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22 Y/o German pro Bodybuilder

24, 178cm (5'10"), 110kg (242 lbs)

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Flexmode has 58 reviews.

from Kensoudojo [119] on 12 July 2020

Very friendly and polite once we came to an understanding about boundaries for performance. He was very easy to deal with and super friendly. I had a really enjoyable time during my camshow where he flexed for me, showing his amazing body, he has such a ripped core and a good T-shape to his shoulders and pecs!
Really enjoyed my time with you man!

from CrossFit_83 [165] on 30 June 2020

Don't understand the bad reviews. This guy is honest, super easy to deal with and with a fantastic body. You can't go wrong with him. Gern mal wieder!

Flexmode replied...
Thanks my friend! Danke :)

from yeaheurope [210] on 20 June 2020

What an awesome man. So easy to deal with, so nice and handsome, and so big. Big juicy ripped muscles he loves to show off. When you think he can't be bigger, he proves you you have seen nothing yet. With so much confidence. A must seen guy for sure !!

from heikom77 [168] on 18 June 2020

jasonhan- i do not now what he do to you, i have only good thinks to say about him- he do the videos like i love it-so flexmode 100 point

from jasonhan [93] on 17 June 2020

Rude guy

from heikom77 [168] on 28 May 2020

can´t say bad about him. all what i want to see in the video i see. i love his giant videos.

from aikane1 [300] on 18 May 2020

I bought a couple of videos from him a while back. One was good and the other wasn't what I asked for, but seemed to be another video. I just let it go. I just stopped communication.

Flexmode replied...
Can you tell me who you are so I can fix this?

from heikom77 [168] on 6 May 2020

still buy customvideos from him he do a very good work

from heikom77 [168] on 28 April 2020

still do customvideos with him and he doing a great job

from TillXXX [528] on 24 March 2020

He already threatened me today but fine. This is another guy on the best flex who screwed me over. The fact that he has "cash master" and "findom" in his profile information should have been a warning to stay away. Now I lost my money and of course he uses a pay method where you can't get refunded.

** Update 26 March 2020**

He is anything but "nice", in fact this thing is a complete jerk. After already paying him he is now threatening to send me to a collection agency!

Flexmode replied...
You did a chargeback after you received the service - so you owe me money.

from heikom77 [168] on 5 January 2020

order some videos. he is very good and do this what i like to see and what i order.but i can give him only 5* if it give 10* i will give him 10. so guys who want a powerfull guy then call him

from Karuc [85] on 6 December 2019

He is nice and all, but it took him ages to send my custom video and he didn't exactly do what we had agreed on, so ...

Flexmode replied...
Regarding I’m not doing anything on Bestflex for about 6 months this review is for when exactly?

from musclefan1 [3235] on 10 May 2019

I did a Skype show with flexmode and the show was great. He getting more ripped and shredded. He loves to show his muscles and loves to dominate. Was a very good Show. He is getting bigger every week. Looking forward to the next show.

from ADAM1 [7961] on 7 May 2019

I have purchased 3 videos from him now. What I like the most is that he truly cares about your satisfaction, and wants you to be happy with his product.

His videos are super-HD quality, and he honors all requests. His communications are top-notch, which cannot be said for the majority of the guys on this website.

Always a sure thing with FlexMode. Thank you!

from Jimmieh [517] on 24 April 2019

Second custom video absolutely destroyed the first one. The first one was amazing but the second one was even better! Love it, I think the third video is right around the corner!

from Jimmieh [517] on 15 April 2019

Received my first custom video from Flexmode today!
He’s super friendly and nice to talk to and keeps you updated on the process. Amazing video, just ordered my second one right away!
Highly recommended !!!
Vielen Dank :)

from loonerportland [185] on 16 March 2019

I have ordered several videos from Flexmode, all custom. He is a pleasure to do business with and always aims to please every client. I had some specific requests and he worked very hard to meet and exceed my expectations. Will definitely order from him again!

Flexmode replied...
Thanks man, im waiting for your response in skype regarding the email address :)

from growinmusc [6672] on 9 March 2019

Flexmode is incredible - of all the positive reviews, I HAVE to agree!! He's an incredible, naturally alpha muscle god. He's very good at ensuring that you're pleased with results of custom video(s) if you work with him on those. He makes every effort to continue to explore new options etc for you to mutually share in that are unique and personal for you (and he). You will never go wrong with Flexmode - incredible in every respect!! I look forward to his continued gains/growth and being a part of that process with him as he continues to build, grow progress AND ultimately redefine muscle god!

Flexmode replied...
Thanks man! I Love working with you together and include you into my ultimative goal!

from caldermark [9825] on 27 February 2019

I ordered my first video from Flexmode, and I was very pleased. I agree with the comments of Adam1. I requested a basic flexing video to see all muscle groups, and received the video the next day. The posing and lighting were great. The pictures on this site show his current, excellent condition. I plan to buy more videos from this handsome muscle beast.

Flexmode replied...
Thanks for that Kind review. Looking forward to our next video!:)

from ADAM1 [7961] on 26 February 2019

Ordered custom video, very happy with product received. He was friendly, professional, communicative, and fulfilled all requests. Video was received next day after payment sent.

I was most impressed with video quality. He obviously uses a high-quality camera, the result was crystal-clear video even on wide-screen monitor!

I am a satisfied customer, and would definitely recommend!

Flexmode replied...
Nice to hear! Thanks Buddy

from musclefan1 [3235] on 21 February 2019

I did a show with FlexMode. He is very willing to show off and flex his muscles I liked it. He also likes to do role play and dominate I love this so much. Hope to see you soon.

from muscleluver [80] on 28 January 2019

What more can one say about this Mammoth of a man? Flexmode is an Alpha Muscle God....a giant among men. So far I have had 3 shows with him and each one was absolutely outstanding!! He gives you exactly what you need and knows how to deliver it in order to bring you to the ultimate surrender with complete satisfaction. He gets into role play, fantasy, fetish and will cater your desire to perfection. I cannot speak more highly of him. He is an absolute gentleman and the most sincere and professional guy you could meet. He is 100% trustworthy and never lets you down with a show or custom video. If you want to see aesthetic beauty in its perfection combined with an Alpha Dom Muscle God experience, then Flexmode is the man you need. Ich liebe ihn!

from littlelunch [6509] on 20 January 2019

Not many guys have to presence to make me want two customs in a week but this German Muscle Beast did it with ease. His pictures say it all, but check out the pre made videos, his voice and dominant attitude of casual power is profound.
The fact that he is also a true gentleman to deal with is the icing on the cake. Give him a message it's one you will never regret.

from dumbfag64 [70] on 20 January 2019

Master FlexMode is an amazing specimen of a Man. He is mesmerizing from the very beginning and draws his servants into his power.
Certainly recommend submitting to Him.

from xorne [303] on 19 January 2019

Very few CamGuys have what FlexMode has : Brains and Brawns!! For the past year I have had regular shows with him, each one better than the last!! This is my second recommendation for this Muscle God!! Highly Recomended!!!

from harveyman [25] on 18 January 2019


What a momumental giant of a man sexy, sweet and a HUGE TURN ON!!
mega guns to die for and the biggest most massive chest I have ever seen.
If I ever get to BERLIN i WANT A PRIVATE with my giant.. HIS TREE TRUNK QUADS are bigger and thicker than most regular size guys entire waists
RUN TO A CAM OR PRIVATE WITH FLEX You won't be sorry and you will keep coming back for more..


from frenchmuscleworshipper [20] on 1 January 2019

I just did a cam show with him.

OK, that man IS a real god.

Physically, he looks enooooormous (he actually is).

Young, lovely, understanding, caring for your pleasure, talkative and open-minded : add these adjectives (and others) to his amazing bodybuilder body and you can have an idea of how the man is. I would definitely recommend any muscle worshipper to ask him for a cam.

Looking forward to having a new moment with him.

from harveyman [25] on 19 December 2018

This guy flex mode total package
A great guy with magnificent muscles and the sexiest voice I have even heard
Huge turn on
Always nice and accommodating and if I were Berlin would worship this GIANT in person Ina regular basis.
Don’t miss this opportunity to”play” with these gorgeous ripped bodybuilder on cam or have him do a personal video for you. You won’t be disappointed.

from undersneaxx [805] on 28 November 2018

A super horny uncomplicated guy. He makes great videos in which my ideas were wonderfully implemented.

from IMJ009 [1190] on 25 November 2018

Nice guy, muscular, good for vanilla flexing!

from TeenageAlpha [55] on 14 November 2018

Really like what he's doing! Would like to see his cock as well though

from German muscle fan [135] on 22 October 2018

If you are looking for a hard Poppers-Master, then he is your guy (although his suggestion to pour Poppers on my dick was a bit questionable).
If you looking for a roleplay with more nuances, then he is not.
He is definetly hot but i dont think i will book him again.

Flexmode replied...
Hey, you booked a poppers show and no roleplay show - so i dont see how you could rate this. As you See in my last review, my roleplays are awesome. Wish you a good night mate :)

from djmuscleflex [17192] on 15 October 2018

LOVE LOVE receiving videos from Flexmode. He loves to flex and be worshiped and he keeps you engaged throughout the entire video. Close Up's and Slow Flexing he does extremely well. Very Very kind and patient man. He is a keeper for the bestflex.

Flexmode replied...
Thanks for your honest and fast review mate!

from Musclelove23 [5] on 26 September 2018

He is my favourite!
I like how he acts and how kind he is, combined with that awesome physique he is the man to go with!

from ardenu1 [41] on 21 June 2018

He is a nice performer, easy to talk with, he did a great job for my request

from TillXXX [528] on 15 May 2018

I really like him. I just hate how he won't do certain things because he thinks its "gay", I see guys flexingmuscles (sebik213) posting pictures in briefs and Flexmode won't do cam shows or stuff in those. Besides that, I do like his voice and when he spends time on skype with me, I'll still go to him.

Flexmode replied...
Hey, what is your Name in Skype? I just dont know who you are now because i cant remember such discussion about that

from djmuscleflex [17192] on 15 May 2018

WOW and WOW. He has a great physique and acted me scene perfectly. Glasses were a nice touch. He has a freaking amazing body and he interacts perfectly with me as well. Very Very professional. Highly Recommended.

from Kensoudojo [119] on 2 May 2018

Flexmode is very friendly and it was nice to chat and interact with him as he flexed during our camshow! He is very caring and patient, he is in excellent shape with a wide back and veiny arms! I look forward to another show with this gentle German bodybuilder, such a gentleman!

from Candyman20 [250] on 16 April 2018

He has an awesome body. Great muscles! And he is a nice sympathetic guy :)
Very detailed custom video and his live shows are even better.

from muscle_bln [5] on 13 April 2018

Alpha God Kevin ist der BESTE. Ich darf sein Gamma sein. Und das macht mich sehr happy.

Flexmode replied...
Danke Beta

from djmuscleflex [17192] on 20 March 2018

My first custom video. We have gone thru hoops to get this done. He was very patient with me although it wasn't my fault. It was due how certain payment methods are changing and we had to work around them but we finally worked around and what a stunning video. His body is AWESOME. Great Individual to work with. I will be getting more from him, I am going to make sure that we get this payment method worked out so that we don't have the craziness that we just had. Highly Recommended.

from Dungu789 [485] on 26 February 2018

What a find, great physique, great personality and great guy. Super pecs, traps and delts and all round good fun.

Highly recommend him - i have now done my first of what I hope will be many, many more shows with him.

from jayson [5] on 14 February 2018

He is a great guy with an amazing physique and great cam show skills. I really recommend him !

from debonaire [1797] on 28 January 2018

I ordered a detailed custom video and he hit every story point in an organic way. He's a good role player so if you're looking for someone who can do that you should check him out.

Flexmode replied...
Thanks for the detailed review

from ralfbender [5] on 24 January 2018

He is really the king of custom videos.

I already bought 4 custom videos from him and I will keep on buying more!

Loving him!!

Flexmode replied...

from Olliki [105] on 22 January 2018

He just made 2 custom videos for me...absolutely great guy with an amazing body...great videos and exactly like i wanted...fast and easy conversation...

Flexmode replied...
Thank you. I hope we can do more in future :)

from gregfrancis1 [5] on 16 January 2018

I'm in love with his custom videos.
Always fast delivery and exactly as wished.
So young and such an amazing physique. He is one of the most impressive Bodybuilders on bestflex!

Flexmode replied...
Thanks for your review

from mikementz [5] on 13 January 2018

Very handsome , young and kind german Bodybuilder.
Imho one of the best physiques on thebestflex and we had a very nice camshow!

Flexmode replied...
Hopefully we do more shows in future my friend

from karlesss [5] on 6 January 2018

Great Bodybuilder and awesome performer. I'm looking forward to see him more often. And so young !!

Flexmode replied...
Thanks my friend

from autoficu [221] on 30 December 2017

His physique is amazing and he really likes to show his muscles. He's easy to deal with. He sent the video fast and the video was exactly as requested. Highly recommended.
Looking forward to following his progress.

Flexmode replied...
Very kind words . Thank you!

from bazzagood [191] on 28 December 2017

Great guy and great cam show, love his traps and biceps! looking forward to our next cam show!

Flexmode replied...
Thank you bazza

from DeputyDawg [805] on 26 December 2017

Had a great session!!!! He is very built /thick and knows how to flex !!!
Very glad I cammm'ed with him and look forward to doing it again !!!

Oh and he is so easy to work with and a nice guy - which makes it nice. Some on here can have some attitude, NOT him.

Great show - Thanks again

Flexmode replied...
I'm also looking forward for more shows my friend

from zipper [1555] on 24 December 2017

Flexgod is a true muscle god and alpha male! His physique is amazing and his cocky attitude is super hot!!
Highly recommend.

Flexmode replied...
Thank you enjoyed the time with you!

from JayChou [560] on 24 December 2017

Great big and ripped body even off-season! Amazing back, shoulders, chest and arms! Very good guy to interact with, easy-going, uncomplicated and reliable.

Flexmode replied...
Thank you , will enjoy the future time with you

from felix95 [15] on 20 December 2017

Sehr guter Master,

die beste Show die ich je hatte. Gerne immer wieder;)

Flexmode replied...
Thanks my friend

from Rackfan [1230] on 18 December 2017

Great show, very nice body and good looking guy. Gave me all the poses I asked for.

Flexmode replied...
Thank you for your nice review. Hopefully we stay in contact my friend

from tycho27 [1122] on 13 December 2017

This is an amazingly hot ALPHA MALE! very strong, cocky, and truly great camtalk! highly recommended!

Flexmode replied...
Thanks for your Review my friend !

from xorne [303] on 13 December 2017

I already interacted with Flexmode. What can I say! truly the best I have interacted with so far! He is smart and can hold a conversation. Apart from his mind he has honed is body to be a true muscle sculpture. Shoulders, Biceps , Pecs are all part of Muscle Flexing Machine. I definitely recommend. 5+ Stars

Flexmode replied...
Thanks for your review and for the nice time. Your welcome

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Age 24
Height 178cm (5'10")
Weight 110kg (242 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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