American Hairy Masculine Hot Muscle Stud

36, 176cm (5'9"), 100kg (220 lbs)

Naples, Florida

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American Hairy Masculine Hot Muscle Stud


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About me

Hey Guys, I am back and active for custom videos and cam shows. I will be only accepting forms of payment through Venmo, cashapp, and worldremit only.

Contact options:

Email -

Skype - (I think you can search my email to find my skype

WhatsApp - +1 239-963-6188 (text only)

***I will not accept paypal anymore or any app that allows chargebacks as for this reason why I stopped doing cam shows in the first place. Guys this is how I support my living so please know that I work very hard making quality custom videos for my clients. - Is now active!!! Guys, will be posting videos constantly on there so make sure you check it out. I still plan on doing longer and role videos on the best flex that will BLOW your mind!!! My next video is going to be insane for you muscle lovers!! Be on the lookout!!! Until then, follow me on onlyfans!! I appreciate you guys and could not do this without you!!!

***Greetings Guys, for custom flex videos, please email me at For all live shows moving forward, they need to be scheduled in advance. Please email me as well to set up a time and day as I do not have the time to sit online replying to messages all day. I will try and look at messages at least once per day and respond when I can. Thank-you and I appreciate you guys working with me on this!

***Follow me on my travels (Instagram - johnnymusclex)**

My name is John, and everything for me is all or none. I train hard! I diet hard! And I'm a beast!!! I stay lean year-round. I never shave unless I'm getting ready for a competition (Not til next year so hair lovers don't worry!!!) I'm a down-to-earth, easy-going and caring guy that truly enjoys flexing in from of muscle fetish lovers. I get into the session just as much as my clients do! When it's time to get the show on, the pump is REAL!!!

I promise to give you an unforgettable time along with a very unique experience. Looking forward to meeting you and showing off all this hairy and hot dense muscle I have that's just stacked on!!!


from ADAM1 [7961] on 12 May 2019

Sadly, doesn't appear he is doing videos anymore.

I sent him an email on April 20 asking for custom vid, but he never replied.

Plus, he hasn't accessed his profile on this website since Feb 11, 2019

JohnnyMusclex replied...
Hey Adam, I took a long break from videos. I am for now just going to do video uploads into the best flex. I was doing videos for awhile but had so many people con me and chargeback the videos I lost money and was charged penalties I had to pay. Maybe someday I’ll be back to doing them custom for people but for now I can’t commit time to that as my schedule has changed. Thanks for understanding and hope to do something with you in the future. JS ????????

from artguy10 [65] on 23 February 2019

I met with John twice this week - both times for a massage and then a muscle worship session. WOW!!!! He was so great the first time that I had to meet him a second time. The second time was even more amazing than the first. Handsome, charming, interested in me and my needs with muscles on muscles. His massage with terrific especially for an injury I had, and his body is awesome. His photos and videos certainly are great but don't do him justice. It is tough to decide which to worship more, his insane legs and calves, his giant shoulders, his huge biceps or his furry and massive pecs. Do yourself a favor, if John is in your city, meet up with him.

from danvio [55] on 23 November 2018

John ... where do I even start?
Without exaggerating my best meet-up I've personally ever experienced.
Also took his time discussing my wishes before meet-up (some models really rush you) and fulfilled all of them and more when we actually met.

When I told him in texting how I'm always careful because I have been scammed before during cam shows, he just instantly spontaneously Facetimed me without me even asking for it to prove that he was real, this is something a lot of models could learn from, it only takes a few seconds of your time. This doesn't matter as much for meet-ups, but definitely for cam shows.

He's so genuinely friendly, I immediately felt comfortable around him.
I did 45 minutes massage and 45 minutes worship.
Massage was incredible, better than any of my Wellness clinic massages I've had.
Worship was outstanding.
He's incredibly handsome (gorgeous smile) and what a body ... he's the kinda guy you go to if you wanna worship a REAL IFBB size bodybuilder and he's so good at it and you can tell he's genuinely into it.
He has a very masculine voice and that sexy American accent for those who are into that.
He also comes off very naturally masculine (not the obvious forced manly type of masculine).

Thanks so much John, I'm already looking forward to your next trip here.

from djmuscleflex [17192] on 7 November 2018

Definition of John: 1. One of the nicest men to work with. 2. Personality + 3. Can act out a scene with the best of them. 4. His body is just inhuman. I received my latest video from John and I was engaged the entire time. I just couldn't tear my eyes away from the video. Like I have said before, you need to check John out. Don't hesitate to contact him, support him in his plan. You will not be disappointed at all in what you receive !!!!!!!

from johncl [920] on 23 October 2018

Another stellar muscle worship video from The John Smithy! It held my undivided attention beginning to end. I appreciated how the shaving was recorded so as to collapse the process in natural stages and junctures. It was cleverly edited down so as to move it along by shaving one body area “in part” before moving onto the next. They did this by showing ample shaving, posing, and verbal teases for each body area.
As for John's performance, it was another "OMG" experience. John continues to surprise his viewers with new ways to demonstrate that he knows his body well and, more importantly, he knows what his worshipers want to see. As always, the verbal was fantastic. John would describe how each shave stroke felt, that it was revealing more of his smooth muscled body and thus, the fruits of his hard gym time and labor.

John also never lost sight that his viewers did not want him to get lost in the mechanics of the actual shaving process. He still would interject ample muscle posing and hot verbal throughout the shaving process. His performance allowed me to feel like I was actually witnessing the muscle worship session "live and in person". This factor seems key for virtual clients like myself, as you have a good working idea of what a live, in-person muscle worship session would actually be like. I hope to someday meet him for an in-person session, as his videos clearly demonstrate what he can deliver.

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Age 36
Height 176cm (5'9")
Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Hairy
Ethnicity White


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