Muscle God, Muscle Worship, Champion Bodybuilder, Super Sexy, Custom Shows/Vids

35, 182cm (6'0"), 90kg (198 lbs)

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Muscle God, Muscle Worship, Champion Bodybuilder, Super Sexy, Custom Shows/Vids


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About me

Hot sun, white beaches, cool water … and me. My massively huge and ripped muscles are like no other man in the world, you have noticed this. I am that muscular lifeguard you were staring at all day. I saw you staring at me because I was watching you from behind my sunglasses. You thought I was not looking at you, but I was. My amazing muscled body calls to you, draws you to come closer and closer – you cannot resist. Contact me on Skype and I will show you ... my Hot, Hard, Massive, Chiseled, Muscular body!!!


from RunawayJedi10 [350] on 24 June 2020

Musclebeach is an amazing performer. His body and personality is fire. Great guy.

from MariettaSampsonTwo [1115] on 26 March 2020

Have had many custom vids from MUSCLEBEACH and let me tell you, THIS GUY IS HOT HOT HOT to the EXTREME! If you like his vids in here (and ALL of them are fantastic - get ALL of them ASAP, I did) you will love him in the flesh! Speaking of flesh, he SO much more than mere "eye candy." He can be very dominant, aggressive, controlling and demanding; but also wants to please and is easy to talk with - giving you what you want each and every time! He truly wants to make you happy. A big, powerful muscle man like this is a very rare find on every possible level = a complete package!
- - -
MUSCLEBEACH is Hollywood Movie Star Leading Man super sexy and handsome! (Just LOOK AT HIS PICS = WOWOW!) Very seductive, very enticing, very captivating, gives you what you want and SO MUCH MORE!
- - -
His championship muscles are SO HUGE, SO RIPPED and GETTING BIGGER ALL THE TIME! You can tell he works very, very hard in the gym; working on size, symmetry, proportion, mass and strength. This man ABOVE ALL OTHER MEN deserves to be admired, adored, worshiped over and Over and OVER! He has taken me captive and turned me into an addict, addicted to HIM and HIS MUSCLES! MUSCLEBEACH has become my drug of choice!!!
Can never get enough of this Macho Superman!
- - -
Thanks MUSCLEBEACH for giving me more of you and always giving the VERY BEST shows - YOU ARE THE GREATEST! See you again very soon!!!

from nak9 [250] on 5 August 2019

He’s always top class. Every show is better than the other. You can easily get addicted to him.

from littlelunch [7178] on 20 January 2019

Another great custom video from this handsome muscle man. A true pleasure to work with, many thanks!

from littlelunch [7178] on 27 November 2018

Great custom video from this very hot muscle guy, he took the time to understand my idea and produced a really good video.
He delivered in on time and was a pleasure to deal with.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks big man!

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Age 35
Height 182cm (6'0")
Weight 90kg (198 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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