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In Bed With Superman featuring Tom H

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The third in the series of epic Superman videos from Tom, and things are starting to get personal. Last time, he showed you how shredded he'd get. Not, he's inviting you in to his bedroom. You'll be in awe of his superior superman muscles and you'll be enticed as you feel his warm breath breathing down your back. In bed with Superman is a dream come true.


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from in2muslmen [7030] on 24 February 2019

A rare 3 star review from me but clearly this video was made early on in the days of Tom's Superman concept series. Tom's bod here is 5+ stars as usual. He's both handsome and ripped AF and when the time comes our skilled cameraman as usual lovingly captures Tom's vascularity and muscularity with such intimate close-ups you'll feel like you can actually touch our young muscle god.

The downside is that the first four minutes Tom is on his back just flexing his (admittedly beautiful) biceps. The video gets more interesting when he sits up and eventually reveals his entire upper bod but that only happens after five minutes! Shirts in flexing videos are only there to be removed to reveal what's underneath. No sense in delaying getting to the good part!

from growinmusc [4918] on 10 February 2018

Great video - it's as described above and exactly as shown in preview and of course more. It's great way to see and get to "intimately" experience bed and body of Tom H/Superman. You'll not be disappointed by the intensely powerful, slow, intimate introduction to every inch of your Superman, Tom H.

from MarkRyan [690] on 13 December 2016

I am at loss for words. God. Tom H is a God!

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