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flexing shws , cuming , training in gym or home

28, 198cm (6'6"), 120kg (264 lbs)

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from rj.42 [450] on 4 February 2017

Haha ....who? Liar his name....who said i did this to their account?

from rj.42 [450] on 3 February 2017

Hahaha.... u are amazing! Theif. As raf1200 said...was byehurcule... know scammer

victor replied...
im amaizing yes but not a theif . as a matter i think ur a theif and a scammer to . just someone told me ou did the same at his acount . be shame of yourself . crazy man

from FREDFROMFRANCE [110] on 3 February 2017

I don't care about bad and negative comments some peoples put on your profile. I know who you are and I appreciate you a lot. You never deceived me. You're a wonderful person. Don't change !!

victor replied...
thank you baby for this wonderful truth :* . thank you for leting others se who im :* my wonderfull baby :*

from rj.42 [450] on 3 February 2017

We can do this as long as u want. And u are the liar.. I'm not the only one who has hi en u bad reviews lol! So who besides u..who have I posted a bad review for. Prove it... post it here liar.

victor replied...
yes i can keep it to as long as i want . because it dose not afect me . so dount worry about my income . you just lose time sayng bad things and lie with no shame . my clients know me better and dose not listen to you A BIG LIAR

from rj.42 [450] on 2 February 2017

U are so full of it lol! Yeah go prove I left this kind if message for other guys. My profile name is rj 42. No u lying ass... I have never left a negative message for anyone in this site but you. U ARE A LYING THIEF. And I think people like u who steal are lowest for of human being. So u can try and deflect all U want... but im not the only who has left negative comments about. There are some awesome honest guys on this site that have made amazing videos for me. But YOU ARE A THIEF. STOP SCAMMING PEOPLE AND U WON'T GET NEGATIVE REVEIWS.

victor replied...
woooow ur a great liar . i cant belive how much you invent .i searched for you and it seems you want to do videos for free and who dount want to do you tell them you will leave a bad rewiew . im not scamming noone . do not acuse me . and i dount need ur advices for nothing . but you should keep in miind what i told you about help . you need it oo now .and fiind it ...

from rj.42 [450] on 1 February 2017

Every word I say is true....dont know why the sight owner allows u to keep creating profiles. Want me to post a list of ur diff profiles. BygHercule is one...ill look up the others and post them too.
U are a theif and a scammer

victor replied...
man you can say anithing and i can say anithing . that dose not mean ur right . i will not continue speaking with a sick man like you .in fact you let this kind of mesages to a lot of people and all can verify that . i dono why you do that . you se anione els sayng bad things about me ?> please go and fiind help .you have serious brain damage

from rj.42 [450] on 1 February 2017

This guy is a SCAMMER!!!
He creates different profiles and rips people off. This is like the 4th profile he's created. He scams money then disappears for a while ..then shows up with a new profile. He has ripped me off for a couple hundred dollars ...using two different profiles.And dont be fooled.. he will give u a Preveiw and be very nice but it's a trick. As soon as I send him money u I Wil never get a video or show.
AVOID ..AVOID ...AVOID...AVOID.... AVOID. Whatever positive reviews he has are either fake or maybe he does one or two request to gain positive reviews for his profile. But believe me this guy is a THEIF!!!

victor replied...
man probabili you have bad experience like all people. but to acuse me and to say i trick you . ur crazy . speak with Dan . and explain him and if its true he will remove me . but till than . i prefer to say . ur just another bad person who want to make bodibuilders lose fans ...

from FREDFROMFRANCE [110] on 22 January 2017

Awesome, awsome and hansome guy... very attentive, kind.Always a pleasure to have a private moment with him. Highly recommended

victor replied...
thank you baby . sweet as alwais and a plasure to have you anitime :*:*

from raf1200 [207] on 21 January 2017

Was byghercule here, known scammer.

victor replied...
why you say that ? do you know me >?? i dount have you in my list . how can you say that ..

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Age 28
Height 198cm (6'6")
Weight 120kg (264 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity Other


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