Mr Latz

Live shows & custom vids all day

25, 177cm (5'10"), 82kg (180 lbs)

West Palm Beach, Florida

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Live shows & custom vids all day


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About me

Hello there Mr Latz here, I'm currently a 25 year old fitness model .

I do all types of custom videos, Live shows and also have pre-made videos for you as well. So ask me with any request.

Want to see my aesthetic physique through an HD camera? Maybe a meet up? Email me .

Contact me on skype -

Meet me

I'm available to meet in West Palm Beach, Florida.


from VentusHeart [556] on 22 April 2019

Mr Latz is in a league of his own.

He's an amazing looking hunk: very huge biceps, trunk like quads and bubble butt.

It's always easy to deal with him ; he's enthusiastic, really friendly and funny.

Speaking of which, his attitude makes his shows truly unique. The guy always brings a lot jokes and random comments... That always brings it to the next level and that's SUPER HOT!!!

Mr. Latz is the perfect guy if you need something more spicy and with no filter!!! <3 Think of him as Jim Carey's mind with Hercules' body.

from jockboyrick [162] on 27 March 2019

Mr Latz scores again! Dude is as hot as ever, and the best fucking alpha I've ever bought a vid from! He is so damn good looking and sexy as fuck -- and he knows it. Whether he poses and flexes or just smiles, he knows you're drooling over that amazing body and perfect bubble ass. Just smokin' hot from head to toe.

Want him to tease you and own your ass? He'll deliver what you want like you never had it before, and you'll love it all.

Mr Latz is so fucking perfect, and I'm ready for whatever he can give me.

from cdaluvr [10] on 17 March 2019

If you want to see a real alpha... then dont waste any more time.. my boy latz has delivered time and time again. Did I mention he has the best ass in the industry and perfect cock... let's not forget his face talk about aestheticly blessed

from jockboyrick [162] on 1 March 2019

Another 5***** review from me -- Mr Latz delivered again! Frankie is my go-to at Best Flex, because he knows what I like and what I want, and he give his best. The body is amazing, and he's always in shape, and he knows how to show it off.

Frankie is powerful and dominant, and his verbal is as good as his physique. That wicked smile tells you he knows he's hot and proud of it, and that you want it -- and will come back for more. You want flexing with the cocky? Then this guy's got it. You want to be bashed and dominated and degraded? Nobody is better.

Mr Latz is also one of the few guys who follows up and asks if you're satisfied with the video, and is also open to suggestions. He's a good guy and def worth it. With some muscle guys, one vid is enough to satisfy me, but not with Frankie. I keep going back to him. He knows he has a hold on me hehe

from keeb314.18 [175] on 16 February 2019

When he delivers it's good but unfortunately he's owed me a video for 4 months now. Moving on and will likely never buy anymore. How hard is it to find 20'ish minutes to an hour of time to make a video in the last 4 months?

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Age 25
Height 177cm (5'10")
Weight 82kg (180 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity Mediterranean


Location West Palm Beach, Florida
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