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The best is back.

31, 188cm (6'2"), 95kg (209 lbs)

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from Skillguy81 [81] on 21 April 2018

he is realy one of the best looking guys! awesome masculine face, body in awesome shape! and the best of it, he has a very pleasant personality.

from chrisden [20] on 20 December 2017

I am thrilled Lee has come back to us after a few years' hiatus. This dude knows how to be everything you want -- from cocky and dominant to friendly and engaging. He's one of the best on this site in appearance and in personality!

Lee replied...
Thanks man! ;)

from Alex0721 [185] on 11 December 2017

Just had a show with Lee. One of the best physiques I've seen. Very well-defined. Very professional but also held a great conversation. Did two shows back-to-back because one was simply not enough. Can't wait to do another show. Thanks, bra ;)

Lee replied...
Haha, thanks mate. Anytime ;)

from Graphp [50] on 8 December 2017

Really muscular man. Huge shoulders and back, tiny waist, big muscular arms, very little body fat, nice lower body as well. Also very handsome, and to top it off, he is really nice guy. Highly recommended.

Lee replied...
Thanks man, much appreciated ;)

from JMad [37] on 21 November 2017

Definitely one of the best around. Great attitude, body and size. Very busy so loving the onlyfans meanwhile. But when you can get a hold, highly recommended!

Lee replied...
Thanks man!

from vonking [113] on 19 November 2017

Where do i even start. I've had several shows with him over the years and he remains amazing! I rarely comment nowadays but it's great to see him here again! Totally worth it; i dare say, truly the best! Look forward to more shows and thanks for opening an onlyfans! Great content!

Lee replied...
Thanks man! Much appreciated.

from eurotraveller [20] on 18 September 2015

Great body, really friendly guy. One of the best!

from gofg [595] on 6 September 2015

Not joking I have had 2 shows in 12 hours! This guys incredible! So nice! So hot! Book now!!!!

from vonking [113] on 4 September 2015

Done an uncountable amount of shows with this stud and it just keeps getting better and better each time! I don't know how he does it! Highly recommend, truly the best!

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Age 31
Height 188cm (6'2")
Weight 95kg (209 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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