is worth every penny that you pay

from Jay.45 [4328] on 4 July 2020


and again this rock solid tough confident guy kills it !!!! had me weak and breathless. tell him what you want and he will deliver and give you your moneys worth !!!!!

from Paul in USA [207] on 1 July 2020

This guy started out as a piece of Muscle Man Meat for me --- but now he is also a super friend. Love that smile --- every time he flexes those guns and shows off the incredible pecs -- there comes the smile! Always the best...

from Jay.45 [4328] on 29 June 2020

Confident, tough and sculpted like a statue this guy will flex you in to exploding !!! I was at work at he had me weak af. You will not be disappointed try him !!!!

from Ozsport63 [2038] on 25 June 2020

had another great camshow with Arthur, he is amazing and will grow some awesome muscles

from trebazz [2646] on 24 June 2020

I definitely recommend Arthur. He's really nice, sends vids in a timely manner and made amazing videos per request. Great job overall

from DBs [21166] on 12 June 2020

I had some unbelievable moments earlier, today, thanks to Arthur who gave me the privilege to see him in action! It was fantastic!

Arthur Herid replied...
Thats what i always enjoy!

from Paul in USA [207] on 6 June 2020

Artur is my latest addiction. The combination of looks, muscle, self-confidence, an incredible smile --- AND a desire to please create an explosion for me every time. This man is just about Total Perfection!

from sjupiter80 [276] on 5 June 2020

I have done a few shows with this hunk and damn looks good since he hasn’t been to the gym. Definitely came ready for each of the shows and made it worth the time. Asks what you like and will do. Wants to make special connections to the people to make every show count. Will be back for more and hope one day to meet up in person. Definitely recommend him.

from Ozsport63 [2038] on 1 June 2020

received a video form Arthur, it was perfect, he is an amazing muscle stud and very reliable

Arthur Herid replied...
glad to see your second review, i enjoyed our time)

from someronerf [155] on 31 May 2020

Recommend. The cid was sent on time. Did everything I asked

Arthur Herid replied...
Hope we will have more fun)

from Fzpanda [1840] on 26 May 2020

Arthur is one of the best models I have worked with so far at thebestflex. Not only does he have a great physique- he is also extremely reliable and professional, and delivered my custom video in one day. I would not hesitate to recommend him to the fan community.

Arthur Herid replied...
you don't know how happy i am when i read such reviews, thanks a lot!

from humboldt [627] on 22 May 2020

I ordered a custom video from Arthur, and it was fantastic! He did everything that I requested. Arthur has built a great physique, and he is very good at showing it off. He was friendly and communicated in a way that made me feel very comfortable to do business with him. Everything was great! He is honest, kindhearted, muscular, and sexy! I will definitely buy from him again. I highly recommend him!!

Arthur Herid replied...
i hope i will have more reviews like that one, thank you!

from Ozsport63 [2038] on 9 May 2020

had a show with this muscle stud, awesome body and easy to deal with, thoroughly recommended

Arthur Herid replied...
i appreciate that, thank you!

from harlanny [11783] on 4 May 2020

Hi just purchased a video from Arthur, he is very nice, honest, good guy, and made a good video. I will purchase again!

Arthur Herid replied...
i hope we will have more fun together, thank you!

from Paul in USA [207] on 1 May 2020

this is one fine hulk!! Super friendly, worth the time (and the money). He gets me every time we pvt :)

Arthur Herid replied...
Thank you my friend Paul.

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Age 24
Height 175cm (5'9")
Weight 75kg (165 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity Mixed


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