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Young Muscular Handsome Bodybuilder

25, 170cm (5'7"), 100kg (220 lbs)

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from DoonB [5634] on 21 March 2021

He’s back, and so are the excuses! Paid him for a video and each week he promises it will be done. So far 6 weeks without a result and counting. If he delivers then I will update my review but otherwise my advice is to avoid.

from Fzpanda [1770] on 13 February 2021

I was scammed by Roy last year. The same boring story, I paid, he took the money and then started ignoring my msgs. Last week, out of nowhere, he finally Skyped me back and tried to convince me I lost money to a someone else despite I showed him our chat history directly from the same account he uses today. He also told me I couldn’t have paid him with skrill previously because he only accepts PayPal , then 2 hrs later, he forgot about his lies and told me he only accepts skrill. I guess he is becoming active again on tbf after a couple of years. Stay away and don’t fall for his lies.

from Candyman20 [325] on 19 May 2020

Well, I thought I´ll give him a try. Did a Flexcheck with him. All good. He was nice, gave him the money for a custom video, he said he would eat something and make the video for me. That would take several minutes.
3 days later, still no video and no answers. If you want to lose money, give it to him.

from Mattjames [1060] on 1 March 2020

Decided to give him a shot despite previous bad reviews. Got scammed. Avoid.

from Admirador [69] on 12 January 2020

Despite the bad reviews, I have talked to this stallion and I have had perfect communication and he is a very nice man ????
I just had a live show and it's really amazing !!!
It has a spectacular body and its muscles make you reach the most extreme pleasure ????????????
He's fucking handsome and hot !!!????????????

Roy Morris replied...
Thanks a lot ! Many people lied a lot here or talked with the fake account around there on skype and got scammed , thanks a lot and wait you for more live shows !

from smalltownwyo [250] on 26 December 2019

Listen to the other reviews, I've done shows with him, like years and years ago and never got screwed, but I did this time. Over $100 is what I sent him, and I got screwed. Don't send him money.

from ywtbo [85] on 22 December 2019

Still waiting on video after 3months. This guy IS a SCAM. Shame !

from Gregbber [500] on 16 December 2019

I missed the reviews and fell into the trap.
Sent support
Was told he would send the video in 5 minutes... then told me it was uploading... then disappeared1
Please be careful!

from ywtbo [85] on 12 September 2019

Ordered custom video. Didn’t deliver. Doesn’t communicate afterwards. The usual. Waste of time. Keep away!!! Useless guy!!!!

from gethyn123 [880] on 7 July 2019

So I decided to take a chance despite negative reviews, and Roy reassured me a number of times to trust him. Unfortunately he has my money and has stopped responding to my messages. Maybe he is only scamming some of the time, but take it from me it is not a risk worth taking.....really unprofessional

from MikesBigArms [3546] on 14 May 2019


This guy is massive. He makes really sexy custom videos. His size will impress you, and his friendly personality will make you melt. This guy is a real pro when it comes to knowing what "muscle worship" is all about. I definitely recommend Roy Morris.

from Fzpanda [1770] on 3 April 2019

following up on my previous review - one year after payment , I have not received my video from Roy. I have been trying to communicate with him on Skype and email, 0 response. I’m surprised that his profile is still here given how many people lost money to him , looking at the 1 star reviews below

from uknorth [10] on 30 December 2018

I'm looking at all the terrible reviews on here and think I must have been lucky. We chatted on webcam (another site) and then met in London a week or two later.

I had a two hour meet with him - he was extremely nice and had a great time..... his body is amazing. 5 stars from me....

from Alcave [685] on 18 August 2018

I have too sent him money for a custom video some months ago, i have never received. When i contact him on fb no reply.

from Fzpanda [1770] on 28 March 2018

I was fooled by his recent positive reviews and thought he has changed, but boy was I wrong. Requested a custom video nearly three weeks ago, still have not received, and he stopped responding to messages almost right after payment. Do not trust him with your money. And yes, Roy, I double checked the Skype ID, and even asked for a preview before placing the order, so I know it was really you! Full Skype transcript available upon request.

from gardenweasel [70] on 14 March 2018

Cam shows with Roy are always hot...huge and handsome, and very happy to play. Monster body but friendly. Have cammed several times and it's always amazing. Five stars every time.

from CuteStudMD [85] on 11 March 2018

I recently wrote a negative review about Roy Morris, and I am writing this review to say that he contacted me and made everything right. I had done several videos with him in the past, and he was always great. He went through a rough patch recently in his life, and that is why the video was delayed. He apologized for the lack of communication, and he sent me the video and more today, and everything is fine. I will definitely buy more videos from him again in the future.

from payfag [90] on 11 March 2018


Roy Morris is a huge beefy bodybuilder. He is handsome and knows how to show off his awesome muscles. I was completely satisfied with his cam show.

from Francis [965] on 10 March 2018

just had the camshow with Roy Morris, he is still huge & ripped, I can said he provide the show exactly base on my request, reliable & honest person.If you are looking for a bodybuilder & muscle show do hit him up & he won't disappoint you.

from musclesplz [190] on 10 March 2018

I recently had a show with Roy,. He's huge (not contest shape like his pics, but still big), knows how to show off, and is willing satisfy what you want to see.

from leanhairy [425] on 10 March 2018

i have known Marius for years and he's always been honest and friendly with me. i hadn't seen him online for several months. Now that i've met him online again, i've been able to arrange a show and it has been awesome. incredible amount of muscle mass and insane vascularity.

from donnelson [5] on 10 March 2018

Roy is a good guy but for sure his foult is on few of these cases. Long time ago in 2014 I waited more than 5 weeks for a video request and didn't received. He sent me the video after all , since then we became friends and we do videos almost every month , he needs to put more work and do more sacrifices and be more serious into this , becouse all these reviews don't show exactly his caracter. As I said , is a very very good guy ...........

from CuteStudMD [85] on 9 March 2018

I should have read all the negative reviews from this user before sending payment to him for a show. After looking at the reviews, I double checked to be sure I had the correct Skype name, and I do. After sending payment, he disappeared and refuses to answer my messages. He is a scammer that should be avoided at all costs.

Roy Morris replied...
can you please tell me your name from skype? i don't know who are you

from Orophin320 [40] on 9 March 2018

I have done several shows with Roy Morris over the years, and I recently ordered a video from him. I double checked to make sure it was the correct Skype name and that it was the same guy I have purchased countless other shows and videos from. He was very accommodating and we worked out a price and I made payment. As soon as the payment went through, he promised that he would deliver the video that weekend. When the weekend came and went, I contacted Roy again and he has not responded to my messages (even though he is online). I do not know what has changed to make him scam so many people, but DO NOT SEND HIM ANY MONEY! HE WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY! If, he ends up coming through and delivering the video that I already paid for, then I will write another review, but I don't think he will. People are thieves and have no morals anymore. I can definitely provide a list of guys from this site who are trustworthy and do amazing shows, and who you do not have to gamble with stealing your money.

Roy Morris replied...
I was busy whole week , we agree for a show first time then after you paied you changed mind and wanted video , video is more difficult to make than a cam show on webcamera , i will do the video this weekend as i writed you on skype.

from tomc198 [2437] on 7 March 2018

Love to watch Roy flex, always the best!

Roy Morris replied...
thanks Tom ... too bad that the guys after i do show for them don't come here and give me a good review , only the not satisfied guys come here and put the bad review......

from simonkk [1335] on 4 March 2018


from Alcave [685] on 6 January 2018

I sent him money for a custom video and i have never received it.

from jumbos78 [570] on 3 September 2017

Sorry to say, he also took my money and did not cam. These guys should be happy with whatever business we give them. I guess they forget about the customer. It's sad. This is why I tend to avoid dealing with any guys in Romania!!! Can't trust them!!!!

from MIKEGM1979 [90] on 4 July 2016

SCAM! He took my money then ignored all my messages. Beware guys!

from Fob [500] on 11 May 2016

had a show with him this week and he is about a month out from comp.. great shape.. but guys make sure you have the real bloke.. there is a fake out there..

from muscl777 [430] on 7 November 2015

had cammed with him a few times with no complaints...great guy..but awhile ago I set up a camshow, paid him anf the said his girlfriend was over. I tried to get him to do the show several times later but was ignored finally recently he responded, agreed to do the show..but im being ignored not sure he chose now to do this

from chelm [293] on 10 October 2015

nothing but satisfied by/with him... fantastic physique and easy to deal with!

from rt61 [5] on 12 September 2015

Scam! Sent him money on paypal. Then he stopped responding. Threatened to request refund, he excused his parents were over. Then no response.

Roy Morris replied...
lol ???

from alexp [265] on 6 September 2015

Great show with Roy. Few weeks out from competition, so he's ripped!

from gimmyxx [25] on 30 August 2015

As already pointed out by many users, I sent money to this guy and then he disappeared... so no show and no answers..
watch out!

Roy Morris replied...
roymorris_23 - my only real skype id !!!!!

from chris [296] on 16 August 2015

Attention, just tried a camshow with this guy and after i was sending the Money via PayPal, he disappeared. watch out!!!

Roy Morris replied...
for sure you not talked with me , please post here too see all people transactions details , i didn't talked with any chris last weeks and i never did something like this , so prove it. attention : is another guy there who pretend is me but my skype is : roymorris_23 , not anything else!

from paul duchai [490] on 25 June 2015

Hello Gentleman..and muscle lovers....I am here to say that I have a couple of times cammed with this muscle beast god in the past. I will say that he is honest and loyal and gives the best muscle flex shows. He is currently bigger and more shredded for his up coming competition season. To the ones who have bashed him with negative posts that I am sure it was a misunderstanding and you should contact him again to clear up the issue. I recommend him 10+++ and huge muscles to admire and appreciate as he poses and flexes every inch of his hard muscled physique.

from pownat [1513] on 24 March 2015

This guy cannot be trusted. I gave him $50 deposit to meet another guy for a video and he never arranged it with the other guy after saying he would.
This guy used to be good but maybe all the roids he takes have effected his brain.
There are plenty of other guys out there that are honest and reliable.
Don't waste your time with this guy

Roy Morris replied...
lol man i told you i will meet that guy but you don't understand me and now you make bad comments about me , LOOK AT YOUR SKYPE WHAT I WRITED AND POST HERE A PROVE, i said i agree just tell me details

from DaveDe [265] on 11 September 2014

Guy scammed me, tok my money and never did the show, don't trust him. He's never on and when he is and forgot who I was he said he could do a show and when I jogged his memory about paying for one and never getting it he said "in an hour" and never showed up. Don't trust him, he'll just take your money and run.

Roy Morris replied...
Lol , who are you?

from Fob [500] on 29 June 2014

Had so many shows and chats with this guy.. he has won all his comps this year in junior and senior.. Also he is cute... no attitude, just a big guy who does a big show....

from MorrisFan [20] on 18 December 2013

Just a great guy all around: Handsome, great personality, and a awesome body. He really is worth every penny :)

from muscleluv19 [75] on 14 December 2013

I've had a lot of shows with him and he's amazing every time. He is worth every single penny I'd paid!!!

from [] on 22 November 2013

I pay him for 30 min show and after 10 min he close th cam,,,wass verry impolite and arogant

Roy Morris replied...
you here a profe

from Fob [500] on 12 September 2013

Had a show today.. Best shape I have ever seen him in.. Total muscle god, and a nice guy too. you will love it....

from gymhunk [10] on 21 August 2013

love his every show :)

from tomc198 [2437] on 10 August 2013

I've had several cam shows with Roy and just had one this morning. I was totally BLOWN AWAY today! He' is beyond RIPPED. Do yourself a favor get a cam show now!

from DoonB [5634] on 16 July 2013

Huge and 100% trustworthy, hit him up for a show

from nak9 [250] on 6 July 2013

Nice and likable guy. His videos are truly amazing... you won't regret it ;)

from Fob [500] on 2 July 2013

Wasn't sure, but after the other comments I thought I would get a cam.. He's about 10 weeks out at the moment and looking amazing..

Looks great and has kept the size so far..

Had a great show.. Really worth it..

from John90 [20] on 7 June 2013

Decided to get another show and he has really changed.. he is aiming for a show... add him on Skype and see the pic... you wont regret it

from John90 [20] on 10 May 2013

Ha many shows with this guy.. He's huge, funny and great to talk to.

He is gonna go far and i hope to watch him all the way...

Give him a shout

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Age 25
Height 170cm (5'7")
Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Mediterranean


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