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Real Intense Jacked Muscle

29, 178cm (5'10"), 106kg (233 lbs)

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Ricky Muscle has 27 reviews.

from ADAM1 [2784] on 14 September 2018

I'm not sure he is around anymore. I sent an email to him using the address he has listed on this page, email was rejected as "disabled or unlisted". I then try to Skype him 5 days ago, again no response.

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 12 July 2018

Just Completed my 5 part mini series staring Ricky. His body is HUGE and he acts out my scene's to perfection. I love his close ups. He is Huge and Vascular. I love his personal messages at the beginning of my videos and then he gets to me scene's and just kills them. Absolutely one of the friendliest and professional men to work with. He is always positive and upbeat with my scene's. If you want BIG and I do mean BIG Muscle then Ricky is your man !!!

Ricky Muscle replied...
Booooooom!! Love bringing your vids to life man ! Thanks for all the support !

from littlelunch [3702] on 3 July 2018

Just received another custom from Ricky. He is not only a pleasure to deal with but a pleasure to behold. Damn he is built! He really listens to your requests and does an amazing job turning fantasy to reality.

Thanks big man!

Ricky Muscle replied...
Hell yea lunch my pleasure !!!

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 18 June 2018

Another custom Video from the bigger than life man Ricky. This man is HUGE and he is one of the nicest people to work with. His trademark for me when he starts my custom video is a small little banter and I absolutely love that. That is what I call a Custom Video. His posing is Flawless and they way he does my scenarios are perfect. In addition to his flawless videos, he really communicates and it very very friendly. Highly Recommend Him. You will not be disappointed.

Ricky Muscle replied...
Thanks so much DJ ! Another vid coming your way soon!

from TinyWeakMan [19] on 13 June 2018

I got my first show with Ricky last night. He is the very definition of a man. He delivered the huge, intimidating, cocky and ripped muscle I was looking for. He’s flawless, not one weak spot in the godlike armour that is his body. Every single pose Ricky hit oozed masculinity. He is an incredible poser who knows how to make every muscle and vein pop. I found myself hanging on every word he uttered in his deep voice, and he positively fed off of the worship. I could tell in every second just how much fun he was having owning me.

Not only all this but Ricky was possibly the most professional, efficient and easy guy to nail down a show with. I’ve had guys take payment and then drag out delivering a show for over an hour after payment without a word. Not Ricky. He made it easy for me to tribute him and then got himself ready, while making sure to let me know who was in charge.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in dominant alphas, look no further. If you’re looking for something else, I doubt you’ll do better than Ricky’s incredible physique and professional approach. He deserves every recommendation to be listed in triplicate. I’m already looking forward to tributing again soon.

5* for the show and another 5* for the excellent customer service throughout

Ricky Muscle replied...
Hell ya weak man thanks so much for thoughtful review ! Love owning and dominating my prey ! You were a great customer ! Hope to show u who’s boss against soon!!!

from Kensoudojo [102] on 1 June 2018

I had the pleasure of having a camshow with Rick today and his efforts have left me with a smile and feeling way better after a rough day. He is so dedicated and his muscles are impressive, he performed a really hot back flex that left me grinning anf wanting more. It was a real pleasure conversing with Rick as he flexed those veiny arms, I hope to draw him as he poses next time!

Ricky Muscle replied...
Thanks so much Kensou! Always a pleasure posing for you !

from littlelunch [3702] on 4 May 2018

I recently recieved my first custom from Ricky. And well.....wow! His body is stunning, amazing to watch, add to this a dominant alpha attitude with a damn sexy accent and you have a great video in the making.

He listens and delivers your fantasies in the video, plus both friendly and professional to deal with, it won’t be the last custom I’ll be asking for!

Thanks big guy,

Ricky Muscle replied...
Thanks so much lunch!, had a great time making the video for you !

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 7 April 2018

Another Custom Video Done. He is a giant, strong and very intimidating man, but he is such a nice man to deal with. He always gives me my signature What's UP and a few Flexes before he starts me scene, which has become his trademark for me. Giving bodybuilders scenarios can be tricky for them. We have to use or imagination as well as to what they are trying to deliver to us in our fantasy scenarios. Ricky does excellent with my scene's. His productions are spot on. He used his props for strength and WOW just blasted me away. You will never go wrong with Ricky. Extremely nice man to work with but a freaking beast when it comes to acting out the scene's.

Ricky Muscle replied...
Thanks again buddy ! Hey you write down the scene and I try to make it come to life !! Awesome working together !

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 6 April 2018

Another Custom Video from Ricky. He is just a very nice, Large, Huge, Big Man. His videos are just awesome as he just gives me more than I ask for. He is a very charismatic person and does my videos very well. He has this awesome talent for voice changing, when he is speaking with me and my opening it is cool. When is getting in to the part, you become terrified if you were actually on the other end. Flexing is AWESOME and his close ups are great. Kudos for another Fantastic Custom Video !!!

Ricky Muscle replied...
Yea buddy ! Thank you so much for the kind words ! I try to deliver to the best of my ability and in a timely manner ! Your a great client and friend man many more vids coming sooooon!

from frankiep [250] on 6 April 2018

Had another webcam show with Rick As usual i enjoyed it. Main purpose of the show was to show his strength and he is even more powerful than he was in last show and also more vascular and ripped. You can read my last review on 2/11/18 to see the props he used to show his strength. Anytime I want to see unbelievable strength he's the man.

Ricky Muscle replied...
Love showing the strength Frankie ! Thanks for being a great loyal customer and fan!

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 4 April 2018

2nd Custom Received. Ricky is just one massive man. I love his performance in my custom videos and my scenes. He really makes it his own and adds stuff that you wouldn't think he would. He always opens my video with a What's UP and and an AWESOME flex, then he is down to business !!!! Can't get enough of Ricky !!!!

Ricky Muscle replied...
Hell ya DJ! Booooom goes the dynamite !

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 3 April 2018

OMG. Ricky is a FREAK in a good way. He has gotten more ripped from 2 months ago when I did my few custom videos. I did a new concept of custom video and I was NOT disappointed. He is very dominate during his videos and not only follows my script but takes it into crazy territory !!! He has fun with my scenes with that body and cocky talk. Love working with Ricky.

Ricky Muscle replied...
Hell DJ love making your videos buddy ! Always give a great script and I love to show off and preform for you man ! Glad you are back !

from jesslikesembig [10] on 7 March 2018

Amazing show. Very fast and responsive and listened to my input.

Ricky Muscle replied...
Hell ya Jesse thanks for the review !! Always down to make good muscle shows !

from orangetiger [30] on 2 March 2018

This is what the bestflex is about! Rick has the body, size, attitude, just enough of a mystery with the mask!! I loved all my encounters with this muscle beast!

Ricky Muscle replied...
Thanks tiger ! I appreciate the love ! Many more muscle encounters to come !

from Sinmar277 [1018] on 28 February 2018

I've got Ricky fever!!! Dude is so hot he could jump in a pool of molten lava to cool off! Damn Ricky, thanks for another great video experience!

Ricky Muscle replied...
Yeaaaa Sinnnnn! Hahaha you sick with the Ricky Flu !l thanks for your loyalty and support !

from bazzagood [141] on 27 February 2018

Great to see Ricky is on The Best Flex, he is amazing and I have done lots of shows with him! nothing but great things and he is awesome to deal with! hope we can have many more shows in the future!!

Ricky Muscle replied...
Hell ya bazza!! Love showing off for ya and look forward to making more Muscle memories together ! Back double bi peaks!!

from jayncal [305] on 25 February 2018

This was my second live show with Ricky. The dude has huge, perfectly shaped gunz, and a hot and healthy lookin' physique. I will be returning for another performance shortly!

Ricky Muscle replied...
Thanks so much Jayncal! Pleasure showing off for ya !

from jockboyrick [142] on 20 February 2018

AMAZING custom video, delivered within a day and made exactly as I wanted. Rick is gorgeous with an awesome body, and he knows it. He's cocky as FUCK and that's what I wanted. VERY strong verbal skills, which I also wanted. If you like being dominated or bashed, Rick is perfection. Honestly, it took me multiple viewings to get through his entire vid -- that's how good he is.

Ricky Muscle replied...
Jockboyrick hell ya man loved owning you ! You know who the real God is around here ! Looking forward to making the next one !!

from shaggytee [5] on 17 February 2018

Ricky went through the mandatory poses for a bodybuilding competition with me ending in a freakish most-muscular. Dude is HUGE, works with his viewers to give them what they want, and is a decent all-around person to work with for muscle worship: funny, cocky, and honest. Definitely will work with him again!

Ricky Muscle replied...
Shaggy tee thanks for the comment ! It was great showing you how real bodybuilding posing is perfected ! Come back soon man !

from Sinmar277 [1018] on 16 February 2018

I just bought my first video from Rick and it was a great experience start to finish!! Dude's a beast and he was easy to deal with and great communication! I'm a fan for sure!!

Ricky Muscle replied...
Sinmarrrrrrr! My dude get ready for more intense muscle videos man ! It’s Ricky Month hahahah

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 16 February 2018

It is not often that I find a few different bodybuilders to playout my muscle fantasies, let alone, personalize them. Ricky has done them with ALL of my Custom Videos. He is TRUE Alpha and he is freaking HUGE. He is one of the nicest people to deal with via mail. You let him know your request and then he says yes or no. It is simple as that. The best thing is that he keeps you up to date as to when he will do the video. He constantly keeps you informed. MUSCLES + ACTING + PROFESSIONAL = RICKY. He is a keeper when it comes to Custom Videos !!!!! FAN FOR LIFE !!!!

Ricky Muscle replied...
Yooo DJ! So much fun doing all your vids! Best of luck with the new job hours and I’ll see you again in two months man ! More hardcore muscle coming your way !!

from djmuscleflex [12610] on 14 February 2018

I have orded a few Custom Videos from Ricky and they only get better and better. He makes them so personalized. He delivers perfectly and always keeps you up to date when he is going to deliver. He has an exceptional body. Every scene I throw at him he just masters. He has a FAN for Life. !!! RUN to Ricky for a Custom Video, you will not be disappointed.

Ricky Muscle replied...
Yeaaaaa buddy !!!

from frankiep [250] on 11 February 2018

Just finished a cam show with him and believe me the description is correct no exaggeration. He gives a great show and enjoys flexing. Also great in flex off with Tommy Flex as well. One thing Rick has not put in his profile is the unbelievable power he has.He squeezed heavy grips with 250 qnd 300lb resistance and isobar with 165 resistance for every body part Enjoyed the showandwill see many more

Ricky Muscle replied...
Frankiep my dude ! Thanks for the comment bro ! Love showing you real alpha muscle strength and domination ! Your a great client man it’s always a blast showing off for ya ! See ya sooner then later !

from DoonB [1912] on 11 February 2018

Ricky is the definition of huge. Bought another video from him and he delivers exactly every time.

Ricky Muscle replied...
Doooooon! From day 1 haha! Thanks bro always a pleasure doing biz with ya !

from huck [107] on 10 February 2018

i love this guy he's so awesome hot

Ricky Muscle replied...
Huck thank you buddy !

from petemac [380] on 10 February 2018

Ricky is the Alpha Stud. Have had numerous cam shows with him and they are always great. He is the real deal. Premium muscle head to toe and he knows how to show it off.

Ricky Muscle replied...
Petemac! Yeoooo my dude thanks for the kind words ! Love showing off the Muscle man I’m sure I’ll be seeing ya soon bro ! Thanks !

from tomc198 [1546] on 10 February 2018

This dude has flexed for me for years, never disappoints! Loves to show off.

Ricky Muscle replied...
Tommm! Hell ya man for a long ass time and love every show off session for sure ! See u soon bro!

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Age 29
Height 178cm (5'10")
Weight 106kg (233 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Mixed


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