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THE alpha muscle Daddy you've been looking for.

21, 172cm (5'8"), 82kg (180 lbs)

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from littlelunch on 28 August 2017

I've now had a few custom videos by Big Alpha Daddy, as well as purchasing some of his videos. He is very attentive to giving you the video as you envisioned it. If you want cocky and dominant then he is your muscled man.

Fast and reliable turnaround of the videos and a great communicator.

He is a very sexy muscle god that you have to spend some time with.

Big Alpha Daddy replied...
Much appreciated! Hope we do more soon ;)

from Tiginaus on 18 August 2017

I loved my cam show with Daddy - there's no acting with this guy - he thrives on the attention he gets from being a dominant alpha muscle man. Definitely recommend him. Enjoy!

Big Alpha Daddy replied...
Thank you very much! Hope to do it again soon!

from RobotMonster on 29 June 2017

BigAlphaDaddy is just incredible! I've bought ALL his videos and am more impressed every time he release a new one.
And, he's a SUPER nice guy to work with and loves getting input and suggestions from his fans!
Awesome experience every time!

from musclefuel on 6 June 2017

Timely, awesome, and collected. I feel so at ease watching his videos, but simultaneously under his power. A true alpha isn't yelling at you to worship, he knows you will and he only needs to say it once in your ear or with a gaze. Bigalphadaddy is remarkable and earns the title Alpha. Be dominated by someone who has control over their surroundings without lifting a finger. Be dominated by Bigalphadaddy.

from Adad on 31 May 2017

Big Alpha Daddy is a real treat. If you need a cocky, strong, dominant man you found him. His body is beyond perfect - thick muscles that play with your mind, makes you worship him through the camera. His Abusive verbality will turn you wet in a second,and if you'll be lucky enough, you might get to see him play with his long tool.

from jfsterves1414 on 22 May 2017

Big Alpha Daddy is the best! Awesome videos and I love his voice. He is my ultimate alpha fantasy!

from Wiggy on 24 February 2017

One of the best guys on cam!

Loves to please, listens to requests and has the best voice and body on here! Let this guy take your fantasy to the next level!

from slut4muscle on 4 February 2017

Wow - I've watched most of the videos of the guys on this website and I must say Big Alpha Daddy is one of the VERY FEW that is a true muscle alpha God - it comes natural to him, other "muscle alphas" on this site are all wannabes - He is the REAL thing. I have a big fetish for feet so I purchased his foot video on his website - his feet are PERFECTION, DIVINE just like the rest of him. Would spend hours underneath his feet followed by more hours worshipping his divine body - for all foot lovers I highly recommend this video. HOT HOT HOT

from mysirengarden on 26 January 2017

B.A.D. is nothing less than excellent. Inside and out, B.A.D. is the full package and is hands down the GREATEST individual you will find on this site. The amount of drive and honesty he has makes him stand out in so many ways, you will not be let down by this guy. I've had a few cam shows with him and have walked away satisfied every single time. He has such an outstanding passion for his craft and I am glad I connected with him. Don't hesitate to reach out and see what all this guy can do for you. He is super approachable and professional in every way. B.A.D. is (the good kind) BAD!!

Very much looking forward to what this young stud has to offer in the near future. I am all in!


from Jay2 on 11 January 2017

Just received a custom video from this hunk after speaking with him for a while on Skype. Very good and kind person. Very prompt delivery on videos. The video itself was truly mind blowing, and showed just how superior he truly is. Looking forward to more in the future. Highly recommended.

from macsfire on 10 January 2017

He keeps his promies. He's huge everywhere. Very verbal. Knows how to dominate. Also very nice and honest. Thanks big daddy

from RobotMonster on 28 December 2016

Big Alpha Daddy is nothing short of amazing! I've purchased multiple videos and ALL are incredibly hot - a true alpha with a great body and big dick. Perfect!

from aboytoo85 on 24 December 2016

Just wanted to again leave a positive review yet again for this amazing young muscle guy!!!! He's simply one of the best people to order videos from and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you check out his new website!!!!

from spenny781 on 22 December 2016

Big Alpha Daddy is very true to his word! every inch the muscle god he displays. his shows are amazing and he makes sure he pleases and fulfils your fantasies. Fully recommend him!

from Fatty on 30 November 2016

I had my first experience with Daddy a few weeks ago and it was just amazing. He looks even better than his pictures! Every muscle on his body is sculpted to perfection, and he definitely knows how to show them off!

He has a wonderful deep voice, and a dominant take-charge attitude which was exactly what I was looking for. He understood my wishes better than I did myself, and he exceeded my greatest expectations!

He is the nicest guy to deal with when asking for a custom vid - honest and responsive - and he delivers quickly.
He is great at role play - he can be as nice or as mean as you want him to be!

Don't hesitate to get in contact with Daddy - he's the best!

from jeromeroundu2 on 17 November 2016

Dude is 20 yrs old and BUILT!!! 100% PURE motivation! great show and a nice guy..... Fucker is JACKED. He was kind enough to let me know I needed to mute my microphone and turn off my cam before the show.... I was cool with that. He was receptive to every request and talked through the cam show.... Rating 1-5, he gets a SOLID 7.... Support this BB.... Cam with him... looking forward to requesting a vid in the near future!

from HulksmashD on 30 October 2016

Just recieved my first custom vid from Big Daddy, and he is absolutely MINDBLOWING! I gave him specific details of what I was looking for in my vid, and he gave me what I wanted and much more! Guys I've got to say, do yourself a favor and try him out. You will NOT be disappointed. Guaranteed! Another guarantee is that you will be back for more. Big Daddy is just that explosive! Total dominant, alpha, muscle god.

Thank you Big Daddy for exceeding my expectations in every way, and as you told me, I belong to you.

Your new #1 fan,

from ashsub on 29 October 2016

Just had an awesome show with BigNattyDaddy. He's truly fantastic. Not just a killer body with good looks and hot deep voice, but he's also super friendly, naturally alpha, and fun to talk to. Highly recommend.

from frankiep on 24 October 2016

Saw him for the first time but you can be sure wont be the last. He is a mountain of rock hard vascular defined muscle. He really enjoys showing off and flexing and really seems to want you to enjoy yourself. Add to this a great personality and you have the perfect package.

from MuscleFan11.93 on 18 October 2016

Just had another cam show with this stud. I woke up craving some cocky muscle flexing and he delivered just that. He is a true ALPHA. From his voice to his perfect physique, it was hard to say no when he asked if I wanted another show. He has it all and knows it. Starts by flexing his massive biceps then his massive pecs, then his perfect abs. And just when I couldn't think I could handle any more perfection he showed off his massive legs. That just put me over the top. ;) Great guy to chat with and work with as well. I will be back for more. Thanks man!

from hdr_27 on 8 October 2016

Just had an AMAZING 1 on 1 show with this superman :) So incredible and amazing and not just his god like muscles. Very willing to please and accommodate to what you want, and leaves you wanting more. A very special man, so happy with the time we spent together and can't wait to all again an more.

from mont0033 on 8 October 2016

Great guy to deal with.....super hot body, loves to show off and terrific personality.

from Salve4muscle on 23 September 2016

I have had a custom vid from this guy and he is great. He is got, ripped like a god and open minded. He will definitely give you what you are after. On top of that he is a great guy to deal with as well, very polite and professional. Will be buying more and more.

from musclefetish on 21 September 2016

I bought a custom verbal domination video and loved every second of what I got. Totally worth it, he knows how to dominate!

from Md33 on 1 September 2016


This guy is perfection!!! Looks, personality, ability to meet your fantasies on cam. He just won a repeat customer in me! WOW WOW WOW!!!

from leighton209 on 24 August 2016

I got two premade videos and three custom videos from bignattydaddy. All of them were amazing, it's true what the previous reviews say, he's really easy to talk to and he listens to all of your requests. He was super quick in delivering the videos too, I got them all within a day of ordering them. Oh and he looks amazing.

from Alex0721 on 19 August 2016

I've been doing shows with Daddy for a while. I've done many lives shows and I have to say they're seriously the best. He's very attentive to what you want and is very forward and honest about what to expect. Here's what you can expect from my perspective: a quality show that you will never forget. I also purchased two videos from him and they were so good. Some of the best I've ever seen. He delivers exactly as promised and right away. Also some of the best service I've ever experienced. He's quick to reply and get together with you. Very honest and reliable. Does what you ask and is honest with expectations. One of the best guys in this site! 100% recommended! You won't regret it.

from aboytoo85 on 12 August 2016

Another day another review!!!
I am hooked Big Natty Daddy is absolutely the real deal
His muscles are spectacular his videos blow my mind everytime!!!! We collaborate on videos and they are some of the best I've ever purchased!!!
He's just the best!!!

from heterosp on 10 August 2016

Fantastic performer! Have gotten several roleplay camshows, he seems arrogant at first but really he's just confident, very nice friendly and flexible before, during, and after shows

from Metgot on 2 August 2016

I keep coming back to BIG DADDY for more muscle flexing and worship. Every video is better and better. Ive been getting videos from him almost on a weekly basis. You can see the size he is packing on and he LOVES to show it off!!!

from Sinmar277 on 30 July 2016

I just finished my first cam show with BigNattyDaddy. He chatted with me a little bit before the show so he would know what kind of show I like and he did everything I asked. He's hot as hell and he likes to give you the show you want. It's a pleasure to do shows with models like NattyDaddy. Thanks for the great show man!!

from fitbiguy85 on 27 July 2016

A couple of days ago I received a video from this MUSCLE GOD. It completely blew me away, and I haven't been able to write a proper review until now. I received the video within 24 hours and the video quality was perfect. And the man himself: wow!!! He is so strong, so powerful, so damn muscular. His screen presence is perfect, he is very charismatic. He commands your attention. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, is huge on this muscle god.
I had several requests and he fulfilled them all to perfection. The video was so much more than I could have hoped for.
I'm very very pleased with this muscle god and will definitely be back for more. And more. And more.

from cw on 24 July 2016

I ordered and received more videos from BigNattyDaddy on Thur. Jul 24th. My second experience with him just as positive as the first time. He responded to all of my messages in a timely manner and he delivered what he promised within the time frame that I asked for. In addition customer satisfaction is his top priority, after I received the videos he checked in with me to make sure that I was satisfied. He is really a stand up guy and absolutely the best that I've deal with, in the cam model industry.

from aboytoo85 on 21 July 2016

Well it's only been 2 days and I am back!!!!
This guy is amazing!!!! Ordered my second custom video and got it in less than 24 hours!!!!
The video blew me away such a dynamic personality and phenomenal physique!!!!
This guy is the real deal!!!!

from cw on 20 July 2016

I purchased a custom video from bignattydaddy about five days ago and I must say that it was a pleasure doing business with him. He is the most professional model that I've ever done business with. He responded to my messages in a timely manner and delivered the video in a short amount of time. I didn't feel one time like he was going to steal my money or that he was being dishonest in anyway. Highly recommend!

from aboytoo85 on 19 July 2016

This amazing muscle guy is the real deal!!
Very professional, replied extremely fast to my emails got my Amazing custom video in less than 24 hours!!!! His physique is spectacular and cocky attitude is awesome!!!! 5 stars across the board!
I cannot wait to order more videos!

from zane79 on 13 July 2016

Amazing guy, really easy to deal with, generous with the time, and of course he looks amazing! Very handsome with a perfectly proportioned body and knows how to tease as well, if you're into that :) But one of the best things about his camshows is how clear and high-def his webcam is. Really makes you appreciate the image quality, and his body of course :)

from jaydeeworshiper on 12 July 2016

without question the absolute ruler of my soul and all that he desires! a GLORIOUS, cocky, SUPERIOR, creative, BRILLIANT, G O D who knows his place at the top of the food chain!

from Kamaswami on 3 July 2016

So i just ordered a custom video from Big Daddy and would highly recommend him. I provided him with a list of things i wanted, along with some general ideas, and he was able to deliver it all. Not only did he look great and give me exactly what i asked for, but he was easy to communicate with and delivered quickly. I cant recommend him enough, and know ill be going back for more. Thanks for everything Big Daddy!

from DaveDe on 30 June 2016

this guy is fucking incredible. incredibly easy to talk to and does fucking awesome shows and his physique is like a greek god. highly recommend and i'm definitely coming back for more.

from Jakester on 16 June 2016

BigNattyDaddy is AWESOME !!!!!! He looks INCREDIBLE...ripped and he is only getting bigger and better !!!!!
I have several custom videos and he looks better in each one ..if that is possible.
He is also a great performer....he is dominant and alpha while at the same time he is the nicest ...most genuine......person.
He is so easy to deal with and his shows/videos will never disappoint ...he gives you his all.
He is GREAT. You don't know what you are missing if you don't give him a try. I am sure you will be back for more if you do.
Highly will be amazed by this Muscle Man.

from TopGuy98208 on 9 June 2016

Great performer and sense of humor. Sexiest body and AMAZING ass. :) I would recommend BigNattyDaddy's shows/pics/vids/conversation to anyone. If you haven't seen him, you're missing out.

- Sean

from gofg on 5 June 2016

Got a super hot video! Very Very sexy and hot!!!!! I will be having more!

from thetallg on 29 May 2016

Just going to add another one because I got a couple more shows and have to say they keep getting better as he figures out what you as the client likes best! Obviously they already started off very good, but to be able to keep improving is rare. He clearly likes to do these shows, I am very impressed with the quality of this god!

from Libert on 29 May 2016

A DREAM COME TRUE!!!! better than in the pic's, willling to please, i will not forget that amazing, hot show,very recommended

from thetallg on 28 May 2016

He is young, he is hot, he is shredded, he did everything I asked for. Perfect cam quality. No wait time. I will be back for more. I highly recommend giving him a shot!

from TightSpandex on 27 May 2016

Very very very friendly and easy to talk to. He's one of the best in the biz!

from Canadian Worshipper on 25 May 2016

Great camshow! He has the muscle, the deep voice, the natural dominance, and the verbal skills that this worshipper craves! And he's only going to get better!

from jesse86 on 24 May 2016

I was curious as to why people call him Daddy and by the end of the video I definitely understood. This guy is an Alpha Stud by nature. No pretending here, he knows his power over people. Also ordered some photos in which he went up and beyond. Super quick with delivery and responses. If your looking for and Alpha Stud this is where its at!

from jstevens on 20 May 2016

I had a great cam show with this Big Man! He likes to flex, and was very respectful and responsive to requests - Highly Recommended!

from youp555 on 20 May 2016

Big awesome body, and very responsive. Highly recommend!!

from Metgot on 19 May 2016

Great muscle flexer and knows hot to flex for the camera! I highly recommend this big muscle daddy! Very cocky and dominating!

from scooby on 17 May 2016

I just got my first custom vid from BigDaddy and it was awesome! I love his big peaked biceps and thick beefy quads! His voice is deep and sexy too! This guy is one of the good and honest ones! GO GET SOME!

from lembas32 on 14 May 2016

Great show, gave me exactly what I wanted and more, plus he doesn't clock watch which makes him even better. One of the best performers on here and most reasonably priced :)

from heterosp on 11 May 2016

Great camshow! Was even able to do a complicated roleplay, great acting ability! Superhot, esp in his blue posers! Would highly recommend!

from Will M. on 2 May 2016

Disclaimer: Solely writing this review based on a short conversation and watching >2 minutes of a private video.

This ALPHA exudes The Best Flex! He is cocky, muscular, young and knows it so the dominance is natural but not forced. I haven't even seen the full video because I could not "contain" myself. Pictures are SPOT on his current physique, and he is a pleasure to deal with; sent me a private video within a couple hours. Thanks, Daddy!

Will definitely make a come back, hell I'll probably buy another video or cam show later today!

from Jakester on 2 May 2016

Got a custom video. Did exactly as I wanted. Really great guy to deal with.....very easy..... He looks better then his photos.......He is AWESOME !!!!!!! The video he made was GREAT.
I will definitely buy more. I highly recommend you give him a try.

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Age 21
Height 172cm (5'8")
Weight 82kg (180 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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