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27, 180cm (5'11"), 87kg (191 lbs)

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Mr Latz has 148 reviews.

from Salve4muscle [1028] on 24 May 2020

I have been buying vids for years and this man never disappoints. The best alpha out there!

Mr Latz replied...
Thanks my man! It's just second nature to me ;)

from Albeit89 [80] on 19 May 2020

Such a great guy, he really looks to please when he makes a video! I just got my first one from him and it was excellent! His body does not disappoint and he really knows how to use it. Definitely going to have to get another video from him!

Mr Latz replied...
Thank you to you I aim to please. That is the number one goal with making my videos. I need to make sure the customer is happy. I look forward to eventually making another video for you. Thanks for your interest.

from IMJ009 [1185] on 18 May 2020

The one the only muscle god. Great content, great physique, great attitude

Mr Latz replied...
I am happy you enjoyed the show. Always enjoy my loyal customers. Looking forward to our next show. Thanks mate

from labtec830 [180] on 18 May 2020

I ordered a custom video from Mr. Latz. This was actually my second. He went above and beyond with my request, and made an amazing video! His physique is stunning and his attitude perfect. He was also exceptionally good with communication and was very concerned that he made the best video possible. Highly, highly recommended!!

Mr Latz replied...
Thank you so much. And I am very happy you enjoyed the video. I aim to please. Personally I feel like communication is very important. Looking forward towards the next video with you my man

from Muscularryan [1977] on 17 May 2020

Had an amazing show with Mr Latz! His biceps bulge like huge mellons out of his tight shirt and look amazing. Best forearms I have ever seen and had that sexy dominant way about him that just makes me drip! He’s very nice genuine and easy to trust and always puts the most into a show. Can not wait to see more and enjoy time with this great guy.

Mr Latz replied...
It was a pleasure reconnecting with you. I enjoyed showing off for you immensely. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Just wait till I get bigger ;)

from TM95 [307] on 15 May 2020

Reconnected after a long time and he is even more in tune with what his customers want and frankly, need. Always a class act and very good at what he does. No sense in settling for something else when the GOAT is available.

Mr Latz replied...
Thanks my man! Was great reconnecting with you Siri I had a Lotta fun looking forward to it again.

from Universalkev09 [160] on 15 May 2020

Awesome cam shows by this guy! Try him... you won’t be disappointed!

Mr Latz replied...
Thank you. I know those biceps drive you crazy. Ha ha

from gofg [630] on 15 May 2020

Great first show! Make me cum loads! Sexy fucker!

Mr Latz replied...
Thanks for trying me out. Looking forward to more shows in upcoming future. Thanks again my man

from Ajones3838 [290] on 14 May 2020


Mr. Latz does not disappoint, EVER!! A great guy, huge personality, even bigger muscles and EXTREMELY handsome. Latz keeps me coming back for more. Very friendly and aims to please. So glad I found him a while back, and will continue doing business with him and supporting him along his fitness journey.

Mr Latz replied...
Thank you my mam. He is one of my favorites to do shows with. He is super relaxed and respectful.

from graygriffin [80] on 3 May 2020

Had a good show with Mr. Latz. Very easy to work with and did a show right away.

Mr Latz replied...
Thank you for the positive review My man. Looking forward towards future shows and different scenarios

from Trueheart75 [266] on 27 April 2020

I've always had a positive experience with Frankie, he's always delivers videos in a reasonable amount of time and is very open to different ideas. He's not self conscious about showing the cakes and for that I appreciate! :)

Mr Latz replied...
Thank you my man. You are one of the most loyal customers on it. And I value that extensively. Looking forward to our next show.

from gayfagaud [198] on 2 April 2020

Had a brief but great experience with Mr Latz today. Still the best for biceps, triceps and perfection. Love how he is so DTE. Thanks mate

from Killer02 [825] on 23 March 2020

DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT SEND HIM MONEY!! look through his reviews guys he has burned a lot of people . Too bad these guys can’t just be HONEST MEN and have to be a thief instead . Has it not occurred to you guys when you STEAL someone’s money .... you may have just messed with the WRONG person .... you have no idea how far someone may go when you steal money from them and BLOCK THEM. all I will say is KARMA is a BITCH and what goes around .... comes around . Thank you and have a blessed day mr latz .

from Jaynuke1 [7440] on 7 March 2020

Third custom video from Mr. Latz was just as amazing as the rest. He is looking more and more ripped. Did exactly what was asked and delivered the video in a day!! Recommend if you want high quality custom videos !!

Mr Latz replied...
Thank you for the positive Review. I am to please

from Flex4me888 [15] on 10 February 2020

He is amazing. Does exactly what you want him to. Hot body

from VentusHeart [1121] on 4 February 2020

Amazing guy. He made a video being worshipped by another guy and it's a masterpiece. Go for him !!!

from Jaynuke1 [7440] on 27 December 2019

Second custom video delivered by Mr Latz tonight. Did exactly what I requested. He is jacked and knows how to show it. He added a twist to this video. Highly recommended!!

Keep up the great work Mr Latz!

from Jaynuke1 [7440] on 18 December 2019

Just received my first custom video from Mr. Latz. He has massive vascular arms and ripped abs. His biceps could rip the sleeves of his shirt and his abs look like steel. From the time he agreed to record it, up to the time he informed me that he had sent it, he was very kind and concerned about what I wanted. He reminds me of an old friend that will do anything you ask. He’s a class act and I highly recommend him.

from Salve4muscle [1028] on 16 December 2019

Amazing str8 bully. Always want more.

from gayfagaud [198] on 14 December 2019

had a small show with me latz and damn he was fine. Back to being me perfect

from sub4you2own [5] on 30 November 2019

he is perfect in every way, from his massive mountain arms to his perfect feet. he is engaging and just memorizing! if you want to see something amazing and the closest thing to perfections message him.

from frankiep [390] on 21 November 2019

After losing touch with him for awhile got my chance to connect with him tonight and all i can say he is better than ever. His arms are bigger and more peaked and his forearms big and rock hard. as is whole physique Still puts on a great show and makes sure u r pleased

Mr Latz replied...
Thank you for the positive review my man Frankie. I know those biceps me feel weak. Just way

from DoonB [4027] on 14 November 2019

I buy regularly from him and never had a problem. He’s got some great peaks right now if biceps are your thing and plenty other videos to offer otherwise.

from coolio00 [605] on 8 November 2019


Hasn't delivered and has now blocked me. Looks like he's gone back to being a scammer again!

from WantMuscle [10] on 31 October 2019

I don't believe there is anybody that is as good to his craft like Mr Latz!! Thanks again for always coming through and making me very excited!!

from WantMuscle [10] on 28 October 2019

I can't say enough about Mr Latz! He just knows muscle worship and always deliveries with those peaks! He has some of the best aesthetic on The Best Flex!! I'll be coming back for more soon Mr Latz!!

from caldermark [9155] on 20 October 2019

I received an excellent video. He is very personable and gives 100% with his posing. I, too, was impressed with his arms and quads, but he has great overall development. I plan to buy more videos from this cocky stud and highly recommend him.

from BushbangerCo [5] on 16 October 2019

Had a great experience with my master checking out his guns n pits. Best master out there. Note: given the last reviews have been five stars also suggests those who gave one star are after a free show or fake

from DoonB [4027] on 25 September 2019

Another great experience with this guy. Delivered quickly and exactly as I asked. Looks amazing on cam, outstanding arms and quads.

from photoguy12 [71] on 22 September 2019

Mr. Latz is the best. He is always eager to please. This guy is large and always in charge. He keeps is word, and is so professional. Mr. Latz is cocky, built, and is great at what he does. You have to get rid of the rest and try Mr. Latz because he is the best. Trust me he is a fantasy come true. A true Marvel.

from coolio00 [605] on 20 September 2019

Decided to take a punt with him despite recent reviews! He was actually great! Re-assured me and sent me a great video! Glad he's the real deal again :)

from jonesdus [10] on 8 September 2019

Met up with him last night for the first time. He's definitely the real deal. Super chill, loves to show off and all around great guy.

from John333 [50] on 25 August 2019

I was hoping the 1 star reviews were not true, but they are! Do not waste your time on this guy. He will lead you to believe he wants to meetup but will not show up when the day comes.

Mr Latz replied...
pressured me for sex acts. AVOID

from stracer82 [176] on 14 August 2019

Contacted about a possible meet up, and without even getting into details about it, he quickly barraged me with how he is STRAIGHT and what he doesn't do. Maybe others have been pushy and it's overwhelmed Frankie but it's a turn off for that to be the tone of the convo. I've done over 100 meet ups and never push any limits to make anyone uncomfortable. If anything, *I* need to be made at ease. Also, considering some of the videos put out, including the deleted bicep fuck video, I would think he wouldn't be so brash about basic muscle worship. Nonetheless, 6 of the last 10 reviews are 1 star yet the overall rating is 5 stars which doesnt make much sense. I hope the old Mr Latz returns with all happy fans....

from gayfagaud [198] on 30 July 2019

Another good video and online cam with this fella. Top notch, always prompt in replying and all round nice guy. Never had a problem with him and still the best

from Will M. [194] on 18 July 2019

Goes on these waves when he seems legit and gains your trust, but you will always come out burned in the end.

Paid $50 for a video file that arrived "corrupted", and immediately said he would resend yet I have only received weeks of radio silence.

from scooby [632] on 6 July 2019

Paid for a video but never got it.

from VentusHeart [1121] on 25 June 2019

Paid for a show two months ago... He didn't answer ever since. I want a refund!!!!

from gayfagaud [198] on 24 June 2019

Like always, had the privilege of camming with a really swell alpha stud. Everytime he gives a good show but its also important to build rapports with guys like Mr Latz. He knows you well and can look after our needs as well as giving him respect.

from beefy4muscle [2550] on 15 June 2019

Paid for custom June 3...Not a word from him since. I do actually hope he is ok...

from gayfagaud [198] on 19 May 2019

Have followed this guy for almost 5 years. Still is on point and provides more than what I seek. He's real, he's awesome and indeed what I like and love to follow. I love his body, and he builds good rapports with his clients

from jockboyrick [210] on 27 March 2019

Mr Latz scores again! Dude is as hot as ever, and the best fucking alpha I've ever bought a vid from! He is so damn good looking and sexy as fuck -- and he knows it. Whether he poses and flexes or just smiles, he knows you're drooling over that amazing body and perfect bubble ass. Just smokin' hot from head to toe.

Want him to tease you and own your ass? He'll deliver what you want like you never had it before, and you'll love it all.

Mr Latz is so fucking perfect, and I'm ready for whatever he can give me.

from cdaluvr [15] on 17 March 2019

If you want to see a real alpha... then dont waste any more time.. my boy latz has delivered time and time again. Did I mention he has the best ass in the industry and perfect cock... let's not forget his face talk about aestheticly blessed

from jockboyrick [210] on 1 March 2019

Another 5***** review from me -- Mr Latz delivered again! Frankie is my go-to at Best Flex, because he knows what I like and what I want, and he give his best. The body is amazing, and he's always in shape, and he knows how to show it off.

Frankie is powerful and dominant, and his verbal is as good as his physique. That wicked smile tells you he knows he's hot and proud of it, and that you want it -- and will come back for more. You want flexing with the cocky? Then this guy's got it. You want to be bashed and dominated and degraded? Nobody is better.

Mr Latz is also one of the few guys who follows up and asks if you're satisfied with the video, and is also open to suggestions. He's a good guy and def worth it. With some muscle guys, one vid is enough to satisfy me, but not with Frankie. I keep going back to him. He knows he has a hold on me hehe

from keeb314.18 [175] on 16 February 2019

When he delivers it's good but unfortunately he's owed me a video for 4 months now. Moving on and will likely never buy anymore. How hard is it to find 20'ish minutes to an hour of time to make a video in the last 4 months?

from akassaka [1577] on 10 February 2019

Truly incredible muscle god!! He care about his fans and very quick service. I bought numerous videos and shows from him and always come back to him for more.

from scarecrswiss717 [123] on 8 February 2019

Bought two videos from this guy. What an amazing stud! He is as hysterical as he is personable as well as smoking hot. Easy to deal with and a lot of fun. Thanks!

from Muscularryan [1977] on 4 February 2019

Just had a hot dominate alpha show with this guy. His biceps blow me away. Peaks are insane and the forearms are so massive. I wish I could feel them in person and get majorly dominated by his powerful arms!!! Can’t wait for more!!!

from koopa77 [285] on 26 January 2019

got a good video of him. LOVED it.

from gayfagaud [198] on 23 January 2019

Another awesome show last night. Am a lover of biceps and the male physique and Mr Latz gives that and more. He knows me well, so we catch up like old friends. Have been around for a few years now.

from Landon [5] on 16 January 2019

I have known Mr.Latz a long time and he never disappoints. It's a pleasure to see him, and get shows and content. Definitely will keep on watching Mr.Latz!

from gayfagaud [198] on 15 January 2019

Still the best. He flexes, peaks and shows his physique like no other. Been a fan for years and he keeps getting better. Well worth the cam and videos

from J@ckie123 [350] on 13 January 2019

Brought multiple videos now and he never disappoints! Amazing.

from Metgot [1130] on 6 January 2019

First time dealing with this amazing muscle beast. He was very professional and friendly to talk to. He delivered the video pretty quickl too. Did everything I asked and owned it in the video! Amazing size and cockiness! I am totally gonna get more videos from him!

from jt3333_33 [2998] on 4 January 2019


I don't know what changed with him, but after being a fan for well over a year or so he will just take your money and not deliver on what's promised. Waited 3 months for delivery on what was purchased/promised only to be told he no longer does those types of videos. I shouldn't have to wait 3 months to be told what I paid for wasn't going to happen. Especially after such a large amount of money given up front.

from DBs [16838] on 3 January 2019

After a long time waiting for a video, he wanted to send some pre-made one.

from Muscularryan [1977] on 3 January 2019

I just had the best show with this guy. His vids are so hot and his biceps are destroying me at every flex. I love how he destroys me with his verbal domination and forces me to feel those huge guns. He’s super nice good looking and overall I can’t wait to have more shows with him. Fuckin love it!

from jsonyal87 [283] on 2 January 2019

just got my 1st custom vid from Latz. Arranged it via Skype and told him what I wanted to see, and he definitely listened and delivered. Hot video for sur, and arrived about 2 days after we chatted. Totally professional and attentive. Sad to read those latest reviews, because I don't take him to be a scammer... might have just been busy from the holidays!

from DBs [16838] on 1 January 2019

I must agree with soulboy87. More than 3 weeks waiting for a video, that should be made in "1-3 days". I am done with him too.

from musclebitch [114] on 22 December 2018

Wow. Awesome video. Words don't describe how incredible Mr. Latz is.

from sfo13m [7136] on 16 December 2018

I have ordered another video from Latz. Latz has added muscle size in his off-season. The video was great, and I will return for more.

from Classic142001 [350] on 12 December 2018

Just had a great show with Latz. He was quick to respond and knew exactly what I was looking for. Hot guy with a great attitude. I’ll definitely be back for more.

from DoonB [4027] on 19 November 2018

Awesome guy to work with. Each video he delivers 110%!

from xxxmanxxx [1900] on 19 November 2018

Mike is a great guy, easy to deal with and in great shape. Give him a try.

from sfo13m [7136] on 16 November 2018

I received some videos from Frankie. After a preview, I knew I wanted to order it. :)

Frankie is a nice guy, has a fantastic body, and makes great videos that I love.

I will certainly buy more in the future from him.

from bigone14 [7555] on 13 November 2018

Just had another excellent experience with Mr. Latz. He is great to work with and very quick on the delivery. Not to mention he is very easy on the eyes. I would definitely recommend him and I plan on remaining a good customer.

from gayfagaud [198] on 11 November 2018

I've never had a bad show. The guy is a master of flex and all that jazz. Nice guy also, builds a good rapport and entertains but gets to know your fetish and works you over. Very happy so far

from jockboyrick [210] on 10 November 2018

Just ordered another custom from Frankie -- because nobody does it better. He looks incredible and is hot and sexy as fuck. If you want the cocky, THIS is the guy to get a vid from.

I love the trash talk, and no one will fucking destroy you better than Frankie hehe. He's a fucking MASTER at owning my faggot ass, and I love it!

from beefy4muscle [2550] on 9 November 2018

Every custom I buy from this god is hotter than the last!!!

from sfo13m [7136] on 2 November 2018

Ordered a custom video after seeing his work in the domination video on this site. Latz is a good guy to do business with. He looks great in his eyeglasses.

I have enjoyed the custom vid he made for me.

from Daveo88 [30] on 31 October 2018

Ordered a custom video and it was just as requested. Will order again.

from iheatrad.97 [1750] on 20 October 2018

I ordered a custom video with him for the first time. Everything went perfectly and I got the video in a timely manner. He is how and in a great shape.

from justinian411 [195] on 7 October 2018

Great Show

from bigone14 [7555] on 26 September 2018

Got my first custom video from Mr. Latz. He was very pleasant to deal with; working with me to make sure that I got what I wanted from the video. The video was awesome!! He's really something to look at and it was a pleasure to watch the video be created for me. I would definitely recommend him and I plan on going back for more in the future.

from Shawn_1978 [580] on 22 September 2018

I received my first custom video from Mr. Frankie Latz today! Since I love the muscle man in tight jeans, Frankie was more than happy to wear his tightest, sexiest pair to show off on his aesthetic physique for me and I could tell that he enjoyed indulging me in my muscle worship fantasies!

Frankie is a total pro at making this video. He can take any video description you give him to play out for you and make it even better with his own ideas added to it, while still paying attention to every detail that you want and desire in his video.

From start to finish, throughout the video, Frankie was in his element! Flexing, posing, showing off how his huge glutes and quads filled out his tight jeans, seeing every sexy curve of his muscular glutes and quads through them. Using his alpha male charm, and yet, very warm and friendly personality to encourage me to admire his muscles. To feel them. And enjoy them.

Frankie's physique is in top form. Shredded abs, large peaked, defined biceps, fully defined chest, and amazing quads and glutes! Frankie has it all and even more!

It's rare to meet a muscle guy who is not only beautiful in muscles, but in personality as well. Many muscle guys can come off as arrogant and self absorbed, but not the sexy, talented, Mr. Latz! He is a true professional and aims to please his muscle fans, and it shows in the videos he makes for you!

Frankie Latz, thank you so much for a very first, exceptionally well done, custom video! You clearly enjoyed making it and I loved every single minute of what you produced for me! I know this will not be our first and last video! I hope to share even more ideas and more sexy attire that you can show off on your incredible physique to indulge me in my muscle worship fantasies even more!

And maybe one day, You will grant me the serious honor of seeing your handsomeness and incredible physique in person, with a muscle worship session that both of us will enjoy!

I wish you all the love in the world and even greater success with your fitness goals and any other endeavors you pursue in your life! You deserve all the happiness in the world! God Bless!

from jockboyrick [210] on 6 September 2018

Simply the best.

Got my 3rd custom vid from Frankie, and as usual, it was awesome. He covered everything I asked him for, and looked incredibly hot and sexy doing it. I love the verbal stuff, and Frankie is sooooo damn good at it. I can never make it through the video in one sitting hehe

You want him to be cocky? He will blow your mind with attitude and superiority. You want swearing and a middle finger? Just ask and Frankie will not only give it to you but enjoy himself while he's at it.

Importantly, he's responsive to emails, and will message you to let you know what's going on. In a world of scam artists, this guy is the real deal. I know he has my trust.

I cannot get enough of Mr Latz.

from DoonB [4027] on 24 August 2018

Got my latest custom from him yesterday and he is looking phenomenal right now. However you can take a normally A-rated athlete and turn out an A+ he knows how to do it. Aesthetic and lean, with awesome splits on his big biceps. If anyone was thinking of buying from him definitely now is your time for a great experience with this guy.

from CuteStudMD [85] on 6 August 2018

I just did my first custom video with Mr. Latz a few days ago. It was a great experience! He was open to hearing exactly what I wanted, gave me a time when he would be able to complete the video, and then delivered as promised. The video was great, and I am definitely planning on doing more in the future. This performer is a great one!

from RUHERCULES [65] on 3 August 2018

I just purchased a BestFlex video of Mr. Latz. Perfection needs to be admired! I've picked my poison. I want to be crushed by those massive quads. Damn he is one hot muscle boy!

from jockboyrick [210] on 23 July 2018

I found my new favorite -- Frankie is just incredible. Dependable, efficient, responsive to emails, accommodating. I've been disappointed so many times before, but Frankie was better than I expected and hoped.

He delivered exactly the kind of custom vid I wanted. He's hot, he's sexy, he's built like a god, and if you want verbal and a cocky attitude, he'll deliver that in spades. On the first viewing, I couldn't make it past the 3 minute mark -- that's how good he is and how good he looks.

In an email, he wanted to know if I was happy with the vid, so this is an alpha who aims to please, and does. I'm already ordering another custom.

I've watched and bought tons of flex and worship videos. It doesn't get any better than Frankie Lats.

from IMJ009 [1185] on 23 July 2018

Latz is the aesthetic perfection on this site. His quads are HUGE. As are the rest of his muscles, perfect proportions too. Face is perfection as well ;)
And the content he delivers is just as perfect. Delivers what you want, timely. He is also a real easy person to deal with. Can't recommend him enough!

from gr8jays777 [700] on 22 July 2018

Huge guns and quads. Definitely 5 stars.

from ipay4being [320] on 14 July 2018

Rock hard muscle god. i could never get enough of him.

from Muscularryan [1977] on 15 June 2018

All I can say is hot as fuck!! This fish peaks are so huge and his body is ripped as hell. I can’t wait to have him destroy me again.

from scooby [632] on 6 June 2018

I just got another custom vid from Mr in other words I visited Muscle Heaven for 10 minutes! Bicep peaks are phenomenal! I could stare at and suck on them for daysssss!!! Quads are massive tree trunks ripe for hugging and never letting go! Abs are ripped and ripe for the licking! And my face needs to kiss on and then suffocate in those huge round pecs! MUSCLE WORSHIP ECSTASY!!! I want more. And more. And more. And more. And......

from Jay.45 [3032] on 21 May 2018

huge peaks, rock solid bodybuilder quads and cockiness that will make you drip and cum in minutes.

from djmuscleflex [16475] on 18 May 2018

What can I say that already hasn't been said. Received another custom video and he takes my scenes and owns them. His expressions and how he acts the custom is very realistic and he made it very personal and that is for me even better. He is extremely polite and professional when communicating with him. You will not be disappointed at what Mr. Latz does. His body is mind blowing

from scarecrswiss717 [123] on 13 May 2018

This guy is absolutely amazing. Got a cam show awhile back and definitely did not disappoint!

from djmuscleflex [16475] on 8 May 2018

Received another Custom Video from Mr. Latz and from the 1st second of the custom video. He had a hoodie that exposed his arms, that rock hard chest and then when he turned around, that awesome V-Taper. He had fun with my 3 part story. He loves to show off and flex and he does it perfectly for me in my custom videos. His physique is Rock Hard and he knows how to show it off.

from djmuscleflex [16475] on 1 May 2018

Frankie is an amazing individual. His body is rock solid and very firm. His quads are just insane. He performs on my custom videos. My custom videos can be quite elaborate and he does them extremely well. I have no complaints on Frankie. He is professional and very respectful. He treats his fans extremely well and is very personable. He is a definite keeper !!!!

from CrossFit_83 [155] on 28 April 2018

Awesome guy! Did a cam show with him the other day, and it was great. Super chill and personable, and crazy hot to boot! Fantastic bod, and especially his legs are insane! Also super respectful and very easy to communicate with. You can't go wrong!

from djmuscleflex [16475] on 23 April 2018

My next Custom Video delivered by Mr. Latz and it was nothing short of perfection. His body is so tight and well defined. It is hard to find flaws with his body. He acts out my scenes extremely well His facial expressions are over the top and his close ups just make me want to drool. Support Mr. Latz. You won't go wrong at all !!!!!!!

from djmuscleflex [16475] on 19 April 2018

He is the Best. He gives 200% to his custom videos. His body is extremely tight and he loves to perform for his fans. My custom video's are very detailed but leaves wiggle room for Mr. Latz. He just goes to town with them. Love his Facial Expressions. I am normally not a leg man, but his Quads. WHOO....No other comment needed. Professional and extremely nice to deal with. You can't go wrong with Mr. Latz

from xmen123 [156] on 19 April 2018

Just had my first cam show with Mr. Latz.

What a great, personable, nice man. We talked the whole time he flexed and the show did not seem rushed.

As he was showing off his muscles, he'd ask me what my favorite ones were and then would flex them for me. I'm an arm guy, so he had a lot to show off.

His body is well balanced and has great symmetry.

I'll definitely be back for another show.

from jt3333_33 [2998] on 12 April 2018

I've ordered a few personal videos from Mr Latz now and he's always lived up to expectations. The man is all natural and has great aesthetics. Very handsome man! Very personable and easy to communicate with. Gives the impression he really does care about his customers and very respectful. Guys like him are rare. Treat this muscle god and give him what he deserves! 5/5

from timo.muscle [440] on 5 April 2018

nice guy, did a good job

from DBs [16838] on 3 April 2018

I bought a custom vid from him and it was much more than i could imagine! I had already many cams, but the quality of the videos is awesome and all those details were incredible! Not just how I wanted it, but MUCH MUCH more! He really goes above and beyond! Amazing muscle beautiful sexy god! Perfect ripped huge muscles! Also he is very good with communication, no delays, no doubts! Go there, fast, guys! You wont want to waste the oportunity! Highly recommended!

from mich.davies2016 [144] on 3 April 2018

Wow! What can I say about the video Mr Latz made for me. Absolutely amazing. Has the most stunning of physiques and the best biceps you could ever imagine. Clearly enjoyed making the video and could not recommend more highly enough for the quality of his product.

from hiboy1212 [11] on 31 March 2018

Seriously amazing! He is so quick to respond and really caters to what you want! He also has a good balance of dominance and cocky. It's not over the top but just perfect and there is no doubt that I will be requesting more!

from J@ckie123 [350] on 29 March 2018

Had a video from Mr Latz and I’m so impressed. Guy is a true alpha and I know where all my moneys going now ???????? Thanks again!

from beefy4muscle [2550] on 26 March 2018

Ordered yet another custom vid! Never ever disappoints! The body of a god!!!

from djmuscleflex [16475] on 24 March 2018

Received my 2nd Custom Video. Just like with Fine Wine, He gets better and better. That body is just pure muscle. He is extremely Solid to the fact that when he moves, it is like he is permanently flexing. He is very easy on the eyes and if you get a custom video from him, watch his facial expressions, they are priceless !!!!

from chubbyslave79 [15] on 24 March 2018

Had a show with this superior god and he is so cocky and dominant. A true god and master. Will be meeting up with him again shortly

from Salve4muscle [1028] on 23 March 2018

Mr.Latz is amazing!!! He is so easy to talk with and have a conversation, and it really shows that he cares about his clients. He is so HOT!!! His body is huge, and if you are into domination, worship - mild to extreme, he is the best!! He is so natural at it, and he loves to show off his Alpha side. Will be getting more vids from him for sure and seems to be very trustworthy.

from chris.89 [610] on 21 March 2018

So I want to start off by saying that Mr. Lats should be called Mr. Aesthetic. He is built like a Greek god. I loved interacting with him. He is kind, professional, and truly respects his fans. I feel that he is a true person and loves to make his fans feel special. Awesome total package and his pro like quads and glutes are to die for. Highly reccomended.

Mr Latz replied...
It was a pleasure meeting up with you and look forward to doing it again with you. Thank you :)

from Jay.45 [3032] on 21 March 2018

with his new physique with quads like a pro bodybuilder and bicep peaks and chest shreds, this guys made me nut in about 3 minutes !!!!! Go see this animal so he can destroy you. The cam show was awesome

from djmuscleflex [16475] on 20 March 2018

He is easy on the eyes. He is another perfect package. He looks very hot and his body is so equally proportional. Loved his Close Up flexing. Loved the Attitude with the body. He is definitely one to keep in mind. Just requested a 2nd Custom Video from him. Perfectly Made. You will not be disappointed with him.

from koopa77 [285] on 15 March 2018

got a PV from him and i loved it . He is impressive most impressive.

from Trueheart75 [266] on 3 March 2018

Dude, just got a custom video from this guy. Well worth it, he has a great ass and an innocent boy next door look so sexy !!!

from Builtt [633] on 2 March 2018

WOW!! I had my first webcam show with Mr. Latz last night. It was spectacular. He was super friendly and accommodating setting it up. And, boy oh boy, did he deliver. He's very very comfortable flexing and showing off his hard work and accomplishments. He's fun, super engaged, and really, really good at entertaining you. Highly recommended!

from labtec830 [180] on 19 January 2018

I received a custom video from Mr. Latz and it was incredible. He's got an incredible physique, and an equally awesome attitude!

from steveej004 [500] on 7 October 2017

This guy is the real deal. Body to die for. Friendly. Quads. Lats. Arms. Booty for days. If u want a great guy to show u whats hes got pick Mr Latz!! 5*****

from Jay.45 [3032] on 9 September 2017

again this guy had me dripping and exploding like a hose.

from beefy4muscle [2550] on 24 August 2017

My first custom vid was amazing! Eagerly awaiting the start of my second!

from frankiep [390] on 24 August 2017

Got to do a webcam show with him and it was an amazingly enjoyable experience. He was very friendly and seemed concerned that your requests were fulfilled. He has a fantastic physique and really knew how to flex every muscle. His arms are perfectly shaped and peaked rock hard cannon balls. Amazing forearms chest and a back when flexed shows why he is known as Mr Latz As I said a great personality as well and really concerned that he did everything you wanted and you were happy. At end of show he did not just end it and leave he made a point of thanking you and inviting you back again, which of course I will do,

from IMJ009 [1185] on 13 August 2017

Open for stuff & friendly, recommended

from Kamaswami [350] on 4 August 2017

I recieved my first custom video from Mr. Latz and I'm very happy. He was a really nice guy to deal with, communication was accurate and fast, he provided exactly what I asked for, and he's got a great body. Highly recommended!

from Neal [740] on 27 July 2017

Had 3 shows with this guy and all I can says is wow! He is all muscle but also all goodness. A gentleman and a muscle god! What a combination!

from DBs [16838] on 18 July 2017

I just had a show and, right after, I asked for a video! His size and shape are incredible! Very friendly!

from Jay.45 [3032] on 18 May 2017

this dudes quads are unreal. More like an old school bodybuilder than a physique guy. Tell him what you want and if its muscle, then your in luck. He will have you leaking like a faucet

from Thesuperduperbooster [95] on 17 May 2017

I'd give him a very positive if I could! He made me an amazing custom video, but unfortunately it had gotten deleted and I didn't save it. I explained the situation and this awesome guy tells me he'll make me a new one since he didn't have the original file either. He's honestly the sweetest and coolest dude out there, and hopefully he makes it in whatever he's wanting to do! He's a real friend.:)

from rhoevin [80] on 15 April 2017

Just finished a show with this awesome guy! Mike's an excellent poser, friendly and easy to work. Very accommodating with poses and views! I'll be returning often!

from jt3333_33 [2998] on 5 April 2017

Sexy and fun!

If you like cocky then you need to get a show with Mr Latz! :)

from ipay4being [320] on 31 March 2017

Mr Latz never disappoints. He exudes power and aesthetics at the same time. Every moment with him on cam is absolute pleasure

from scooby [632] on 20 March 2017

Worth the price of admission just for the huge peaked bulging biceps and the thick tree trunk quads! Deep sexy voice too! Let him seduce you!

from jessmack [715] on 12 March 2017

definitely recommend his services. ordered several vids, including custom, and it was done as requsted and delivered promptly :)

from bennyshazz [170] on 2 March 2017

Video took a bit but it was VERY hot! He is a muscle god and he knows it!! Very cocky and full of energy!

from ipay4being [320] on 28 February 2017

Awesome! I have had several shows with him and never disappointed. His perfect smooth body leaves me speechless and breathless. AESTHETICS is his middle name and he moves so smoothly that he is like a well-oiled machine meant to be a work of art. You will not believe how perfectly smooth his skin is. He is stunningly aesthetic.

from cdaluvr [15] on 31 January 2017

If you are hesitating getting to know Mr.latz shame on you. This guy is a true alpha and has no problems showing off the muscles hes worked hard for. I wish i could say he had one perfect feature but he doesn't.... instead every single inch is perfection. Face like an angel, unbelievable arms and chest but those legs are practically tree trunks. Wait until you get a glimpse of his glutes. You'll wonder what you have been doing with your life.

from gayfagaud [198] on 21 November 2016

Best camshow guy out there. Ive done many shows previously with this dude. super built, always at gym and works hard to perfect his body. if only I could cam as much as I wanted and hoped for

from DBs [16838] on 14 September 2016

I had my first show with Mr Latz! It's not possible to write here all good things I should say about him!! Awesome show? VERY huge biceps and chest? Chiselled abs? The most very handsome face? After watching his man in the cam, you will realize that is just a pale description for the most incredible experience that you can have! If you trust on pictures when deciding about asking for the show or not, then you already have the best reasons to cam with Mr Latz...but, like me, you will find out that any pic can be so sexy, fantastic, amazing, wonderful, incredible, or awesome as Mr Latz can be in the cam! Should be a duty do cams with him!!

from BDson [261] on 7 September 2016

Kid is absolutely amazing. Really good guy and amazing show. Aesthetics are fantastic.

from gayfagaud [198] on 6 September 2016

one of the better gym/muscled guys. very nice, and builds a great rapport with his cammers. id rate extremely positive.

from scooby [632] on 12 March 2016

So big and hot with a sexy voice and very personable. Arms of steel with peaked biceps and tree trunk legs! GREAT SHOW!!!

from willtan1234 [5] on 15 October 2014

Mr. Latz was awesome!

from MuscleFan11.93 [95] on 5 September 2014

Mr. Latz is the man! Not only does he have killer lats, the rest of his body is just as perfect. Huge rock hard biceps and shredded six pack abs, this dude has it goin on. I had two shows with him already and he knows how to deliver. Gotta love his cocky attitude too. ;) if you haven't got a show from him yet, get one. You won't regret it.

from Bodø City [30] on 26 August 2014

This boy is amazing. Very hot all over his body.

from leanmeen217 [165] on 22 May 2014

Frankie is an unusually naturally smooth guy with a great all around body and a huge butt. He has an endless amount of energy and a good conversationalist that aims to please.

from Muscle Slave [25] on 8 May 2014

Amazing confident guy. Loved every minute of the show. You won't regret it!!

from bjdawson [40] on 1 May 2014

i had a show with this character and he is everything people say he is. great personality and really treats you well. if all cam guys were this nice i'd be broke.

from txlatino1291 [20] on 21 April 2014

I keep coming back for more.. Can you blame me?! Mr. Latz has yet to give me a show where I'm not satisfied, if you catch my drift.. Definitely willing to give you what you want, you just gotta give in return! Been back, and will continue to be back.

from Can I Feel Your Bicep [90] on 4 April 2014

So there's tonnes of guys on this site that have great bodies. And even though this guy is a little bulked right now, he's still got abs and looks great.

So with tonnes of great bodies to pick from, why do I enjoy camming with Mr Latz so much?

Simple. He's got personality. Yes, he's sexy. But the chat, the smile, the confidence - it's a perfect combination. He puts on a great show. He actually enjoys it and has fun. He interacts and flexes what you like to see best. He smiles and he's handsome. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Make sure you see his legs. I actually think he should re-name his profile to Mr Quads!

100% recommended.

from txlatino1291 [20] on 20 March 2014

I've had a few shoes now with Mr. Latz and he NEVER fails to impress. A true stud, who knows what he's got and how to use it!

from sydneyguy34 [15] on 16 March 2014

One of the best cam shows and bodies I've ever had the pleasure of admiring. He made is personal and special for me. If you're an ass man, you'll never get enough of his muscle butt. I was in heaven.

Mr Latz replied...

from txlatino1291 [20] on 12 February 2014

Awesome show. Gives it to you, and then some. Nice, charming, charismatic, and knows how to use what he has. Would definitely recommend, and will definitely be back. Thanks bro ;)

from chip [50] on 7 February 2014

super nice guy with an amazing body. will definitely be doing more shows with him!

from comida [5] on 6 February 2014

I had a show with him yesterday. he was great. muscular and really liked to show if off. he was kind of cocky about himself as he should be! cool guy to work with

from coasterking500 [15] on 28 December 2013

Great guy, nice as could be. Delivers exactly what your looking for. Had multiple shows no issues couldn't be more happy

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Eyes Brown
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