Jimmy Blue

Everyone’s soft during quarantine - not me, fucking lean and hard come get it

29, 175cm (5'9"), 75kg (165 lbs)

Akron, Ohio

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Everyone’s soft during quarantine - not me, fucking lean and hard come get it


About me

29 years old, shredded to the bone with full, strong muscles. Huge chest, big bicep peaks, rounded shoulders. Striated chest, triceps, shoulders, and ripped quads. The whole package deal. Physical beast and always down for some cocky talk and bulging muscle flex shows. Never disappoints.

**new skype: live:jimmy.blue1118


from jesse86 [145] on 23 September 2020

Starting to really understand that there’s something special about this dude. I’ve written a few reviews prior and my experience is continuously diving deeper into what it means to muscle worship. There’s a mental aspect as much as there is a physical. Now and then you find a model who understands that and when you devote time and effort into that mutual understanding the experience can get intense. His body is tapping into some deep desire that I myself am starting to explore. It’s the muscle, the conversations, the pics the vids. . . It’s a ride. Nothing but good things to say and I look forward to many more experiences. Fucking cheers man

from Killer02 [890] on 7 April 2020

Speed *****
Quality *****
Ease *****
Overall *****

At the end of the day we are paying money for a service.

Ripped and stacked this guy has the PERFECT physique . Videos are sent SUPER fast and are VERY GOOD QUALITY . Sometimes my requests were missed a little but overall great content .

from Ezde01 [83] on 15 January 2020

Jimmy has an indescribable muscular body! His biceps, chest, legs, and every part of his body is amazing! An easy to talk to guy who is nice and exceeds your expectations. His biceps are huge, and his pecs will keep you looking. He really is a true muscle stud. Thanks again Jimmy! Coming back for more.

from jesse86 [145] on 15 January 2020

Once again another beautiful encounter with this stud. His attitude is definitely icing on top of his build. Plain and simple he’s down to show off the hard workmen puts into building his body. He’s got that dense chest which he rocks with pride. Rewards loyalty so settle into his experience and enjoy. He’s the kinds guy you wish you crossed paths with on the street because if he caught you staring he’d probably throw you a quick flex. Stud.

from P. Alex [375] on 17 November 2019

He's back and better than ever. Huge muscle and nonstop flexing the whole entire show. Very nice to deal with as well! You will not be disappointed

Jimmy Blue replied...
The man

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Age 29
Height 175cm (5'9")
Weight 75kg (165 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity Latin


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