LOVE MUSCLE - A Special Gift For You featuring Peter Russell

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When the muscle man of your dreams turns up on Valentine's day, it isn't the giant teddy bear that's his special gift for you, he's here to give you all the biceps and all the cock you can handle. Ready for the best date night ever?


Abs | All American Hunks | Arms | LOVE MUSCLE | Private flex shows | XXX (18+) |


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from tajmo [937] on 24 May 2019

That would be an amazing Valentine's gift.

from in2muslmen [5935] on 27 April 2019

What a gift Peter Russell is for those of us who revel in our muscle lust! He's cocky AF while also ripped and muscular as hell! In this Valentine's video I loved seeing his beautifully mounded biceps stretch the sleeves of his too tight t-shirt. I loved even more when his shirt came off and his supremely vascular torso was fully revealed and the flexfest began in earnest! I especially loved his veiny most muscular and his shredded muscle ass that he showed off during the back posing. His parting gift with his hard cock aimed to the sky as he flexed before coming was the ultimate!

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