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Tyson did a custom video for me. He did a great job. He is easy to work with and very understanding. I highly recommend Tyson! His ability to comprehend what's needed in a video and then make it come to life is remarkable.

Agueda57 [240] on 2 Dec 2021

Tyson is a really great guy to work with. Spoke to him late one night about doing a new custom video and he delivered the next morning. He captured what i was looking for in a roleplay vid and added his own dialogue which fit perfectly into the scenario. This was the second video I did with him and it came out even better than the first. When it comes to acting ability and interaction, one of the best. Highly recommended!

gigator39 [450] on 29 Nov 2021

Verified review

Really good acting and delivered exactly what I wanted.

Elivthade4 [940] on 7 Sep 2021

Verified review

Easy to work with and willing to discuss video ideas.

Elivthade4 [940] on 7 Sep 2021

Verified review

Tyson was responsive and able to deliver my request quickly.

Elivthade4 [940] on 7 Sep 2021

He's stellar at what he does. His lean muscled body makes for an awesome dominator in videos. I throughly enjoy the content he makes. As a return customer, I look forward to requesting more.

musclefuel [259] on 24 Jul 2021

Ordered a custom video from Ty. Extremely kind, generous, and VERY VERY open!!! Also really quick and trustworthy. Ty has gotten this fantastic reputation for a reason!

Would definitely recommend 100%!

tinashe [190] on 9 Apr 2021

Great show recently , nice guy great body !!

cccarlosss [575] on 22 Jan 2021

This man is such a stud. I have gotten several videos from him, both pre-made & customs and cannot complain about a single one. They are all phenomenal!

tiger1985 [150] on 22 Sep 2020

Verified review

awesome video

Ozsport63 [2901] on 23 Aug 2020

I just received my first custom role play video from Ty. So impressed by his enthusiasm in accepting my fantasy role play request. He looks great and has such a positive personality that comes through in his video. Very easy to communicate with from the very beginning, not snobbish at all. Upfront about what he could do and what his limitations were do deeply appreciated his honesty. That being said, for what he said he could do, he absolutely made sure he did extraordinarily well. I was smiling ear to ear watching his video. Looking forward to next request. Thank you Ty!

hypnopowerman [905] on 14 Aug 2020

Verified review

Very fast and professional. Nice guy to talk to. Also, good shape and fun custom video. He's gorgeous. See you again soon Ty :)

iheatrad.97 [3360] on 8 Jun 2020

Verified review

Tyson did my request really fast and was very responsive to my questions.

Elivthade4 [940] on 31 May 2020

I just ordered a custom video from this guy and I really appreciated it! It was a complicated roleplay script, and he got most of it right. When I point out the few details he missed, he didn't get mad, but rather mad me a free mini video covering the missed part. He's awesome

musclerider [115] on 26 May 2020

I just got my first video from him recently and I must say, he has such a sexy voice and a lean, toned, muscular body! Put that together with his amazing and dominant demeanor and you get an awesome show! I absolutely loved what I got from him and he was so easy to talk to! Looking forward to seeing everything he can do in the future!

Albeit89 [1040] on 24 May 2020

For screen chutzpah, Tyson's like a young James Dean or Brando - in that line. His Southern manners mean he's easy to deal with, and the video I ordered was delivered the same day. He is astonishing in it. Looks fantastic, is a great actor and the content is erotic way beyond what I'd hoped for.

iestynovich [522] on 9 May 2020

Have to say that Tyson is one awesome dude. He was super quick on getting me my custom vid I asked for and made sure to include everything that I asked for. I was super appreciative of his speed and great acting in his video. I will definitely be back to either get a show or another video.

If you want someone that is sexy and does good work and listens to you I would go withTyson.

Jerrbear1993 [140] on 24 Apr 2020

Verified review

My second custom video and its almost unbelievable how incredible this guy is! I wanted a role play and man...what he delivered was 150% on point. One of my fantasies turned into reality! Into a breathtaking reality I won't ever forget. He's also getting pretty ripped these days, especially his rock hard legs.
Always a pleasure to watch this handsome stud flexing. Besides that he's respectful and really a nice guy. There should be an option to rate more than 5 stars. 5 stars for his little toe maybe.
So give him a try. Its worth every penny.

Shiwa [543] on 9 Apr 2020

Verified review

Hot tats and hard muscles. A winner in my books!

Samson71 [4922] on 2 Apr 2020

Verified review

Cocky attitude and some great flexing. Highly recommend!

Samson71 [4922] on 2 Apr 2020

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