Massive Muscles In Your Face featuring Bernard

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You've been dreaming about this ever since you first saw this hunk. Dreaming that one day, he'd get up close in your face, flexing his massive, powerful muscles right in your face. He's made it even sexier by covering them in oil too. You won't know where to look first when your whole field of view is covered by this hunk's muscles.


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from in2muslmen [14140] on 15 April 2019

The fact is any video that features Bernard could aptly be titled "Massive Muscles in Your Face." That is the perfect description of any video featuring this gorgeous bodybuilder flexing his huge rock solid muscles for our pleasure. He knows his muscles are massive and the veins will pop as he gets into showing off his superior muscularity. His most muscular is definitely his signature pose for showing off just how massive his chest, shoulders, and arms are and we get plenty of that in this and every video of Bernard's. We also get to watch him rub oil all over his super sexy torso and especially his massive pecs. He manipulates those luscious pecs so seductively when relaxed to better spread the oil before he gets back into the flex fest. Ten minutes of sheer heaven!

from Will8 [1480] on 3 February 2019

WOW! You better be sitting down when you first watch this MUSCLEMAN showing off his magnificent body. Bernard's flexing and pumping of his MUSCLES is very, VERY intense, an intensity that grows more and more driving as Bernard's flexing of his incredible MUSCLES reach unbelievable levels of vascularity overlying such pumped up ROCK HARD MUSCLE that will just knock you off your feet! Close ups of Bernard striking his "most muscular" pose of his amazing MUSCLES will feed your lust for MUSCLES like an "all you can eat" buffet! And those erect nipples are so SEXY! I love it! If Bernard's exceptionaly muscled body doesn't send your arousal level up to the stratosphere, then you may be in a coma! Bernard's MUSCLES will have you dreaming of being held tightly in his strong arms. Feeling the ROCK HARD MUSCLE of his arms surrounding you with your hands pressing against his powerful pecs is both exciting and frightening as you can feel the bone-crushing strength that makes escape impossible and you realize he could crush your rib cage as easy as crumpling a paper cup! You know you are at his command and are loving every single moment. Bernard is a MUSCLESTUD beyond belief.

from sfo13m [9551] on 17 December 2017

Bernard's condition is awesome.

Huge, thick muscle + veins are great to see.

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