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Young bodybuilder looking for sponsorhip

19, 190cm (6'3"), 117kg (257 lbs)

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Calin God has 68 reviews.

from gibson [495] on 4 April 2020

I ordered a lot of videos. Now over two years. Calin is more than trustworthy. He always does a good job. If you are dissatisfied, you can talk to him at any time. And you always come to a solution. And as a bonus, he has the best body here on the site!

from muscleslover [524] on 4 April 2020

I ordered a custom video, delivery was quick but it was different than what I asked for
Should've looked at the other reviews before ordering...

Calin God replied...
This is the same guy who post the review before that,i just gave him the video he wanted after that he Said is an old video and i agree to do a show too,and now he start to spam bad review on my account

from 856chiboy [350] on 3 April 2020

Sent money for a custom video on 22 March and Calin agreed to record and send the video within 1-2 hours. The video he sent was recorded in Nov 2018, and he could not understand my frustration since it apparently contained what I requested. Calin finally agreed to a live show, but his responses were delayed and intermittent until he delivered a live show on 26 March.

Calin's looks earned him one extra star, but the fact that this is NOT an isolated incident [see review on 25 Jan 2019] is enough for me to permanently steer clear of this model. Be careful and read all of the reviews before choosing to conduct business with him.

from Ozsport63 [1200] on 1 April 2020

Calin sent me an amazing video, done it less than 3 hours and absolutely awesome, his physique is incredible and he has a some of the best biceps on the best flex site, very friendly and easy to deal with.
treat yourself

from ckm28 [140] on 22 March 2020

You did a great custom video for me. It is nice, that you accept PayPal, the delivery was very fast. You have a great physique with giant biceps peaks.

from jaden42 [505] on 21 March 2020

ordered a video from him, could not have been happier! exactly what was looking for.

from trebazz [2576] on 1 March 2020

he scammed me. never sent a vid when i paid. i messaged him he promised me one then blocked me.

from rolling2445 [276] on 9 February 2020

Excellent show without delay. Generously shared his incredible body and entertained my requests. Tried my best to get him to smirk and it was so worth the effort.

from thetallg [758] on 5 February 2020

reviews all over the board from time to time. that is sad. but i can only review what I know. Great flexing, great cam quality, still very lean, overall I was pleased and need more. Bought one of his premade vids from back when he was in contest shape and WOW! I bout that after the show because the show was terrific.

from trebazz [2576] on 31 January 2020

Calin scammed me, and stopped replying after payment

from pownat [1457] on 17 January 2020

Nice guy, killer body. I have got several videos from him lately. He has really changed over the past year. Used to be difficult to deal with. Now he is really good.
For 20 years old this guy is huge.
Looking forward to seeing more of him

from zipper [1395] on 14 January 2020

Best dominantor ever! He knows how to treat us. Highly recommend for domination!

from Fzpanda [1325] on 17 December 2019

Purchased a custom video from him, he delivered a completely different video. I contacted him for resolution, but unfortunately received no response.

Calin God replied...
Wtf i dont even talk with you never,lol

from pownat [1457] on 6 November 2019

Ok, he got back to me, said he had been on holiday. Would have been nice if he told me this sooner.
Anyway, it did a awesome video, he is looking incredible as always.
Just wish he was more reliable.

from pownat [1457] on 3 November 2019

I have known this guy for a while. He has always been a bit hit and miss. I gave him money for a video over a week ago. Haven't heard from him since. If your thinking of buying a video from him I would give it a miss, he is too unreliable. It is a shame as he has an awesome body

from trebazz [2576] on 12 October 2019

this man is a LIAR! Promised me a video if I took my review down. He said he'd do it after the gym but it's been over a day and I haven't received anything. Blocked me from Skype, refused to refund me. Not the best person to be giving your money to right now if I'm being honest. I think it's because of the steroids.

from Mattjames [980] on 28 September 2019

Got several vids from him the past. Decided to get some more. So we agreed to the work. I paid him nearly a month ago. First I got a bunch of excuses and I was willing to be patient. Stuff happens. Now no responses at all and like I said, it's been a month. So unless you're into losing money and enjoy frustration, go elsewhere.

from littlelunch [6354] on 24 September 2019

I just received my video from Calin, Damn you can see why he won a medal this weekend that body is simply stunning. A really built alpha guy that aims to please in each transaction.

He produced a great video as always. Following the idea through and added his own ideas in too.

Thanks big man

from davparis [177] on 20 September 2019

This man is a true God. Perfect body, his muscles are so amazing, shredded as hell. If you are looking for a True Bodybuilder, he is the Man you need. Great attitude, and very friendly. You'll be impressed by his ripped muscles !

from MS76 [880] on 3 September 2019

Great to work with and great muscles. He was responsive, cooperative, and friendly to me :)

from ikat123 [145] on 3 September 2019

STAY AWAY!!!!! This guy is a scammer. I discussed what I wanted in a live show, he agreed and then I paid for it but he never did the live show for me. After constantly reaching out to him, he eventually blocked me. I have proof of our conversations.

Calin God replied...
What the hell i dont Even know who u are

from davparis [177] on 1 September 2019

This man is just amazing. A real competitor, with an amazing physique, 3 weeks before competition. He's almost ready, don't miss him. Just wow !!!

from jf1989 [220] on 19 July 2019

Total scammer. Requested a live show and we discussed what I wanted from the show. I sent payment and he sent me a pre-recorded video (he claims I wasn't clear enough saying I wanted a live show) which contained none of what I had requested anyway. Definitely one to avoid.

from daddyBigcocK [65] on 10 July 2019

I have had many live cam shows with this guy and he is the best model i have meet here, friendly, good talk, hot muscle..i dont get neg review maybe same person?? Who knows but i rate this guy 10+

from harlanny [8281] on 7 July 2019

Purchased a video from Calin God, very nice,guy no bs, quick and delivered what I requested. He is obviously working hard to improve his physique and get even bigger. It is clear he is making fast gains and passionate about his training. I look forward to seeing how his physique evolves in the future. We will do business again.

from daddyBigcocK [65] on 23 June 2019

Despite sum of the reviews here I can only write based on my experience with Calin. He has always been prompt to reply, easy to talk to and willing to discuss your needs. Hes is friendly, the live show is hot and I cant get enough.

from meistermax [595] on 21 June 2019

Easy to talk to and Calin knows how to show off. If in talking mood, he is awesome! The video was exactly what i asked for.

from alex_28 [570] on 21 June 2019

I love this muscle hunk! The video he sent was awesome and I also got an extra flexing video on top of that! Tall, handsome, muscular and sexy... Thanks Calin!

from 1212 [50] on 23 May 2019

This guy did 2 great videos for me before. The third was not as expected. Now I asked for another and he said the vid would be done the next day. Now he doesn't answer. I asked for my money back. Not reliable

from Fzpanda [1325] on 17 May 2019

Calin approached me on skype and told me that has a video that I would be interested in. Right after payment, it became obvious that he didn’t have the video, and was just making up the details about the video such that he could take my payment. A couple of days later, he sent me a video that is completely different from what we agreed on and not what I would be interested in buying at all. And apparently he had no interest in fixing the issue either. So, if you are looking for a liar and cheater with no integrity, look no further, you have found the perfect guy.

from tycho27 [1122] on 16 May 2019

Amazingly hot cocky alpha MAN, naturally dominant,great physique. Had great skypetalk with HIM!!

from daddyBigcocK [65] on 8 May 2019

I contact Calin through Skype, I found him very easy to talk to prompt and more than willing to tailor a show to my needs, there was no attitude, just a genuine, very muscled god happy to make you happy. Well worth it.

from glee27 [850] on 17 April 2019

He did great videos for me before. This time he hit me up needing money we made a deal saying the vid would be done the next day. Now he is not answering me

Calin God replied...
That doesnt happen,i send videos for my customer all the time

from TillXXX [528] on 25 February 2019

"dont continue to message me or ill be rude with you ,thats all i have to say"

I am not surprised you would lie. First of all you were the one who kept messaging me and I said no! Yet you continued to bother me!

Calin God replied...
No more to say,he is one who search for me not me search for him

from pod_rick [1100] on 24 February 2019

I have ordered a couple of videos from him before and they were very good. He redid one for me when there were parts that were not correct and for that I'm very grateful, he was easy to deal with and has an amazing body. I would definitely give him a chance if you are considering it.

from TillXXX [528] on 15 February 2019

This guy is a real jerk just like half of the guys on the best flex. I contacted him months ago and then decided not to. Then he starts sending me pictures constantly. I figured not answering him would give a hint and tell him to go away. No it didn't. So I told him that I do not want anything from him and he tells me to go fuck myself. If you want someone who is going to constantly pester and curse at you when you say no then he's the one to go to.

Calin God replied...
Thats for all customer who contact me,if you dont want anything,dont continue to message me or ill be rude with you ,thats all i have to say

from 1212 [50] on 7 February 2019

Just had my second show with him and I'm just speechless. Calin is really a muscle god with a truly and unique attitude, growing bigger by the day. He delivered everything I asked. He's definitely worthy! Keep working out man!

from musclebitch [114] on 28 January 2019

I love Calin God's attitude. Cocky and backs it up with His perfection. Perfect smooth skin and awesome body. I love dominant alpha gods who are intelligent. Thank You.

from that1time [80] on 25 January 2019

He was awesome. Cool attitude but knows how to be dom performer. highly recommend

from DoonB [4027] on 25 January 2019

My second review of this guy, after previously having a good experience. He messaged me asking if I wanted to buy anything from him since he really needed the money. I said sure and asked for a custom video. I specifically asked for a new video that wouldn’t be sold elsewhere and he agreed. He said he’d send the file in an hour or so once he uploaded it. All seemed fine except I noticed the date on the file was from a few months previous. I messaged him about it but didn’t get a reply back so waited a few days and then asked again when I saw him online which he didn’t respond so I waited and asked again. This time he came back and said the video was new and had definitely been made for me (that wasn’t the exact language he used). When I asked about the difference in the time he said he had reinstalled Windows and hadn’t set his clock to the correct time so that was the reason why the time on the file was months in the past and I was only saying that because I wanted something for free. I’m not interested in another video from him and I doubt I’ll do any further business with him. He’s since removed my access to the file on his google drive.

Calin God replied...
That man is a real shit,ask me for a vid,make it for him,and after tell me the date is wrong,and i accept to make a new one,i did it and now he wants more for free cause i had installed new windows on pc,and forget to set up date and time,and now he constantly ask for more for free,really shit person who wants thing for free,thats all i have to say

from TomHansen [64] on 24 January 2019

Actually you are right. After doing the show with you, you proved me how professional and beautiful you are. Thank you for this good experience. It was such a pleasure for me!

from Aala [139] on 16 January 2019

I had my second cam show with him and he did all what i want. Nice and sweet and of course manly and very sexy.........

from glee27 [850] on 16 January 2019

I got to videos of him in the same day. He is super nice and hot i will buy more

from Daniel Dan [55] on 6 January 2019

Such a beautiful body and very kind!!

from Muscularryan [1977] on 6 January 2019

Just had a amazing show with this guy. His bicep peaks are amazing and his domination is great. He is ripped and had the best personality. Love his beautiful face too. Can’t wait for another show

from Jay.45 [3082] on 6 January 2019

Just like tallg I was pretty bored with the show. Great body but pretty much just sat there and flexed and didn't say much. Not dominating or tough at all, just flexing ; great body though

from bigone14 [7555] on 26 December 2018

Just had my first show with him and it was great!. He's a very nice guy and easy to work with.....not to mention very easy on the eyes! I plan on going back for more in the future.

from Aala [139] on 14 December 2018

A very nice guy. It is very easy to deal with and he is very funny. Amazing body and he makes me very hot. It will not be my last show with him.

from forndyr [105] on 13 December 2018

Just had a show. Great guy. Easy to deal with and excellent show.

from hayna [305] on 12 December 2018

he is young, but with big muscles, he must be incredible strong. If you want is he cocky he is a aplha and a dominator. Friendly talking on skype

from lesliehwl [2450] on 9 December 2018

just had my first cam show,. amazing!
friendly, very accommodating and truly a muscle god to worship, nice bicep peak

from Aala [139] on 5 December 2018

I had my first show with him today and I'm just thrilled. It is so easy and relaxing to deal with him and he is open to everything, great show and so hot.

from willcummin69 [38] on 28 November 2018

I had my second cam show with Calin and it was even better than the first! I definitely recommend this guy.

from DeputyDawg [805] on 27 November 2018

Great Show !!!

Man does he have some nice peaked biceps. Totally shredded too. Nice abs and killer lats!!

Nice and friendly too !!!

from gr8jays74 [190] on 26 November 2018

Awesome show. Great guy.

from 1212 [50] on 21 November 2018

Just had a custom video with Calin and I'm just amazed. He is so muscular, so huge, it's crazy how developed his body is for his young age. I can tell why he has so many good reviews, he is just a god. Very nice and easy to contact with, I just have to recommend him and probably will get more videos from Calin. You are incredible dude, keep growing!

from littlelunch [6354] on 21 November 2018

Just received my custom from Calin and he did a great job with my odd ball likes! He has a great body and is very polite and easy to work with. A great addition to Best Flex. Thanks Calin.

from usefulpig [666] on 20 November 2018

GOD is a good way to describe Calin. Hard muscles without an ounce of fat. I loved every moment that I worshiped him. He loves being admired and that is a big turn on for me.

from willcummin69 [38] on 19 November 2018

I just had a great show with Calin. He is a really nice guy and his body is AMAZING! I would recommend him highly. It's unbelievable how much muscle is on this 19 yr old.

from Samson71 [795] on 18 November 2018

Amazing Muscle God! He's great to deal with and his muscles are amazing. I can only see great things ahead for this stud!! :)

from leebawb [95] on 11 November 2018

Extremely rude to speak to

Calin God replied...
I dont get it,if you are one of the person who 4-5 time and dont buy nothing and waste a lot of my time you definetely deserve it!!

from Salve4muscle [1028] on 11 November 2018

Great vid, we had a misunderstanding but all worked out. True young god

Calin God replied...
Who write*

from eifelslave [49] on 6 November 2018

A really good lad - easy to deal with, good chat and an amazing physique. Have gotten a few vids from him and been blown away by his body - huge, full muscles, crazy veins, amazing proportions- particularly big fan of his pecs and shoulders! And those arms! The sort of body that gets inside your head and drives you a wee bit crazy, along with a ridiculously handsome face - I’m sort of addicted... Highly recommended

from alex_28 [570] on 27 October 2018

Had my first camshow with this amazing sexy guy! His pics do not do him justice, he is looking even better! Really likes to show off and have a stunning body. And must say, he is a very very sweet and kind person too!

from Mattjames [980] on 22 October 2018

Not sure how it's possible, but he is a lot hotter than these photos point out. Young. Great chest. Does what you want. Great guy.

from gibson [495] on 15 October 2018

I had my second show. And it was awesome! It's a lot fun with him. Fantastic physique...very insanely good body. Easy to work with him and very trusting!!

from djmuscleflex [16785] on 15 October 2018

Custom Video Received. WOW. Calin for his age has a wicked bicep peak and it is drool worthy. You can tell that he loves to pose and show off. This man is going to go places in the bodybuilding world and just like everybody has said before, his pictures don't do him justice !!!!!!

from DoonB [4027] on 4 October 2018

Bought a custom video from him. Delivered within a few hours and looked great on cam

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Age 19
Height 190cm (6'3")
Weight 117kg (257 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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