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American Hairy Masculine Hot Muscle Stud

36, 176cm (5'9"), 100kg (220 lbs)

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JohnnyMusclex has 24 reviews.

from ADAM1 [8316] on 12 May 2019

Sadly, doesn't appear he is doing videos anymore.

I sent him an email on April 20 asking for custom vid, but he never replied.

Plus, he hasn't accessed his profile on this website since Feb 11, 2019

JohnnyMusclex replied...
Hey Adam, I took a long break from videos. I am for now just going to do video uploads into the best flex. I was doing videos for awhile but had so many people con me and chargeback the videos I lost money and was charged penalties I had to pay. Maybe someday I’ll be back to doing them custom for people but for now I can’t commit time to that as my schedule has changed. Thanks for understanding and hope to do something with you in the future. JS ????????

from artguy10 [65] on 23 February 2019

I met with John twice this week - both times for a massage and then a muscle worship session. WOW!!!! He was so great the first time that I had to meet him a second time. The second time was even more amazing than the first. Handsome, charming, interested in me and my needs with muscles on muscles. His massage with terrific especially for an injury I had, and his body is awesome. His photos and videos certainly are great but don't do him justice. It is tough to decide which to worship more, his insane legs and calves, his giant shoulders, his huge biceps or his furry and massive pecs. Do yourself a favor, if John is in your city, meet up with him.

from danvio [55] on 23 November 2018

John ... where do I even start?
Without exaggerating my best meet-up I've personally ever experienced.
Also took his time discussing my wishes before meet-up (some models really rush you) and fulfilled all of them and more when we actually met.

When I told him in texting how I'm always careful because I have been scammed before during cam shows, he just instantly spontaneously Facetimed me without me even asking for it to prove that he was real, this is something a lot of models could learn from, it only takes a few seconds of your time. This doesn't matter as much for meet-ups, but definitely for cam shows.

He's so genuinely friendly, I immediately felt comfortable around him.
I did 45 minutes massage and 45 minutes worship.
Massage was incredible, better than any of my Wellness clinic massages I've had.
Worship was outstanding.
He's incredibly handsome (gorgeous smile) and what a body ... he's the kinda guy you go to if you wanna worship a REAL IFBB size bodybuilder and he's so good at it and you can tell he's genuinely into it.
He has a very masculine voice and that sexy American accent for those who are into that.
He also comes off very naturally masculine (not the obvious forced manly type of masculine).

Thanks so much John, I'm already looking forward to your next trip here.

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 7 November 2018

Definition of John: 1. One of the nicest men to work with. 2. Personality + 3. Can act out a scene with the best of them. 4. His body is just inhuman. I received my latest video from John and I was engaged the entire time. I just couldn't tear my eyes away from the video. Like I have said before, you need to check John out. Don't hesitate to contact him, support him in his plan. You will not be disappointed at all in what you receive !!!!!!!

from johncl [980] on 23 October 2018

Another stellar muscle worship video from The John Smithy! It held my undivided attention beginning to end. I appreciated how the shaving was recorded so as to collapse the process in natural stages and junctures. It was cleverly edited down so as to move it along by shaving one body area “in part” before moving onto the next. They did this by showing ample shaving, posing, and verbal teases for each body area.
As for John's performance, it was another "OMG" experience. John continues to surprise his viewers with new ways to demonstrate that he knows his body well and, more importantly, he knows what his worshipers want to see. As always, the verbal was fantastic. John would describe how each shave stroke felt, that it was revealing more of his smooth muscled body and thus, the fruits of his hard gym time and labor.

John also never lost sight that his viewers did not want him to get lost in the mechanics of the actual shaving process. He still would interject ample muscle posing and hot verbal throughout the shaving process. His performance allowed me to feel like I was actually witnessing the muscle worship session "live and in person". This factor seems key for virtual clients like myself, as you have a good working idea of what a live, in-person muscle worship session would actually be like. I hope to someday meet him for an in-person session, as his videos clearly demonstrate what he can deliver.

from djmuscleflex [17202] on 26 September 2018

BAM !!! WOW, what a man. John is perfect as a muscle worshipers dream. He has the personality, the body, the attitude. He can be playful depending on the scenario or just down to business but he is all muscle. Just his presence will demand your attention. He is such a nice man to work with. He is so perfect for this type of work. I could actually feel like I was in the same room with him that is how real it is. Asked for another video. Simple one of the best on the bestflex network.

from zmanvegas62 [5] on 11 September 2018

I met John in Vegas. He was the best. You body is insane. Biceps like boulders, chest hard as steel,legs like giant oak trees and abs like the grand canyon. His pictures don't do him justice. He is a true muscle god. And best of all he is a great human being. I'm a disabled older man and he made sure I felt right at home. Great Smile and goes way behind to make your muscle worship fantasy go beyond your expectations. I will definitely recommend him and go see again when he comes back to Vegas. If I could give him more then 5 stars I would.

from Ukshorts [2030] on 3 September 2018

Just purchased a custom video from John. The whole process was professional and friendly, John delivers exactly what you ask for and puts 110% in. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone looking for custom video. his personality is as equally great as his physique.

from arboretic [60] on 31 August 2018

I ordered a custom video from John and he exceeded all of my expectations! He was very professional and was more than willing to accommodate my preferences. I think he is a shining example of what all other guys should aspire to be. And of course, the amazing body speaks for itself! He has definitely gained a longtime fan in me and hope to do more with him in the future.!

from jstevens [1545] on 14 August 2018

Received another amazing video from this Big Man!
He's got huge thick hairy muscle, but best part of the video was seeing how much fun he has showing it off.

from johncl [980] on 12 August 2018

I just discovered TheJohnnySmithy on this site today and bought his video. All I can say is WOW! Everything about him is the epitome of true muscle worship. So masculine, such a deep, sexy voice, and that body? Woof! I have never met him (but hope to someday), but I can tell just in his video that he's genuine, cool guy. Do yourself a favor .. BUY HIS VIDEOs and follow him on his social media platforms. He's definitely worth following on his muscle quest.

from uknorth [10] on 11 August 2018

I met with John in London earlier this year and he was amazing! He has a fantastic body and was such a lovely guy too. I hope to meet with him again if he comes back over to the UK/London.

I traveled down from Yorkshire to meet him and it was well worth the journey!
Don't know if you remember John but said you'd have to get some of your muscle friends over for me... I'd like that.

It was GREAT meeting John,

from Coolmanrico [826] on 25 June 2018

Wow, I received my first custom video from this huge muscle god. If you like huge muscles covered in hair, you will love this guy. His chest and Traps are my favorite, I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Also loved his smile. Will be getting more from him.

from jstevens [1545] on 25 May 2018

The custom video I received from John was really amazing. In addition to being packed with thick, dense, powerful, hairy muscle, John was very responsive to my request and produced a video that was so great I can't wait to request another from him!

from lovebodybuilderfeet [10] on 8 May 2018

Meeting TheJohnSmithy was the most amazing experience ever. His body is perfect, and he made me feel completely comfortable while he fulfilled my muscle and feet worship fantasies. He is a real musclegod!

JohnnyMusclex replied...
Thank-you for the great experience as well. Reputation is everything. I truly care about all of my clients. Looking forward to the next meet!

from CuteStudMD [85] on 10 April 2018

I had yet another amazing experience with John! He recently did a video for me that was beyond what I expected. He is a very easy-going guy who is very easy to talk to, and is interested in delivering what you want. He really took the time to get a feel for what I was asking for in the video, and he delivered 120%! I will definitely be ordering more videos from him in the near future.

JohnnyMusclex replied...
Thanks D, I appreciate making those crazy videos for you man! They are fun and I try to put a lot of effort into it because it makes you go nuts haha!

from Metgot [1185] on 7 October 2017

Tried to arrange a meet up and was not able to, decided on purchasing a flex video, received the video but the quality was low i think it was due to a bad connection with uploading/downloading at the hotel he was at etc. He said he would send when he got home and now I cant get ahold of him. I wish it worked out cause I totally wanted to buy a lot more videos from him.

JohnnyMusclex replied...
Hi Metgot, I had tried contacted you back concerning a new quality video. I never heard back from you. As you can see from my reviews with top stars, I take my videos and client experiences seriously. I'm still willing to redo a muscle video for you, but you need to get in contact with me through my email at or the number I have listed on the site. Hope to hear from you and get reconnected my man.

from nicegent [250] on 25 July 2017

I just purchased a custom video from John, and he is one of the most approachable, open guys to do shows or get videos from. He's also really hot and aims to deliver the best content possible. I gave him a role play idea and he nailed it. He gets into it really well, I recommend him for any muscle lovers out there. I hope to buy more videos from him in the near future.

from musclepup [4615] on 22 July 2017

I've purchased two custom videos from John. He's very professional and his hairy chest is a huge turn-on. He delivers exactly what I request and his intense muscle beast flexing will have me coming back for more!

from Shawn_1978 [601] on 4 July 2017

I recieved my very first video from John today! John is incredible massive in muscle and even more massive with a great personality. Talking with him is like talking to your best friend. Once you talk to him, you feel like you've known him for years and you don't want to stop. The video John made was very hot, and he flexed every single muscle extremely well, and shows just what a true professional bodybuilder he really is! Since I love his massive quads, he didn't disappoint me one bit when he flexed them, multiple times, in my video. I almost thought I was going to explode with lust! If I came close to reacting like that, I don't know what would happen if I ever get the chance to officially meet him for a muscle flexing session. To feel his muscles all over will be the ultimate fantasy come true for me! John loves and appreciates his muscle and bodybuilding fans, and it shows in the work that he puts into his physique, as well as when he interacts with his fellow muscle lovers and admirers! You're an awesome bodybuilder, John, and an even more amazing man! I hope to do more fun videos with you with more ideas and creative ways to make the flexing even better and even hotter than the next! Thank you so much, buddy! I wish you much love and all the happiness in the world as you go on with your bodybuilding endeavors! God Bless!

JohnnyMusclex replied...
Wow Shawn, that was a long review bro! honestly, im humbled and thankful for my clients and glad we are all having a blast doing this. Also appreciate the support with everything I have to invest in, in order to keep looking this way and continuing to grow. Thank-you thank-you thank-you!!!!!

from Skip0416 [5] on 2 July 2017

I have been with John many times and he is unbelievable he is a true gentlemen and treats you with respect I would recommend seeing him he is a true bodybuilder and makes you feel so comfortable when your in his presence 5 stars

JohnnyMusclex replied...
Skip, you are also a true gentleman. I really appreciate the sessions we do and the time we can spend. Looking forward to more shows as I grow! Much appreciated!!!

from I love Superman!!! [15] on 28 June 2017

Just finished a show with this amazing guy

Bicep lovers, this guy is your dream come true!

This guy has HUGE amazing biceps that he loves to show off and get verbal if asked to

Great smile and personality, very accommodating

Huge recommendation from me!

JohnnyMusclex replied...
Hey!!! two reviews never hurts!!! It's like a double bicep shot...2 massive cannons are always better than one!!!

from thetallg [764] on 25 June 2017

very verbal, very muscley, very flexy, good show!

JohnnyMusclex replied...
Thank-you for the kind words my man! It was fun! Loved getting into the role!!

from smartone34 [70] on 24 June 2017

I bought a video from him and he did not disappoint. He was super nice though out and is very easy to talk to. He's got a killer body and aims to please will definitely be buying more from him.

JohnnyMusclex replied...
Thank-you smart, I appreciate the positive thoughts! I'm glad you like the video! :)

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Age 36
Height 176cm (5'9")
Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Hairy
Ethnicity White


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