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41, 185cm (6'1"), 95kg (209 lbs)

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gym888 has 47 reviews.

from RoryHill [180] on 21 February 2020

I’ve been getting videos from this muscle daddy for a while now and he never disappoints. Always makes the vids just how I want them and he knows what I like and how to get me going! Amazing muscle daddy bod, sexy voice and pure much deserved cockiness. Always makes vids quickly and so easy to talk to. Just got one of his used jock straps which was sent next day and still smells of him. Can’t recommend enough!

gym888 replied...
Thanks my lad

from smf27 [100] on 24 December 2019

Thanks again for another great show!

gym888 replied...
Thank you

from tlezlie1 [70] on 17 December 2019

Amazing body and big cum shot, won't be dissapointed

gym888 replied...
Thank you

from iestynovich [283] on 25 November 2019

Another fantastic show - this one with a kilt fetish. Amazing.

gym888 replied...
Thanks :)

from nc67212 [30] on 9 November 2019

Did a role play skype session and he did it perfectly. Will definitely contact again for another scene. Highly recommended.

gym888 replied...
Thank you ????

from iestynovich [283] on 14 October 2019

Yet again been back to him - perfect for the hardman vibe. (though in real life he's the loveliest man to deal with.) The look, clothes and the build...and the verbal. Perfect.

gym888 replied...
Cheers ;)

from iestynovich [283] on 15 August 2019

Another fantastic theme vid from Gym888. Always delivers above with the look and verbal asked for.

from SERAFINA [104] on 20 July 2019

1 am tony andy is very powerful and very dominating love being dominated by andy

from trebazz [2276] on 11 June 2019

Amazing dude all around. He performed incredibly please check him out!

gym888 replied...
Thank you lad

from woofgoog [30] on 3 June 2019

never disappoints. always leaves me wanting more and more. sexy muscles and sexy attitude. i love Andy his domination feels soooo good <3

gym888 replied...
Cheers lad

from jstevens [1545] on 17 May 2019

Received the best video yet from this Big Man. As always, Andy is friendly in communication and quickly turns around the video. More importantly, he really knows how to flex those big powerful muscles in response to my specific requests in a way that keeps me wanting to come back for more!

gym888 replied...
Thank you :)

from jstevens [1545] on 17 April 2019

I just received another great custom video from Andy! He's friendly and reliable, and always looks Big and Powerful - I recommend him very highly!

gym888 replied...

from RoryHill [180] on 12 April 2019

Totally hooked on this muscle daddy now! Got two vids in two days because they’re so good. Easy to talk to, gets back to you soon and makes the vids quickly. Took all my fantasies and made them into hot dominating muscle worship pleasure. If you’re thinking about getting a vid, I’d definitely recommend. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll come away wanting more!

gym888 replied...
Cheers lad

from RoryHill [180] on 7 April 2019

If you want cockiness and muscle then I’d recommend this guy! So easy to talk to and the vid was made really quickly. Took everything I asked for and did an amazing job, loved the muscle, the accent and trash talk domination! Definitely coming back for more!

gym888 replied...
Cheers my boy

from muscleluvr302 [449] on 26 February 2019

did a brilliant job as a muscled giant I know where to get a great muscle video from;)

gym888 replied...
Cheers lad

from arboretic [60] on 22 February 2019

Ordered a custom video and was absolutely blown away by how much he delivered. He was a delight to chat with - very communicative, kept me updated, quick responses. Easily gained a dedicated fan in me and I'm eagerly looking forward to doing more with him.

gym888 replied...

from Jpey6697 [12] on 17 February 2019

A real genuine guy, willing to take the time to deliver what you want. Easy to chat with and really good at setting a scene. Can't wait for the next part of our journey.

gym888 replied...
Cheers ;)

from iestynovich [283] on 15 February 2019

Again, another show and another five stars. Perfect off-duty cop or squaddie vibe. Brilliant.

gym888 replied...
;) cheers

from Bobjob [25] on 7 January 2019

First show and I was a very happy customer. He was quick and easy to get in touch with. Quick response time. Super obliging and does not disappoint in the show. Easy to talk to and open to suggestions. A lot of fun was had.

gym888 replied...

from UKSlave_20 [5] on 7 January 2019

Only ever had great experiences with gym888! Multiple videos delivered from him exactly when he said and with exactly what I asked. Easy to talk to and work with and makes awesome videos. Mega hot guy who ticks all the boxes. Cannot recommend anymore.

gym888 replied...

from jstevens [1545] on 29 November 2018

Received a great custom video from this Big Muscle Man! He was easy to interact with, responded well to my request, and turned around a high quality video very quickly - highly recommended!

gym888 replied...

from DanReason [40] on 29 November 2018

Just has a show with this guy.. what a pro, great body knows exactly how to deliver what you want

gym888 replied...
Good lad

from iestynovich [283] on 16 October 2018

Another fantastic cam show - hardman vibe, great storyline (underground cage fighting) and he is perfect at the master routine.

gym888 replied...

from Quadfan [780] on 5 October 2018

He’s brilliant!! Real man, not as posey or queenie as some of the dudes on here and super friendly to deal with. You won’t regret it, smoking hot

gym888 replied...
Cheers Fella ;)

from sub2muscle [25] on 28 November 2017

Caught up with this guy on skype seen before can say he s very hot and listens to your interests etc full fantasy show loved it

from musclefan.8 [76] on 27 April 2017

perfect English muscled guy , friendly does what he saya ,,,,, fuk horny role pley , recomend him higly huge sex appeal , really good to get you stiff and shoot a load , wwith his looks accent all , enjoy him

from sub2muscle [25] on 24 April 2017

yet again I was back to skype with my Master totally perfect, hes controling Master knows how to get into my head ......... I worship you Master

from sub2muscle [25] on 11 April 2017

Great English Master I served again yesterday , hes the best

from lovemuscle.14 [25] on 9 April 2017

Had a great cam last Friday ,,,,,, super body , role played excellent as always ,,,, def has a cop look,, wink wink

from swmaster2000 [5] on 3 April 2017

A very sexy guy on cam and well worth it. Just be upfront with what you want and he will (usually) oblige.

gym888 replied...

from musclefan.8 [76] on 10 February 2017

another great show , perfect role play from a man that can ,,,

from masterIobey [5] on 18 January 2017

Just had a cam session , perfect guy for role play a fantastic Master ..... thank you Sir

from Musclelover.47 [55] on 16 January 2017

Had a session with this guy earlier - very good at role play and following requests.....

from musclefan.8 [76] on 14 January 2017

great guy had ny 1st clip followed through with what I wanted exeellent highly recommend him if you like men to be men

from lovemuscle.14 [25] on 7 January 2017

Perfect English guy muscled great accent does what you ask polite positively wonderful show and follows through very fast when you request a clip , sill be a regular with this hot manly guy

from lovemuscle.14 [25] on 19 December 2016

Am new here had a few bad cam shows but this guy is perfect , nice handsome , listened to my request then followed through , all I can say is he is great very sexy , going to ask for a clip , hes very trustworthy , excellent def back again

from musclefan.8 [76] on 8 December 2016

This guy is great, polite very handsmeand followed my requests to the letter so much so have asked for a clip This is the 2nd time I have commented and fonf him a perfect muscled guy huge biceps arms mixed with his voice if you like English voice mixed with a handsome guy who follows your req uests then hes the one ..... I would rater as A++++

from plh [425] on 7 December 2016

Received my first custom vid and am so happy with the results. Everything I asked from a good-looking guy who didn't waste anytime recording it for me. A definite A+

gym888 replied...

from plh [425] on 7 December 2016

Received my first custom vid and it is great. Super nice, listened to what I wanted, and did it really fast - a definite A+

from sub2muscle [25] on 5 December 2016

think am becoming a regular follower of the guy , hes really very pleasant to chat to on cam and follows all requests , great arms and shoulders , just love his poses etc will be back and a regular fella thank you

from jstevens [1545] on 2 December 2016

I just had a great cam show with this Big Man: he looks great, was very friendly and got into roleplay requests - highly recommended!

from musclefan.8 [76] on 30 November 2016

Great man am now a regular for him , hes excellent with his communication following any request I make plus more than happy to role play and wear hat I ask ,,,,, have to say he is very honest chap , love to meet him real time and I am working oon that ..... thanks

from hypnopowerman [645] on 27 November 2016

Very nice model to work with. Great communication and deeply committed to giving you what you ask for. Trustworthy and highly recommended!

from musclefan.8 [76] on 22 November 2016

Super guy very hot muscles follows through the role play I wanted , so sexy man will become a regular fan
not to be missed

from A310 [90] on 11 November 2016

Great guy! I've requested a customized video from him and he maked it just like I've asked for... Perfect!
Nice and friendly guy. You wont be disapointed! :)

from sub2muscle [25] on 11 November 2016

Just saw this new guy, very handsome and huge shoulds and arms ,,,,,, very nice guy followed my request of what I wanted , love his accent

from tomc198 [2137] on 11 November 2016

Just had a show. Nice guy, nice build :)

gym888 replied...

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Age 41
Height 185cm (6'1")
Weight 95kg (209 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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