LOVE MUSCLE - American Alpha Hulks Out with Mike Oxlong

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Mike's just arrived home after his workout and he's pumped up beyond belief. When you ask him to pose, he knows it's only going to help him grow, so prepare yourself for one incredibly intense muscle show


All American Hunks | Arms | Cocky | LOVE MUSCLE | Verbal


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With a physique like this and a voice like that, who is going to deny this guy. I'm a little winded as I type this. Just his picture alone makes me dizzy and submitted. A few minutes in, and you're tongue is out, eyes rolled back and super duper dizzy. My knees hurt from begging all the time. This guy is a true champion!!

obedienceandshame [3305] on 9 Jul 2022

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When someone can dominate you only with "words". I wonder in real life what he can do! Recommended video!!!

KavanS [1869] on 17 May 2022

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Although I really REALLY don't like the offensive language trend I found this guy really good in this video demonstrating his power and being an alpha, Mike does look superb with a great physique and knows how to tease ya to the whole video, recommended!

beddubi [13354] on 27 Feb 2022

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