TheBestFlex verification system

While we don't host or facilitate cam shows or meet ups between fans and muscle men, we do hope that you have a great time when you set them up.

To help you identify genuine muscle men, we developed one of the most robust verification systems in the industry. While no system is perfect, we hope the information provided can help you have fun safely.

What is TheBestFlex verification system?

Our verification system is an optional process that each muscle man listed on the site can complete.

It's designed to help muscle men demonstrate that the services they are promoting are genuine.

How does it work?

There are five steps in our verification process. It's up to each muscle man which steps they complete and when.

Muscle men submit relevant files to us which are then reviewed by our admin team. If we believe they are genuine, we'll update their public profile to show that they've completed that step.

What are the five verification steps?

  • Photo - submit a photo that shows you holding a piece of paper with your profile name written on.

  • Video - submit a video of you talking about your profile on the site.

  • ID - submit a copy of a government issued ID document.

  • Admin - personally speak to or meet with a representative from TheBestFlex.

  • Reviews - collect a significant number of positive reviews from fans.

Does a verified profile guarantee they are genuine?

No. While we believe our verification system is one of the most robust in the industry, no system is perfect.

We always advise fans to take precautions when contacting anyone they see online, regardless of their verification status.

Can I see the documents provided for verification?

No. We take protecting data seriously and do not publish the documents provided to us for verification purposes.

If you're in any doubt, you should seek full verification from the muscle man himself.