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Marcowrestler reviews


28, 179cm (5'10"), 91kg (200 lbs)

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Marcowrestler has 59 reviews.

from GooDFeLLoW408 [55] on 24 January 2018

Love this guy! Got another show from him this week. Can't get enough, man. Always responds quick and have never had a problem setting up a show

from xxxmanxxx [1790] on 28 December 2017

Had a cam show with Marco, great guy, easy to deal with, looks great, perfect body, I unreservedly recommend Marco.

from scrabblebutt [5] on 28 December 2017

Fantastic show. Going to miss this guy when he retires. The Best Flex hall of fame!

from filthyanimal [5] on 10 December 2017

POW! BAM! BOOM! WHAM! Marcowrestler strikes again! He's every mans dream. Makes me powerless when I'm in his presence. I'm in awe and envy his perfect body. Excellent show any day of the week! : )

from coffeecrazy [5] on 6 December 2017

10 stars to Marco! Incredible show. If there was a Ph.D. for this stuff Marco would have one. I have some crazy fantasies and I admired that Marco was very understanding and accepting. He made me feel very comfortable and that is what I needed. I will always go back for more!

from t.o.m [5] on 4 December 2017

Hands down this Muscle god gives THE BEST performances on here. It started with just a show and he had me hooked. I splurged a little and also bought a custom and some gear from him. He stands out because of his honesty, intelegence and care for his service. When I bought the custom he was very quick to respond to coordinate details and stayed in constant contact. When I bought the gear he sent me the tracking info right away and it was at my door two days later. I would recommend Marco to anyone and everyone.

from KLASSICGUY [5] on 29 November 2017

Marco is blessed with such a beautiful, aesthetic physique. Not to mention how intelligent he is. I would enjoy talking to him for hours at a time. He has been the easiest and most responsive performer I've ever dealt with on here. No doubt a professional in this world!

from bestflex [55] on 28 November 2017

Marco is great dude, super personable and engaging most importantly a positive attitude. His cam shows are stellar and if given the chance the meet-ups are a must. He's put in the hard work and dedication to build what he has today and it shows. Cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone, 6 STARS!

from Jay.45 [2525] on 28 November 2017

Crazy bicep peak, thick rock hard muscle and dominates like the wrestling god that he is. If you like muscle and swag, hit this dude up !!!!

from strongerfasterbetter [5] on 26 November 2017

Hands down the best performer on here. Amazing body and facial features. Nails all my requests perfectly. If you’re looking for a show or custom, look no further!

from Mattjames [535] on 24 November 2017

So I've worked with a lot of guys for custom videos. Some are good. Some are occasionally great. This is the first time that I really can say that my expectations were blown away. To see Marco's body in motion is not something you can imagine - because it will better than you can imagine. Just trust me on this. I had pretty specific instructions for Marco to follow. It's as if he understood what I wanted him to do better than I did. Great communication and questions from him that made everything better. Excellent quality of the final product in terms of video delivery.TL;DR - the best guy here without any question, doubt or hesitation.

from BranchKenyon [57] on 24 November 2017

Just completed my first cam sesh with Marco. Awesome muscled body, tuned into my requests. Marco is total professional. I know that I will be back for more--he understand how fucking hot he is but is completely comfortable with it, as well. This Stud delivered an experience above and beyond what I had anticipated.

from Alex0721 [295] on 22 November 2017

Had an awesome show last night. Was willing to do whatever I wanted. Quick response time, awesome show, spot on body. Definitely can't wait to do another show with this beast.

from ht_89_th [5] on 20 November 2017

Just received my first custom from handsome Marco. The quality was impeccable! The process from start to finish was a breeze. He nailed every key point that I wanted. As we all know we can be very particular with what we want. His customer service was like no other. Don't waste your time with the other guys on here. Marcos the man at TBF!

from nathanb78 [655] on 20 November 2017

His muscular physique is as impressive as his willingness to please. I ordered a very detailed custom from Marco and he delivered it the next day. He was friendly and open to the things I wanted and really took the time to give me a good show. I can't wait to come up with a new custom for his amazing body.

from keeb314.18 [175] on 19 November 2017

Did a cam show, very honest about what he offers and any limits if you ask. He was really into showing off, talking, getting to know what you like and putting on a good show.

from Muns87 [865] on 18 November 2017

Personable, cute and muscular! What more could you ask for? Keep up the good work Marco. Gimme more!

from redcrusier [5] on 17 November 2017

Just received my first custom. Speechless. A+ Hollywood performance. Very easy and enjoyable to talk to. Turn around time from request to download was impeccable.

from bk564ny [20] on 16 November 2017

Exceptional cam show. Exceptional body. Best around and a great guy too! Probably best muscle show ever!

from RTrain [5] on 16 November 2017

Marco combines his impressively muscular physique and his experience as a wrestler to give one hell of a show! He is a total hunk and an absolute muscle god. Get at him!

from bk564ny [20] on 16 November 2017

Exceptional cam show. Exceptional body. Best around and a great guy too! Probably best muscle show ever!

from thecrusher [5] on 12 November 2017

Phenomenal show. Met all my requests. Knows how to put on an amazing performance. Envious of his chiseled pecs and abs ;)

from H3 [100] on 7 November 2017

Absolutely amazing. A cocky son of a bitch and a gentlemen. Truly a rare combination.

from alnuit [65] on 7 November 2017

This guy is the real deal. Down to earth, sexy as hell - and just wait till you get him to do some roleplaying. Worth every penny!

from GooDFeLLoW408 [55] on 7 November 2017

Breh. This guy is a stud. Super down to earth and professional, and gave an awesome cam show. Top notch body and personality. Can't wait to get another.

from Neal [730] on 1 November 2017

What a friendly, classy stud! Gave a great show and has such a great body. A real winner!

from Classic142001 [290] on 31 October 2017

Marco was friendly and easy to deal with. He delivered a show that went beyond what I could have wanted. Simply amazing. I'll be back.

from tomokomo [5] on 25 October 2017

One of a kind! Leads the pack for performances on the best flex. One might call him THE KING of CUSTOMS. Just booked his flight so I can finally meet this alpha in person. The excitement is real!

from ironandpain [5] on 25 October 2017

I recently purchased gear from this stud. Very easy process. As soon as I sent my payment the gear arrived cross country at my door two days later. Marco was right on top of things. He sent tracking information and was in constant contact with me. VERY trust worthy guy and awesome gear!

from scooby [606] on 23 October 2017

GREAT muscle worship custom vid! Peaked biceps and deep cut chest and abs! Mesmerizing Muscles!

from strongerfaster [5] on 23 October 2017

Early morning show with this guy. Best way to start the day :)

from babyblues44 [5] on 23 October 2017

Couldn't wait to watch the custom he sent me as soon as I got off work! Best custom I've ordered from a best flex performer. The process was very easy. He stayed in constant communication and nailed EVERY detail of what I wanted. Thank you again Marco. Cant wait for my next one from you.

from matratt [5] on 23 October 2017

Ive been a regular of Marcos for years now. Meet ups and Skype shows and gear. Never fails to impress me. Personality and looks! He has it all.

from hornyboy1234 [260] on 22 October 2017

Amazing show from Marco! He is total perfection, did everything I wanted and more for a great price. Great service too and super quick at responding. Definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a really hot show ;)

from skywalker [5] on 21 October 2017

Best performer on here. Those shredded abs and juicy chest are to die for.

from smashmouth [5] on 21 October 2017

Marcos #1 fan. If you don't get a show with him you're missing out on an amazing physique.

from musclearsenal85 [5] on 20 October 2017

First time doing a show with Marco. Extremely accommodating. This man knows how to put on a performance.

from phillyball33 [5] on 16 October 2017

Found my new favorite. Such a spectacular show with an explosive ending!

from tedb897 [5] on 12 October 2017

Always amazing skyping with Magic Marco. Cant wait till I see him in December. One of the easiest and most intelligent guys to talk to on here.

from kevinknyc [5] on 12 October 2017

Such a sexy aesthetic physique. The custom video exceeded my expectations. Will be back for more :)

from racenglish [5] on 12 October 2017

Such a sexy man, very nice show. Def will be taking another with this hunk.

from tpudds876 [5] on 11 October 2017

Phenomenal show. Role play was exactly what I wanted. Very vocal and awesome costumes. Thank you Marco!

from musclecrazed [5] on 11 October 2017

This guys the real deal! Over the last two years he's provided amazing meet ups, custom videos and live shows. You don't want to pass up this one!

from liamllll [10] on 11 October 2017

lol best show on here, will do what you asked, he doesnt talk much, but with those muscle, he doesnt have to :)

from SCPlaya92691 [220] on 10 October 2017

Another amazing show, very accommodating and his body is perfection. Definitely looking forward to a meet up.

from sustanciap [5] on 8 October 2017

Awesome show, very accommodating and fulfilled all my requests. Will do a show again soon!

from Chris_CJ78 [360] on 4 October 2017

Just did a show with Marco, and he's great. Very low key, gorgeous, everything. Highly recommend!

from Kamaswami [345] on 26 August 2017

This was my 3rd time meeting Marco (I was supposed to meet another guy I found through TheBestFlex, but he flaked) and he was just as cool as ever. He's great with communication, seems open to almost anything, and his body is amazing. If you're looking for a cool, unpretentious dude to worship, Marco is your man. Plus, he was super accommodating and took me at the last minute when my original TheBestFlex dude baled. Thanks Marco

Marcowrestler replied...
Thank you Mr Latz for flaking on this wonderful guy! Ill take anyone in Florida looking to meet. Also available to travel out of state.

from keithLA [45] on 16 June 2017

Great body. Nice guy. Doesn't say much, but the chest on this guy is amazing. Gladly do another show.

from Andrew1446 [1030] on 29 March 2017

Great to deal with and excellent communication to let me know exactly when I should expect the video. He gave me a really good flexing show and is in incredible shape. Couldn't have made things any easier for me, I would definitely recommend Marco to anybody.

from justinian411 [195] on 6 March 2017

Great Show ! Very Hot

from Kamaswami [345] on 4 March 2017

Genuinely nice guy with a hot as hell body. He's only about a week out from a comp, and while he's lean year round, this man is shredded, vascular, and simply amazing to behold. Did I mention he's a cool guy, too? Hit him up.

from caldermark [7485] on 27 February 2017

I just had my first show with Marco and it was excellent. At my request, he hit all the basic bodybuilder poses and did a great job. Very friendly and accommodating. He has a very impressive physique. Killer abs, thick, vascular forearms and biceps and well defined, muscular legs. I plan to see more of this fine model.

from qwigybo [170] on 9 February 2017

Great show with this guy! Big and lean, fantastic physique. Very easy to work with. Hit him up!

from Studly [340] on 5 February 2017

Big & shredded. Crazy abs bicep peaks and striated everything. Handsome AF too. Cool ass dude.

from scooby [606] on 23 January 2017

Sledgehammer Arms + Thick Plump Pecs + Ice Cube Tray Abs + Tree Trunk Legs = Macro, er, MARCOWRESTLER! HOT SHIT!!! 🔥🔥🔥

from Kamaswami [345] on 4 January 2017

Awesome, nice, genuine guy. Recommend

from musclegoat [60] on 31 December 2016

I did a show with Marco after years of being his fan from wrestling videos. He was awesome! He delivered on everything we discussed ahead of time. He's in fantastic shape. I can't wait to do another show with him soon.

from thisusername [80] on 28 December 2016

Talking to him is like pulling teeth from a two year old. Luckily there are other cam guys who can actually communicate type out a full sentence. Do not waste your time.

Marcowrestler replied...
Only have cammed with one person so far from bestflex. No clue who this would be then

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Age 28
Height 179cm (5'10")
Weight 91kg (200 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Shaved
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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