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no words only acting

20, 180cm (5'11"), 85kg (187 lbs)

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from DBs [15484] on 11 December 2019

I just finished a cam with this man and it was a great time! Muscular, ripped, easy to deal and very professional! The quality of the show, image, light and sound were all great! I took the opportunity to ask for a custom video... :) Recommended!

from pomona [2075] on 20 August 2019

He is a well-muscled young man and he is extreme shredded. He makes extraordinary custom videos, exactly as requested and even better. He is also a super nice guy with a very good attitude towards people.
I feel like I've found another hidden treasure of this website.Thanks bro for all the great videos you've made for me and for the ones that will come as well.

MysteriousMuscle replied...
Thank you!

from bigone14 [7515] on 10 September 2018

I've done a bunch of custom videos with MysteriousMuscle over the past few weeks and it has been a pleasurable experience. He is very friendly and pleasant to deal with. He's also really hot! I would recommend him and I plan on going back for more.

MysteriousMuscle replied...

from Matt.45 [145] on 1 March 2018

Very prompt delivery of my video, and very professional attitude. Thank you.

MysteriousMuscle replied...
Thank you Matt

from leanhairy [385] on 15 December 2017

he's been kind and responsive. amazing shape for his young age. gym enthusiast and passionate. shows with him have been a positive experience.

MysteriousMuscle replied...

from DoonB [3700] on 9 December 2017

I've bought loads of videos from this guy. He's really responsive, good prices and looks great on cam.

MysteriousMuscle replied...

from inmovie89 [2655] on 7 October 2017

took my money, no response, complete cheater

MysteriousMuscle replied...

from DoonB [3700] on 27 February 2017

Bought a couple of videos from this guy and I expect I'll be buying more soon. Handsome guy with a ripped and vascular body. He's easy to deal with, friendly and polite.

MysteriousMuscle replied...

from rubeng2016 [290] on 5 February 2017

Awesome and nice. Get a show with him.

MysteriousMuscle replied...

from dman123dman [275] on 3 February 2017

this guy is awesome

MysteriousMuscle replied...

from pownat [1317] on 3 February 2017

This guy is awesome. He is good looking, muscular, ripped and vascular. He puts on a great show. Contact him and get a show, you won't be disappointed

MysteriousMuscle replied...

from errorna [295] on 2 February 2017

Just bought a show from MysteriousMuscle and it was great! He is very very friendly, easy to communicate and trustable. He has a handsome face and a great physique! Both muscular and ripped. Did everything I requested at a good price! He is very serious to making the video, not as others did. He even spent several hours editing the video to make it better! Great junior bodybuilder and great young man! Highly recommended!

MysteriousMuscle replied...

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Age 20
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 85kg (187 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Mediterranean


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