Oil and Flex with Antonio.Ricky

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This man's perfect physique looks even better covered in oil. Watch him pump up his huge chest and even invite a moment of muscle worship from you too. But when the oil comes out, things go to a whole new level of muscle heaven.


Abs | Arms | Chest | Oiled muscle


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Antonio is my new favorite BestFlexer! There's something about his gorgeous pecs, deep cut abs, and vascular arms that will certainly keep me coming back for his videos. His body is not only muscular but also beautifully proportioned. His pecs are just so damned shapely as well as sexy and watching him caress those puppies up close as he rubs in the oil drives me wild with lustful admiration. In this video the hand comes in to briefly check out Antonio's sexy abs so I hope our muscle man is amenable to a future muscle worship video, and with oil all the better!

in2muslmen [20040] on 9 Jun 2019

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