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We wouldn't title a video "ultimate biceps" unless it really was spectacular. And we're pretty sure that you won't be disappointed with MuscleBeach's performance. He's handsome. He's ripped. And he loves to show off his perfectly peaked biceps.

Duration: 10:34 | Style: Production [?] | Price: $24.99

We offer a range of video styles on our website. This video is categorised as "Production".

Filmed in full HD, these videos are well-lit and get you closer to the muscle than you could ever have imagined.

Categories: Private flex shows | Arms | Abs |

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Rated 5 stars
Quite the gun show!!

Posted on 2 December 2014

Rated 5 stars
This Guy is in my opinion the most handsome man on this site. Masculine in every way! His physique is so sculpted with rock hard muscles, he is so impressive to watch flex pose after pose. His BICEPS, his CHEST and his ABS are so cut and defined you will want to reach thru the screen to touch and feel. He is a Muscle God in every sense!

Posted on 16 February 2014

Rated 5 stars
Super sexy, handsome muscle model with incredible biceps and an incredible physique to go with them. High quality video with great, sexy, cocky posing featuring arms, but also with great shots of his shredded abs and perfect pecs.

Posted on 16 February 2014

Rated 5 stars
A cocky poser...and what a body to be cocky of! Great arms, and he knows how to show them, but an amazingly cut body. A definite "must" for anyone's collection.

Posted on 16 February 2014

Rated 5 stars
This guy have amazing arms and once the shirt came off you'll see he has amazing Abs and chest too. He's ripped, cocky and knows how to show off that body of his.

Posted on 14 March 2014

Rated 5 stars
This guys definition get me every time!

Posted on 12 December 2014

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