SHIRT SERIES - Worship Me featuring HotFighterRaul

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We all know how good Raul looks in his tight fitting shirts, but this video takes things to the next level. You get to experience how good he feels too. While his massive muscles are stretching his tight shirt, he invites you to place your hand inside his shirt, feeling his hard chest. Moving on to his massive biceps, you realise how huge they really are - not even both of your hands can get around these perfect muscle peaks. And then his abs - it's pure perfection as you rub your fingers around his flawless six pack.


Abs | Arms | Chest | Cocky | Muscle worship |


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from in2muslmen [2783] on 22 November 2018

NO ONE is sexier than Raúl and he effing knows it! I’ve been lusting after this gorgeous man for years! He is fully aware of his muscular appeal and he loves showing off his powerful pecs, sexy abs, and beautiful biceps. Finally we get the hand as proxy to experience Raúl’s masculine perfection and it’s so sexy to behold! I especially love his pecs and arms popping out of that too tight shirt and watching him try to pull the sleeves off his huge biceps! Loved every minute!

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