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MUSCLE GOD hot, sexy , young, muscles, flexing, attractive

20, 190cm (6'3"), 85kg (187 lbs)

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Mike Jones Magic Mike has 21 reviews.

from trebazz [1300] on 25 December 2018

received nothing

from trebazz [1300] on 3 December 2018

been 2 months and never recieved anything

from usefulpig [633] on 23 July 2018


Very good. Totally awesome. I love this guy.

from usefulpig [633] on 23 July 2018


Perfect. Just what I like. Natural muscle. Good looking. The right amount of attitude. Thank you.

from IMJ009 [990] on 3 July 2018

Mike is PURE PERFECTION. Beautifuly lean and athletic. He is easy to work with and aims to please as well. He is genuinely passionate in what he does and it shows. Def get in touch with him if you want some top quality show or vid. Oh and his face is TO DIE FOR as well, most handsome guy you will see

from niceboyy [44] on 25 May 2018

I sent an email in Jan 2018 and also earlier this month requesting information about "Sex Videos of me fucking women". i recieved no reply on either occasion. I did'nt get scammed like others on here but felt the need to alert people to his strangely unreliable behavior. If i want anything from this guy in future i will stick to the videos posted on this site and steer clear of everything else.

from IMJ009 [990] on 30 April 2018

Mike is absolutely great. Great to interact with which is very important for stuff like this. He also performs great for every thing you ask. He is also lean and ripped. My favourite guy on here.

Mike Jones Magic Mike replied...
thanks alot mate hope u enjoying the best videos and shows!!!

from David B [55] on 11 January 2018


Mike is an awesome and friendly performer and he has a really fit body for a 20 year old guy. Thanks for a great show!

from oriapplepie [95] on 16 December 2017

Had 2 custom videos with Mike :) Though the payment arrangement was a headache, he delivered what I wanted. One of them was a rock star/boyband star fantasy. And Mike totally delivered it, I felt like I am one of those super lucky fans who get a back stage pass. And it’s been said many male singers really took advantage of such idol worship XDDDD Now that I checked the previews of his Bestflex videos. May be next time I should ask Mike to work up a sweat :D Cos even his face was sweaty in one the previews! Yummy!

from Wap2ntx [155] on 18 November 2017

I have purchase all of Mike's videos on this site. He is absolutely amazing. Sexy, passionate, and genuine. I recommend his shows on this site and look forward to more to come.

from richardbitch1990 [105] on 13 October 2017


Great guy! Great show!

from garsbuffoon [140] on 1 October 2017

Mike aims to please. I just had a cam show off session with him. He did what I ask and he had a good time, which was great.

Mike Jones Magic Mike replied...
Thanks alot bro hope to see u soon :)

from Stripperlad [5] on 14 September 2017

Awesome lad with a beautiful body! Really cares about his customers and makes sure they like what they get. Will be booking more shows from him!

Mike Jones Magic Mike replied...
Thanks buddy love our shows :)

from sfo13m [5612] on 31 August 2017

I have ordered private videos from Mike. He's a nice guy, and it is easy to do business with him.

He knows what his fans like to see. (It is huge and curved.)

Nice, lean muscular build.

Mike Jones Magic Mike replied...
Anytime buddy thanks for the review :)

from Andrew1446 [1010] on 13 August 2017

I just had a custom video from him and he really could not have done a better job! He was very friendly and made sure to find out exactly what I wanted in the video then delivered it the same day that I made the payment. Absolutely first class and I'll definitely be coming back to him for more videos.

from Huntsmuscle [45] on 1 August 2017

Had a video from Mike recently it was delivered immediately and just what was asked for. He certainly does have good curves and knows how to please!!

from scottyboy [190] on 9 July 2017

had many shows with mike and they were all great.. i don t recognise the other reviews with my experience .

from Neal [625] on 9 July 2017

He is polite and friendly but then he will scam you. Guy is rotten!

from BDson [246] on 7 July 2017

I did not get a show but could tell from his responses on Skype he was a scammer. Too many questions on this one. I am staying clear.

Mike Jones Magic Mike replied...
Cant beat my reviews mate ;)

from rubeng2016 [280] on 5 July 2017

This loser! Could not do videos because he was in a car accident. Well looks pretty good to me. Watch out for this one. Takes the money and runs!

from Neal [625] on 5 July 2017

Stay away from this guy! Scammer who takes your money and fails to give what he promised.

Mike Jones Magic Mike replied...
Sorry do I owe you anything?

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Age 20
Height 190cm (6'3")
Weight 85kg (187 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Other


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