Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is TheBestFlex?

TheBestFlex is designed to connect muscle fans to muscle men. If you love to see guys flexing and showing off their muscles, this is the place to be. We have a directory of thousands of muscle men that you can contact directly, hours of flexing videos you can download to keep and more muscle photos than you’ll know what to do with! Quite simply, TheBestFlex helps bring your muscle fantasies to life.

I love muscle. How do I use TheBestFlex?

There are many features to help fulfil your muscle fantasies, but here are some ways to get you started on TheBestFlex –

  • Download flexing videos – we have hundreds of pre-recorded flexing videos to suit every taste. Browse our entire video library to find the perfect videos for you, add them to your cart and download them immediately after purchase.
  • Contact a muscle man for a webcam show – use our directory of muscle men to find a guy who matches what you’re looking for, then contact him a discuss your own private cam show.
  • Browse thousands of photos – our muscle photo gallery gets new additions every day! What are you waiting for, jump in and start to browse through photos of the hottest hunks on the planet.

We are sure you’ll find lots of other ways to fulfil your muscle fantasies at TheBestFlex, but these are some ways to get started.

I’m a bodybuilder. How do I use TheBestFlex?

Promoting yourself on TheBestFlex is free and a great way to earn extra cash from your hard work in the gym. You can create a profile and add your photos and contact info. Then, muscle fans from around the world will be able to contact you. In addition, you can sell videos, take payments, and access a whole range of other services too.

We have a dedicated site for bodybuilders to manage their profile. Register at

What is a fan Loyalty Score?

Fans can build a personal Loyalty Score by supporting their favourite bodybuilders across the Best Flex Network. Your Loyalty Score increases every time you make a purchase or write a review. And you can see other fan’s Loyalty Score as a measure of their commitment to supporting the hunks who flex for us.

Read more about Loyalty Scores

What is the Best Flex Network?

This is our network of separate websites, each catering for a specific type of muscle content. Although they operate as individual sites, once you’ve registered on one, you can use your same account s to access them all.

See all of our sites at


How do I buy a video from TheBestFlex?

We have thousands of pre-recorded videos for you to download and it’s super simple to buy them. First, make sure you’re logged in to your account. Then, add the videos you want to your cart. When you click to checkout, you’ll be taken to our secure payment provider to complete the payment. Immediately after your payment is completed, you’ll be redirected back to your account at TheBestFlex and have access to download each of the videos you ordered.

Do I have to download my videos immediately, or can I come back later?

There’s no rush – you have 30 days to complete your downloads. If you can’t download your videos immediately, you can access download links any time within the 30 days by logging in to your account and going to your Downloads page.

Can I keep the video forever?

Yes. Once you’ve downloaded the video, it’s yours to keep forever. You can watch it as many times as you want, and you don’t need to access it from the website as it’s saved on your own device. Just remember to save it somewhere safe so that you can watch it any time you want as we can’t guarantee to replace it after the 30 days if it’s removed from the site.

Will the video play on my device?

Almost certainly yes. We use modern video standards for all videos. But if you do have any trouble with playback, just contact us and we’ll try to help.


Are payments secure?

We partner with a leading payment provider to give you the best possible security. You’ll be taken to their secure website to complete your payment. No credit card information is stored by us, it’s only seen by the secure payment processor. We’re simply told if your payment was successful or not.

What appears on my bank statement when I make a payment?

Transactions are very discreet to maintain your privacy. Because search engines find everything on the internet, we won’t write here exactly what appears on your statement as it will then be listed in search results. But if you’d like more information, please contact us.

My payments are declined, can you help?

Unfortunately, we can’t help if your payment is declined. For your own protection, the information available to us about payments is limited. Therefore, if your payment is declined, please contact our payment provider directly (their contact details will be in your decline email) or your bank.

Bodybuilder Profiles

The guys look amazing. Are they real?

Yes! We verify every profile before it’s published, asking for either ID, photo or video verification

How do I know I’m speaking with the right guy?

Please take care when contacting someone for the first time. We are aware of many scammers who set up fake Skype profile that look almost identical to the real one, often leading to fans adding the fake account and paying a stranger, not the real guy. One way to help is by using FlexCheck. It’s a free service from TheBestFlex that allows you to exchange a secure code with an advertiser.

Read more about FlexCheck

I can’t seem to contact a guy, can you help?

No. Each of the profiles are simply adverts in our directory. We don’t have any other contact information than what they provide on their profile.

How do Custom Requests work?

Custom Requests are a way for you to pay a bodybuilder to make you a custom video or do a cam show. It’s important to remember that Custom Requests are private transactions between you and the advertiser. It’s not a purchase from TheBestFlex. Please only engage in private transactions online once you’re confident you’re speaking to the right person and have fully agreed the terms of your request with them directly. Don’t send payments before you’ve agreed the request.

Some profiles have so many good/bad reviews. Can the reviews be trusted?

We work hard to ensure that only accurate reviews are posted on the site, but it’s impossible for us to be 100% certain as all transactions are private. Next to each review is a link to the fan who wrote it. You can see their Loyalty Score, which gives an indication of how active they are on the site, and you can also see what else they’ve written. Use this information to help you make a judgement on how much to trust their review.

What are verified reviews?

Each verified review is linked to a successful transaction made through the site, such as a payment for a Custom Request. We mark these as verified because we know for sure that a payment was made between the fan and the advertiser.

I’ve seen a profile with so many bad reviews, why don’t you delete the profile as the guy is clearly not trustworthy?

If we delete a profile, we don’t have any way to warn you or other fans about the guy’s behaviour, meaning he’s free to advertise elsewhere and his bad reviews here won’t be visible to anyone.

We often place restrictions on accounts that have bad reviews, such as stopping them accepting payments through our site. But we don’t delete the profile in full. If someone is not trustworthy, our hope is that fans see his profile and reviews before they pay him and carefully consider the information available before engaging in a private transaction.

Think about this analogy – if a restaurant serves really bad food, Google doesn’t remove it from their search or maps. Instead, they allow diners to leave reviews to warn other potential customers. We operate the same policy. We prefer to have all information available, good and bad, to let fans make informed decisions. There are so many places online for guys to advertise that if we delete a profile, he’ll simply advertise in another place and we end up hiding information that could be useful to other fans.

I’ve been scammed by someone advertising on TheBestFlex. Can you help? What should I do?

We’re sorry to hear about anyone being scammed. Whilst we cannot help you resolve private transactions with an advertiser, we suggest that you leave a factual review on his profile to warn other potential fans while you continue to try to resolve it with the advertiser directly.

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