Ricky Muscle

Real Intense Jacked Muscle

29, 178cm (5'10"), 106kg (233 lbs)

Tampa, Florida

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Real Intense Jacked Muscle


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About me

Ricky Muscle here rolling in at 5’10 230 pounds 7% body fat ! 21 inch arms , 28 inch legs , 32 inch waist ! A real deal god ! Ricky loves to show off to Muscle fans around the globe and brings an intensity and charisma which leaves fans speechless and wanting more ! Come see this freak show live on cam or schedule a meet up to see and feel the Muscle up close !!

Meet me

I'm available to meet in Tampa, Florida.


from ADAM1 [2784] on 14 September 2018

I'm not sure he is around anymore. I sent an email to him using the address he has listed on this page, email was rejected as "disabled or unlisted". I then try to Skype him 5 days ago, again no response.

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 12 July 2018

Just Completed my 5 part mini series staring Ricky. His body is HUGE and he acts out my scene's to perfection. I love his close ups. He is Huge and Vascular. I love his personal messages at the beginning of my videos and then he gets to me scene's and just kills them. Absolutely one of the friendliest and professional men to work with. He is always positive and upbeat with my scene's. If you want BIG and I do mean BIG Muscle then Ricky is your man !!!

Ricky Muscle replied...
Booooooom!! Love bringing your vids to life man ! Thanks for all the support !

from littlelunch [3702] on 3 July 2018

Just received another custom from Ricky. He is not only a pleasure to deal with but a pleasure to behold. Damn he is built! He really listens to your requests and does an amazing job turning fantasy to reality.

Thanks big man!

Ricky Muscle replied...
Hell yea lunch my pleasure !!!

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 18 June 2018

Another custom Video from the bigger than life man Ricky. This man is HUGE and he is one of the nicest people to work with. His trademark for me when he starts my custom video is a small little banter and I absolutely love that. That is what I call a Custom Video. His posing is Flawless and they way he does my scenarios are perfect. In addition to his flawless videos, he really communicates and it very very friendly. Highly Recommend Him. You will not be disappointed.

Ricky Muscle replied...
Thanks so much DJ ! Another vid coming your way soon!

from TinyWeakMan [19] on 13 June 2018

I got my first show with Ricky last night. He is the very definition of a man. He delivered the huge, intimidating, cocky and ripped muscle I was looking for. He’s flawless, not one weak spot in the godlike armour that is his body. Every single pose Ricky hit oozed masculinity. He is an incredible poser who knows how to make every muscle and vein pop. I found myself hanging on every word he uttered in his deep voice, and he positively fed off of the worship. I could tell in every second just how much fun he was having owning me.

Not only all this but Ricky was possibly the most professional, efficient and easy guy to nail down a show with. I’ve had guys take payment and then drag out delivering a show for over an hour after payment without a word. Not Ricky. He made it easy for me to tribute him and then got himself ready, while making sure to let me know who was in charge.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in dominant alphas, look no further. If you’re looking for something else, I doubt you’ll do better than Ricky’s incredible physique and professional approach. He deserves every recommendation to be listed in triplicate. I’m already looking forward to tributing again soon.

5* for the show and another 5* for the excellent customer service throughout

Ricky Muscle replied...
Hell ya weak man thanks so much for thoughtful review ! Love owning and dominating my prey ! You were a great customer ! Hope to show u who’s boss against soon!!!

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Age 29
Height 178cm (5'10")
Weight 106kg (233 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Mixed


Location Tampa, Florida
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