Wake Up and Worship Me featuring Atlas

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Adam is the perfect roommate. Often, he'll wake up very early - 4am in this case - and as he sees his muscles looking in peak condition, he decides to wake you up so that you can worship him too. His striated pecs, deep cut abs and perfect biceps. The muscles and veins are all yours to worship.


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from in2muslmen [6610] on 17 February 2019

This video is nearly as flawless as Adam's beautifully muscular physique. He not only revels in flexing his ripped and vascular muscles but also loves talking about said muscles and their vascularity and striations. From start to finish in talk and display he makes sure we know why he is such an uber muscle god and why we must worship. I especially loved in the beginning how he unzipped his sweatshirt to reveal and flex his mountainous pecs and sexy abs. It's just so hot knowing that under such ordinary clothing is such a supremely muscular torso ready to be displayed, admired, and worshipped! Adam is one gorgeous keeper!

from growinmusc [4761] on 2 March 2018

Incredible!! EVERY positive review you read about Adam/Atlas is true - he captures his incredible body, personality, look, psyche perfectly in this video/scenario. NO doubt he's the real deal in every respect - if you've seen the preview clip and considering buying, STOP consideration, just buy it - you'll NOT be disappointed. If you've not viewed preview, do so, THEN re-read my advice above.

from harlanny [5496] on 4 February 2018

Some of the best definition and vascularity around. Maybe he'd show us some of his body hair in a couple of videos.

from sfo13m [5736] on 30 December 2017

Adam is in great shape.

My favorites were pecs, biceps, and the numerous veins.

Great muscle-worship session.

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