Ultimate Lift and Carry

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Ever dreamt of being swept off your feet in to the arms of a muscle god? Perhaps grabbed by your waist and tossed over his shoulders? Or swung upside before being curled like a barbell?

For all lift and carry fans, you have to own this video!

To show just how powerful he is, Jay didn't pick a short skinny guy. He's lifting up a fully grown 90kg (200lbs) man over his head, curling him for reps and throwing him around like a toy.

Duration: 8:30 | Style: Webcam [?] | Price: $29.99

We offer a range of video styles on our website. This video is categorised as "Webcam".

Usually filmed by the model themselves, these videos give you an intimate, at-home experience, as if you're actually watching them live on their webcam.

Categories: Arms | Cocky | Giant | Lift & Carry | Muscle worship |

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