Bicep Flex and Worship featuring Antonio.Ricky

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A dream come true for one lucky fan who gets to watch this hunk flexing his huge biceps before¬¬ being invited to touch and feel just how hard and powerful they are.


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from in2muslmen [8774] on 30 June 2019

I love Antonio's body and now that he's working with an adept camera man since his muscle shower vid we can really get some closeups of his gorgeous pecs, abs, shoulders, and arms. His back is pretty awesome too and with the good lighting in this video our man looks absolutely gorgeous from front to back. Seriously, this man's pecs are so round and shapely and his nipples so delectable that I could just worship him for days. Plus I love how he loves to rub his own pecs. The biceps worship is on point (although next time reach around the back so that the hand doesn't obstruct the biceps view) and we even get a little pec worship in as well. Hope Antonio is amenable to a pec worship vid, with oil all the better!

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