Cocky Dominant Hunk Owns You featuring Mr Latz

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At almost 20 minutes long, this video will really test your ability to resist the overwhelming desire to submit to a young muscle stud. But as he already knows, you'll be dripping from the first flex. And boy does his love toying with his muscle worship victims.


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from jockboyrick [260] on 25 May 2020

Mr Latz -- still the best, and this long vid proves it. Handsome as fuck with a jacked, swole, and sexy body, Frankie not only dominates you, but knows how to fucking OWN you.

He knows what you want and he gives it to you, knowing you're week just watching him and wanting him. This straight alpha loves to tease and torture betas and fags, and no one does it better.

Mr Latz is cocky as fuck, and those of us who love that really appreciate someone this hot who knows he's the best and that he's fucking incredible. If he degrades your with his nasty mouth, it's because you fucking deserve it -- and you will bone up as soon as he tells you what you are and how he owns you.

You like beautiful pecs? Lats? Traps? Quads? Glutes? Then you cannot do better than Mr Latz. I'm his words, he'll keep you "drippin'" whole he empties your fucking balls.

Am I overboard? Nah. This vid is so worth it. Latz is a fucking KING.

from trailblazer [2500] on 23 May 2020

He is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! One of the best videos I’ve bought on the site. Perfect aesthetic physique, awesome confidence and an amazing smile!

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