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Huge 25 y/o Bodybuilder with Big Veiny Biceps

25, 180cm (5'11"), 108kg (238 lbs)

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Georgi has 22 reviews.

from autoficu [216] on 6 June 2019

Got a customized video of him. what can I say: it was really awesome. he really loves to flex and show his muscles. he's easy to deal with.
highly recommended.

from DaveDe [250] on 30 May 2019

Paid him for a show and just took the money and ran off and never responded again. Don't trust him or go to him, he'll just take your cash and go.

Georgi replied...
You probably got scammed by the guy pretending to be me. I've reported him a few times. Sorry to hear that. Contact me on Skype at georgi.shishkov94 without a dot at the end.

from Draaf94 [5] on 26 April 2019

Ordered a video from him a few months ago (January) but forgot to post a review and he did exactly as told, and his body is impressive. Also he was very easy to talk to and polite in the e-mails. Will probably repeat soon.

from djmuscleflex [14615] on 22 January 2019


WOW and WOW. Georgi gave me exactly what I asked for in my custom video. I am just blown away at his size. Very Very nice individual to work with. Delivered when he said he was going to deliver. Awesome Awesome Video.

from bazzagood [176] on 8 January 2019

just finished a cam show and it was great, he is a really nice guy and easy to deal with, lots of muscle!! hopefully I will meet up with him someday to see how big he is in real life! cant wait!

from Muscle worship guy [5] on 17 December 2018

Met up with Georgi for a muscle worshipping session . Wow I wasn't disappointed . His body was just as good in person as his photos and videos . Safe and sane and 100% reliable . Highly recommend.

from smartone34 [70] on 9 May 2018

I bought a video from georgi and I've been trying to reach him for another but he never responds.

Georgi replied...
I'm very inconsistent unfortunately. I'm available now, please contact me.

from smartone34 [70] on 10 April 2018

Just ordered my first video from georgi and he is amazing. I was in awe of the size of his arms and he is in good shape. He was polite through out our conversation. Overall it was a pleasant experience and he made a great video will definitely be back for more.

from Leicswrestle [15] on 2 April 2018

I met up with this 105 kg muscle god what an experienced I want to go back for more.
Really friendly on time no messing or drama would definitely recommend him

from djmuscleflex [14615] on 14 March 2018

I haven't seen anything from Georgi since 2016. I think that last video and pictures on this site was from 2016. I saw most recently that he was on 3/14. So I took my chances and asked for a Custom Video. Now. From the time the mail was written to the time I received my video was about 3 Hours. He was kind and polite in our communication. I wasn't sure what to expect as it has been about 1 year and 1/2. I had recently bought a few of his videos and I was blown away. So I wasn't prepared for what he just sent. WOW. His Biceps are just as big and he is Veiny just like before. He is a little leaner but more cut than other videos. He might be in different training seasons. My Custom Video just BLEW ME Away. Recommended for Sure.

from Alex.14 [230] on 17 June 2016

be careful, he want's to get ur money and he never will do a show, VERY BAD CHARACTER!!!!!

Georgi replied...
There is a guy that uses my name and videos to scam people. he has the same skype adress but with a POINT at the end. I have posted this on all my social media accounts to warn people. Sorry U got scammed.

from Rackfan [770] on 31 May 2016

Just had my 2nd show with this sensational young bodybuilder. He is simply amazing. I asked for some oil and he delivered big time. He is in such sensational shape that if you love muscles and veins, omg the veins, then he is simply the best here. Thrilling, simply thrilling.

from msclelover [116] on 19 June 2015

Had an amazing show with Georgi. If you are a bicep lover like me, you simply must arrange a cam show. Can't wait for next time.

from stanly [95] on 31 May 2015

Your forearms are massive. Good job man!

from bizeps [25] on 3 January 2015

amazing show! very friendly guy who doesn't just look at the time. he is HUGE, especially for his age! extremely sexy, confident...

from Fob [380] on 9 September 2014

Have had 3 shows with this guy, the last being a few days ago and now is the best time to catch him. He is huge with massive arms.. You gotta see it. Also did all I asked for, no complaints and no attitude.. will be back for more

from muscleflo [5] on 6 August 2014


from scottyboy [190] on 2 July 2014

I ve had a great show with him , no problems at all

from MaxMuscles [5] on 8 January 2014

GREAT body! You're incredibly hot!

from DBs [10667] on 5 January 2014

I have paid for a cam and he never did it.

Posted on 3 January 2014

Georgi replied...

Got any proof? I'd like to see it.

Skype conversation? I paid for 2 cams. You did the first one and you never did the second, cause you were always busy or with people in home. Then you stopped to answer my messages. Sould I post the conversation here?

from Studly [340] on 5 January 2014

Georgi is a young stud with a big, full muscled body. He not only has killer biceps but he has a nice, kind-hearted demeanour. A great combination. He always delivers.

from DBs [10667] on 4 January 2014

I have paid for a cam and he never did it.

Georgi replied...
Got any proof? I'd like to see it.

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Age 25
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 108kg (238 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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